My next post

Will be my last post. In it, you will find what I intend to accomplish with my deeds, and what you can do to prevent them from happening. I want you to make it unnecessary, but I will work hard to make sure I am successful if you do not work even harder. And mine is an easier task for one person to accomplish. Mine is the violent destruction of our system, while your task is to take the violence out of the destruction we all know we need.
There are time-tables for you to compete with, along with a sparse description of what you are up against. There is also a list of demands that must be met before I will desist this campaign. They are not for me, but for all of us. They are minimum standards of conduct for all of us. Human conduct, as in the old definition of compassion, charity, and true justice. If they are not met, then the world is not ready for a non-violent revolution. If they are not met, then you were not up to the task of preventing it. They are minimum standards, so check back to see if you are up to it. I know I am up to mine.

Peace no more,
Rev. Jim Lunsford

11 responses to “My next post

  1. Jim, This post is so troubling. The recent posts have sounded angry and depressed. Now it sounds as if you have lost all hope. Please know I am thinking of you. I hope that there is some spark of hope left, and you will reach out to someone (person, group, organization) who will walk with you through this dark time.

  2. Given up hope? I think not. We have war right now in our country, and you bloggers think that appeasement, and using the rules of the criminals will save you from what is already here. No, there is a need for war. There is a need for the people to have to make a choice. There is a need for people to make a decision between be their own rulers of their worlds, or to die at the hands of a government that is actively trying to kill them. And they will deserve that death by their inaction. No, this is the state that we have reached. It is not my giving up, it is that I recognize this trend, and I am so fucking angry that people do not see this. And yes, this government wants us to have a war, but they are not ready for what we will bring them if we but stood up as men, instead of dying on our knees begging for a life as a slave. No, I am voluntarily leaping head-first into the mouth of hell because this is what needs to be done. I have nothing to lose. I have nothing to gain. This makes me undefeatable. This needs to happen, and as long as we understand we are all in this position, we cannot be defeated. For these people want everything, and also have everything to lose. That is our only advantage, but it is the most important advantage to have. It makes all the other disadvantages we have moot, as it makes all their advantages. This monetary system, capitalism, and any other -ism, must die. We are ready for compassionate chaos as a way to govern ourselves, if we but stand up for ourselves. We are the only species that needs money to survive, and we call ourselves advanced? I think not. We are but slaves, and deserve the life of slavery, if we do not stand up and destroy this system. The only cheek that needs to be turned in the face of this genocide is our ass cheek as we tell them to kiss the other cheek. Stand up, turn your plowshares into swords, and the enemy which has always hid in the shadow cannot defeat us. Only fear can do that, and a fear met is no longer anything to fear again. No, I haven’t given up, you have given up on the nature of the strength of a just war. Our second just war of our nation. To turn away from it is giving up. War is here, if you want children to hear of your exploits, you’d better join in as well.

  3. OK, I’ve commented on this blog before with what I thought was compassion and empathy because you have hit a very rough patch in your life and I felt/feel you need help.

    The time for that is over. What you imply you will do in the near future makes you no better than Mohamed Atta and his merry band of suicide pilots on September 11, 2001.

    History is full of folks who reacted to difficult times (particularly economic) by stirring up unproductive violence. Adolf Hitler is the most famous example of a man who stirred the passions of a demoralized Germany into a genocide machine.

    Jim, name me one successful civilization founded on anarchy, which is the model you seem to advocate. The only anarchist whose name I remember is Leon Czolgosz who shot and killed President William McKinley in 1901. You know what that got him? Death in the electric chair. And the country he wanted to change is still around not much different from when he committed his act of insanity.

    Bottom line Jim, your behavior, if you are serious, will end you up either in prison or in a coffin and you will have changed not a damn thing!

    Get some help so you can find a way to make life in this imperfect world a bit more tolerable for yourself.

  4. Rutherford, why would anyone give a damn about your opinion? If it is so superior to mine, where is your action? If it is so superior, then why not act upon your convictions? Is it because you only posses shallow criticisms? Is it because you are morally deficient? Yes. Because if you were so superior as your words assert you are, then you would be compelled to act upon your “moral” high ground. Instead, your very words have proven yourself to be an empty shell of a man. So, fuck off.

