Bite Me World

Cure? Why in the hell would I want that? I do know what it is, it’s a freaking tumor. Hard to miss something like that. I’m so fucking happy about having it. I will soon finally be fucking free of this hellhole everyone lies and says they love. This “life”.

It’s hell because we make it so. We, this bunch of ignorant, greedy, selfish sub-primates. We make it a hell because we only care about our money. Our looks. Our time. Fuck everyone else. Fuck everyone should be our national motto. This stupid fucking empire of hate and greed.

Every single one of you that participates in this system is the problem. I don’t give a fuck about your excuse. Or mine. To those who think I should get medical care; I don’t have insurance or a job. chemotherapy seems like an awfully expensive way to kill someone. Sorry, not interested in prolonging my stay in this hell we call life anyway. Fuck that.

All we’ve done in this world is make it worse for the next generation. Look at all the corporate welfare whores out there with their shiny little bonuses. Obama, please save us from them getting their bonuses! Oh please! Please my ass. Go out and blow the fucking companies up if you have a problem with it. I worked in that industry before, and they are all cocksucking thieves. Even the ones who are too stupid to know any better. They are just tools then. Fucking MBAs. Think the world revolves around their brilliance. Look where that got us.

Oh someone save me! From fucking what? Cocksuckers stealing your money? Fuck them. Go out and shoot a fucking thief  (anyone in a suit will suffice as suits are the biggest thieves) and get your money back. Instead, we call the cops. Why would you ever do such  a thing? Because you are an idiot and a coward.

Men/Women stand up for themselves. They say fuck needing that support. This support you speak of is nothing but an agency of the thieves who have stolen from you to start with. The suits are the thieves. That is their job: to take all of your fucking money. what kind of fucking idiot doesn’t get that point?

I should know this; I used to be one of those cocksuckers. All of those pieces of shit you see on the news getting your money in bailouts as a reward for fucking you in the ass are the enemy. They are getting bonuses because they DID fuck you over. How does that make you  feel? Like it in the ass like that? Big and raw and with a fucking sandpaper condom? Hmmmm….. Just like daddy used to fuck me. What a dumbfuck people we all are.

And yet, how many of us do anything. ANYFUCKINGTHING! We deserve the fucking we get. Fuck you. I am so fucking glad to be leaving this world. I can hardly wait until this tumor grows up and takes over this body. A body that is a part of the biggest waste of intent a species could ever hope to be. Fucking human beings are so fucking pathetic.

Death is a blessing in this world. To be free of so many fucking cowardly freaks who do nothing but bitch and moan about how they have nothing and are so powerless and are so waiting for their “savior” to come and rescue them. Fuck you. You are your own savior. The entire bible is a parable. If you ever read it you would know that it’s namesake was killed by the followers of the ten commandments. I wipe my ass with those ten commandments. Blow up a church that touts them. They are the way of the unwashed. There were only two laws in Christianity. Love God. Love your Neighbor. Fuck the anti-christian crowd we have.

Blow up a courthouse for god today. Blow up a bank for god today. kill a banker and save your soul. I jest, and yet I do not. They are the tyrants of this hell. It is their greed and judgementalism that has led us to this brink of oblivion. Fuck them all. If you still wear a suit, I would take it off. Fuck you if you think that it is the way. I will be the way. That is how we should all be thinking. If you are not, then fuck you; for I am nothing but fucking rage now.

Fuck you,

Rev. Jim Lunsford

Did you ever notice how the only time Christ got in a fight, it was in church and had to do with money? Bankers and preachers and lawyers and politicians. All the whores of greed and selfishness. There is abuncance, but we refuse to partake. Fuck these whores with my last breath.

8 responses to “Bite Me World

  1. This note is actually for an asswipe pussy on NORML who started some stoner flame shit on me, but then took the “high” ground of morality for some pussy reason. Told me of his moral superiority of sitting on a couch and doing nothing. Of his pathetic MBA (mine is an MLA Edgar, and they are all a joke) Thought he’d hit a “nerve” on me, but it was the nerve of his pathetic preaching of doing nothing. Fuck him. Fuck you. Fuck anyone who thinks that is the key to anything. Fuck all of you anyway. Get angry. This is the time for anger. Think of the French Revolution and get madder than them.

