What Must Be Done

I sit here typing away, thinking of what must be done if we are to survive. Not prosper, but survive. Not myself, for I am a dead man walking, but as a species.

We must organize, we the homeless. I include myself as I am leaving here soon. I already live on the edge of society now, but soon I will submerge myself into the new America: The Homeless Ones.

This new America is the new army as well. We who have nothing to lose anymore, as we have already lost everything. And we will destroy the power structure as it so precariously stands now. For it must be destroyed, before it destroys all of us.

There is no real need for money. All we need are the things we have determined that money alone can provide. Food, water, shelter, were all easily procurred by us all before money came along. Even the animals do well without it. Yet, we supposedly intelligent human beings cannot survive without it. How pathetic is that?

The bankers would have us destroy ourselves. They have always enslaved us with this wage slave mentality. Working us in jobs that numb our minds and our souls. We, allowing this travesty to continue through our willful ignorance. But no more.

I will no longer acknowledge this system as anything other than the enemy of mankind. An enemy of the world as all it has created is this garbage dump we call civilization. A throw away civilization at best.

We have had our freedoms and our minds stolen from birth so that we might become and remain slaves of our own accord. Our birthright is not that of a slave, but we must first wrest it from the money whores. That is how we gain our rights.

A system based on the notion we humans are all lazy and selfish. A system which uses religion to enforce this notion. A system which is the enemy of freedom. We all know this is true. Yet, we willingly follow it, believing we are powerless to stop anything, or understand the ways of the free spirted.

Money produces nothing. You cannot eat it, you cannot do anything with it but enslave yourself to a system which is only designed to enslave you. It represents the way of the slave.

The christian religion, which has enslaved people throughout it’s existence is only used to further this goal. A goal to lower the potential of the masses, for the enrichment of the depraved and the greedy. It is a slave religion, used only to raise money for the wicked and the truly evil of this world.

The time for peace has passed. While we hear the platitudes of the christians and the politicians telling us all is well, we starve in the streets. It is well, but only for the wealthy, for they are murdering us with their ways.

They tell us to wait for a savior, I say be your own savior. I will be the way, but you must also be the way as well. And for now, the way is one of violence. Not random violence, but swift and bloody violence directed at the head of the snake of this money whore beast.

The bankers, the lawyers, the stockbrokers, the politicians, the churches must all be destroyed. They have been at the helm of the ship of our enslavement, and now at the helm of the ship of our destruction, since their inception. Now, they must be destroyed to save us all.

They have stolen our money while laughing at us all. They have stolen the food from your child’s plate and laughed at the spectacle of it all. They have emptied the houses, setting the inhabitants upon the street, and left these same houses empty out of greed. And called their former tenants bums. They are the whores of Babylon, and they must all die.

They have poisoned our food and approved only poisons through the criminal organization of the FDA. They are at war with we citizens, and we still pledge our loyalty to them. Only a fool can pledge loyalty to a demon like this system. So where does your pledge lie?

War is coming to this country. To this world. There is nothing we can do to prevent such an event, but there is everything we can do to determine the course of this war. It is not Iran we need to attack, but our own government and it’s system of enslavement.

There is no peace in our life-time, but that should be of no surprise. We have been at war my whole life and my parents lives, and theirs as well. For we are but a nation of aggressors, in a world that craves only more death and destruction for the coffers of the warmongers.

To turn the other cheek as these demons destroy our brothers and our sisters and our children and our mothers and our fathers is wrong. To turn the other cheek against injustice is what they want. To turn the other cheek against a murderer as they destroy us, begging those who have enslaved us to save us, is wrong. And the path of a fool

The meek shall inherit the earth, but the earth is not a garden of eden. It is the devil’s playground. A place for the torment of those too meek to stand up for their rights. A place for the meek to gain their just punishment. We must fight for our lives. For our families. For our souls.

Destroy the banks. Destroy the government offices. Destroy Wall Street. Destroy the churches. They have all been guilty of destroying us all. They have all advised us to hand over our lives to their care, and they have knowingly killed us all. That is the lesson of the bailouts. That is what you should have learned.

Soon, I will be in the dark mass of the homeless. Willingly. I go there to recruit my army. I go there to go with a bang into that dark night. I go there willingly to die as a man fighting for us all. I have nothing to gain. Nothing to lose. Please, we are all dead already, go out with a fight. Or enherit the earth as your hell. It’s your choice. Friend or foe of righteousness.

Peace no more,

Rev. Jim Lunsford

7 responses to “What Must Be Done

  1. Jim,
    Will you still blog? Blogging seems to be an excellent outlet for you and your message.

  2. Jim;

    Your last few posts compel a straight up answer from someone who has experienced a little of what you are going through.

    Your anger is consuming you, to what avail? War and destruction is murder, and this planet sees enough of that and it still continues on.

    Then you have to live or die with the blood of innocents on your hands because children are part of the equation, don’t be like those screwed up fundamentalist suicide bombers.