  5. Oh yeah, fuckhead rutherford. Constructive compassionate anarchy was the model of the true christians. loving your neighbor guy. the ten commandment people are atually anti-christians, but that’s a whole nother story. You are an idiot, but your words have proven that already. you don’t believe in anarchy because you are not evolved enough. you are deficient. not me. you are too shallow, not me. you are too cowardly, not me. so speak only for yourself, and your cowardly allies and beg your master for a life on your knees sucking his cock. for that is all you are truly doing. you are too shallow, too cowardly, too deficient to be a man. therefore you cannot tolerate that in others. your fears, your inadequacies are not mine. you are a turd which should be flushed down the sewers of our society. without courage, without justice, there is no life worth living. unless we go to the rutherford philosophical school of dipshit cowards. for those too cowardly to ever live, but must condemn anyone with a pair of balls. as always rutherford, fuck off, for I despise a slave fighting for enslavement out of their fear of being held accountable for their own actions. bullshit that never made a difference in any society. fucking asshole cowards.

  6. oh yes rutherford the cowardly, tell me what cowardly piece of shit who does nothing has ever made a difference? for being a coward seems to be the political school which you represent. the please master school of begging to be a slave out of a distinct lack of balls. tell me rutherford, has any coward, such as yourself, ever made a difference, other than enriching the earth with their decaying corpse in order to grow good food for real men.

  7. LOL. Rutherford the Cowardly. I kinda like that. If I ever start a monarchy, that will be my name.

    Jim, have you noticed how few folks are commenting on this entry? It’s either because they view you as a lost cause and they’re not going to waste their breath. Or they think you are a total put-on and they’re not going to play your game. OR (and I kinda doubt this) they are afraid of you and don’t want to be cursed at by a dangerous raving lunatic.

    I’m not sure what you are. I know you throw a lot of expletive-laden platitudes around. The time you spent on your latest tirade against me could have been better spent writing your “next post”. I assume you are still in the planning stage.

    OK, you win. 100 years hence, the history books will say “Jim Lunsford was the hero who saved America from itself.” Mount Rushmore will be blasted and the four president’s faces will be replaced by yours and the Washington Monument will be replaced by one giant middle finger.

    Best of luck on your quest!

  8. hey fuckhead rutherford, no one ever comments on blogs anyway. there are so many of them this one might as well have never existed. I noticed however that you have not stated anthing your cowardly fucking ass would have someone do. maybe run and hide from anything. like all cowards do. you are afraid of anyone who is not afraid. i don’t really give a shit about fame or fortune or anything else like some piece of shit like you typically are. you, who have no solutions offered, only offer appeasement to authority. only offer cowardness disguised as pacifistic morality. only offer your ignorance. please, for the love of the world you profess to love offer us your wonderfully moral solution. unless of course, all you offer is your fake morality. a morality that is fake because you are nothing but a coward disguising themselves as a man. fuck off if you don’t like my words. i have never asked, nor encouraged your cowardly fucking ass to comment. perhaps this is the only attention your pathetic excuse of a man ever recieves and therefore you need my disdain. I certainly don’t need to be exposed to such a pussy as yourself. I’ve seen enough cowards in my life so that I don’t need any more exposure to pussies like yourself, who only offer critiism, no solutions ever. typical cowardly pussy.

  9. You know what is so bizarre? You say I have no answers and maybe you’re right … but you thought you had answers at one time. If you don’t want to listen to me, then go back and listen to the person you were back in January.

    That person wanted to do something positive. That person wanted to start a whole new forum to give people an alternative from the current media choices.

    What happened to that person Jim? Was it the cancer diagnosis? Was it losing your job? What was the last straw that made your recent posts completely unrecognizable when compared to your posts from January and before? Why can’t you bring that old Jim back?

    Fine Jim, fuck me. But why do you insist on fucking over the person you were a mere few months ago?

  10. That person was wrong. There is already a war here. You may be blind to it, but I am not. Now, leave. I have not encouraged, nor desired your co mments. Leave.

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