    To Edgar, I don’t want to waste norml’s space like you waste your life, so if you have something to say, come to my site. The nerve you struck was your pathetic bs response to solving everything. Sit on the couch. what a loser response. bitch and moan? that’s your response. no use you say? fuck you and anyone else that doesn’t have the balls to stand up and be counted. fuck you if you think it’s useless. Fuck anyone that stands on the sidelines and criticizes. And fuck the world if it stands in my way. I doubt norml will post this, but you fucking couch potatoes are just going to do nothing forever by doing nothing. You fucking loser couch pot heads are why no one is in the streets. You fucking loser couch pot heads are why pot is still illegal, and alcohol is still killing everyone on the roads. Because your inaction is murdering others. Fuck the couch pot heads. and fuck an mba. that’s the degree that sank the country. Mine was an mla. History: the degree of presidents and kings. We really know how to screw the world up. your pathetic attempt to say you aren’t trying to flame, after your sarcastic attacks shows a lack of spine. Go to my site and flame the fuck out of me then. I won’t censor shit. Tell the world how wonderful you are. Tell us all how your shit doesn’t stink. Tell us all the wonderfulness that is you. Of course, you may have to get off your couch to do so. To actually DO. ?Who cares about your degree? Or mine? sit on your ass long enough and anyone can have a degree. all they want is your money. Get real. There is only one life, and you advocate wasting it on a couch? Waste it in the streets. Scream at these murderous bastards everyone seems to think we should reason with. They are murdering us all. To hell with reason. Live with your rage. Take your rights. Privileges are given. Rights are taken. So go ahead, lay back and remain sedated. What an asshole response.

  2. michellebloom

    it is refreshing to come across a blog where somebody is actually revealing intense emotion. i admire that plus i understand the desire to die. the greed of this world angers me too. i cannot play the game. i cannot even know what it must be like to have cancer and actually face death so intensely….

  3. Nicely said man! 😉

    I enjoyed reading all of it because in effect.You are absolutely right. Sometimes I even think too..Like if I have a stroke or a heartattack and my heart stops..Why bring me back?So I can die again!?
    Sometimes I too want out of this place.It does seem like a drag tho suicide is DEFINITLY out of the question..

    Take care man I feel ya for sure!

  4. I also enjoyed reading.

  5. jointefforthost

    Jim – I could not have worded it better! It is HELL, but you make it some better you know. I like my fellow pissed off, unemployed blogger! Do me a favor just for shits and grins – OK. Check out this web-site:

    I would not suggest Western Rx treatment… I have 2 sisters dying either from the treatment or the cancer, either way they are dying and broke…

    Please check it out!!!!
    steve (jointefforthost)

  6. Steve, I don’t want to live any longer. This cancer is a blessing. Any treatment, prolonging my life, or even curing this blessing, would end the meaning it has given me. I know you mean well, but death is a relief sometimes. Or maybe always.

  7. Corey says suicide is out of the question. Look, Jim I am certainly not telling you to kill yourself but we can all end this any time we want to. The claim that your cancer is a blessing and that you don’t want to prolong your life is in direct contradiction to the fact that you ARE prolonging your life. You CHOOSE every day to go to bed and get up the next morning and write.

    From what I am reading you are so deep in the hole emotionally that you really need to find someone who can work with you to sort things out. I’m not telling you to sit on some shrink’s couch and whine. But you have to find someone to put your thoughts in some perspective. And quite frankly, since you rise each day to write another blog post and feast on your own rage, you’ve got plenty of life left in you. I don’t believe you are ready to die. You’re just at a tipping point where you can’t figure out any longer how to live. Find someone to help you figure it out.

  8. “Every single one of you that participates in this system is the problem. I don’t give a fuck about your excuse. Or mine. To those who think I should get medical care; I don’t have insurance or a job. chemotherapy seems like an awfully expensive way to kill someone. Sorry, not interested in prolonging my stay in this hell we call life anyway. Fuck that.”

    This paragraph resonated with my Jim. I think, there is no point in trying to delay the inevitable, and at the same time make a few health insurance assholes rich. I hope the health insurance industry drowns in the blood of all the people it has killed.

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