    For me to see that happen to you is a waste of humanity.

    You may not like or appreciate this response but I am a friend you have not seen and maybe never will, but I owe it to you being a friend to tell you how I see it.

    There are other ways of bringing about change and other revolutions that do not require murder.

    Gandhi stood up to the British Empire and wrought change.

    Go ahead, refuse to acknowledge that which you hate and convince many to join you. Let the establishment use the guns and tools of war.

    That will be the biggest illustration of what really is, but the power behind the band of many refusing to bow to the masters of this world and to live in dignity is what will do the job.

    Think about that. Your decision is yours to make and so are the consequences reaped.

    You have a gift and do not realize how powerful that gift is. Use it.

  3. Jim, I do not know your backstory, although I plan to read your most recent posts to learn more about it.

    There is simply one problem with your “solution”. After you have destroyed the banks, the government and the church, all of whom share culpability in modern era problems, what is left? What is your plan for a new just government? What is your plan for a fair monetary system?

    Honestly, you sound like George W. Bush who went into Iraq with no second act, no end-game. Something must come after the destruction and until you are ready to answer that question, you do not have a solution but instead a fruitless temper tantrum.

  4. Oh wait, we must do nothing? NOTHING! Fuck that. That is what is being dictated to us. To do fucking nothing while there are virtual cities of refugees in our country. There is a war already people. Do I have an end plan? No one does. For now, people must understand they need to pull their heads out of the sand and fight. You fight for your fucking lives. What kind of a fucking fool says to stand idly off to the side while you are being murdered by the bankers? Sound like Bush? I think you sound like an appeaser. Someone who thinks that reason wins over everything in this world. Sound like Bush? No, Bush is an idiot who lied to us all for his masters. The same masters who have, either through some stupid fucking nazi plan, or through pure incompetence, decided to start a war with it’s own people. For that is what this government has done. If you can’t see that, I’m sorry; I just can’t fix stupid. There is war coming whether you want it or not. To deny that is to take pride in your being a fool. By the end of this war, the people will be able to determine their own rule. For now, we must be able to survive our own government. Fair monetary system? Do you even fucking read? We don’t need money, we have the resources you slave. New governments aren’t even needed. What is government? IT IS FORCE! It is as much force as the people will tolerate. These are old truths that have stood the test of time. Apparently they only teach us to roll over and accept injustice nowadays. Fuck you Rutherford. You have run away from your consciousness and condemn me because I don’t. So, what is your great fucking plan? Tell me, how will you go out into the night? I think you will go out meekly. I will not, and I will not listen to fools who tell me to be calm and reasonable in a world that is anything but that. Our government is insane. It has set up a system to destroy us with our own apathy. Fuck you. Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and others didn’t share your opinion. We don’t have the luxury of any more time to waste, the philosophies of fair government have long been known, they don’t have to be reinvented. But the do have to be fought for. If you think appeasement works, then you should pull your head out of your ass and take a long look around you. Look for someone to save you? Fuck you, save yourself. I will not slow down, which would be the effect if I listened to people like you who say “Oh, the injustice of it all, someone out there please save me!” What a bunch of losers we americans have become. There is an army out there in the tent cities that have become the new america. An america that your apathetic response has built. Fuck you and fuck your pathetic reasoning to accepting the shaft. There is war whether you want it or not, to deny it is insane. I am not insane. I am not just having a temper tantrum. Your call for peace is insane. It is tantamount to just laying back and enjoying the raping we are receiving as citizens of this failed government. A government that is closing down schools. A government that is raising prices. A government that is rewarding the criminals who headed this financial nightmare. A government that refuses to investigate it’s own. A government that will send you to jail for smoking a joint, but will make you president if you start the entire cocaine smuggling enterprise on a global scale. See Iran/Contra if you don’t believe it. Don’t tell me to calm down, you need to just wake the fuck up. Your dream home is being foreclosed dumbass. When will you ever learn? War is here already. The question is “Will you defend yourself like a man?” The mouse approach you have offered is rejected by myself. Fuck off.

  5. Jim, these people are still blind. Ghandi’s ‘bloodless revolution’ wasn’t bloodless, it was won on the back of bloodshed. It’s a fact that softly-softly leaves those trying to crush you with enough of a respite to regroup against you. Every major change has been won through bloodshed, that’s just a fact.

    The parlimentary route to change is a joke and a dead duck. We can sit here pontifi ating about what kind of society we want, or we can make it now. One thing the first comment er might not know about India is that a few thousand English bureaucrats and soldiers ruled over millions of Indians, how? By keeping them domoralised in a deep sleep. India just woke up and realised what was necessary, it’s time we did too.

  6. Ossp, as far as I’m concerned you’re nothing but irresponsible to encourage Jim in this self destructive behavior.

    We are hardly an oppressed population by and large and violence will solve none of our problems.

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