Obama’s Got Balls

If you’ve read my posts, you probably know I don’t trust politicians.  I consider most of them traitors to the Constitution. I consider most of them responsible for nearly all  of the pain and injustice we have in this world. Wars being nothing more than profits to them. But I have to admit. I really like this Obama guy.

He’s got balls. This morning I watched the Daily Show with John Stewart on Hulu.com. Part of his skit went over the “Obama Express” train ride. It was a 7 hour trip over 137 miles, with no way to properly protect the President. He was in a Secret Service nightmare.

That’s exactly how CNN reported it,  They were going on endlessly about the many ways he could be assassinated on this trip. Stewart’s joke was him asking if they could give better instructions on just how to do so. Yet he arrived unscathed.

This man stood up like Cassius Clay on the podium. Unafraid. Then  he walked in the open. Exposed to all of the crowd. Unafraid. He understood.

His standing firm and brave is the way to lead a nation. Going into the crowd isn’t a risk when the people want you in office. When you are there to do our will. I hope you are. He has our mandate for his change.

No one’s seen a man of service in that position in well over a hundred years. We need someone as willing to risk their life, as they ask us to risk ours. With pride.

I’m starting to believe he will do the right thing. That there may be an end to all this madness. I hope so. I’m tired of this apocalyptic vision leadership. Everyone rushing to destruction.

I’m tired of following Moses so that we might murder the villagers and call it our home. Read your Bible on that one. I toned it down some. I’m looking for something more than that bloodshed.

I think Obama knows that once he starts this transparency, and walks the walk of fearlessness, that we will soon expand ourselves that way. And then there ain’t no turning back. Maybe we will be that land of the free and the brave.

Turn us to this building and away from destroying, as you promised in your speech. Stop this mad, mad, world of preaching fear, and blood, and hate, and greed. Prosecute those criminals up high.

I don’t trust you yet, Obama. But I want to trust you. And this much I know. You are our President. We all want you for the job. The fact that your breathing  proves you can trust us.  It took balls to do that. Now get to work.


Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

Have faith, but be vigilant. Always.

10 responses to “Obama’s Got Balls

  1. My sentiments as well but you have a great way of putting it into the written word.

    The time of biblical destruction is over. It is my opinion that a life ends anyway, sooner or later and no one knows when. That is our revelation.

    What difference does it make in mass or alone?

    It doesn’t, and now we have that settled, we can move forward. You are right, the mandate is there, what will be done about it?

  2. great post jim! i too have to admit the man has big balls! now we will see if he keeps them as he tries to keep his many promises made while campaigning to get in office.

  3. Ditto, when I saw him on the train and yesterday during the parade, I could not believe it. I don’t know of any other president who would have taken the chance he did. So let us hope and pray that it is a sign.

  4. William Wright

    You might find this interesting. People are being arrested for acts of terrorism on airplanes for kissing, arguing and being a diabetic per the Patriot Act.


  5. I am feeling optimistic. The man doesn’t just have balls, he’s got brains, a plan and a team. Something else that he has, is the ability to motivate people to help themselves. I think he will take what he did in the campaign and point people in the right direction to help themselves and not wait for the government or someone else to do it.

  6. Agreed. And that speech was substance. He stood there in front of Bush and, without directly insulting him, drew a picture of so much better a way of going about things that he might as well have. It could have been full of quotable quotes, and there were a few, but it was more meat and potatoes, holding us all to account. The bit you mention, in which he talks about being valued according to what you build rather than by what you destroy, I’m wondering if that might have been a message to Israel, a suggestion that they find a better way as well. Kudos to the man.

  7. Jim, I like this post! 🙂

  8. I don’t like what I’ve seen so far in regards to the bailout and stimulus, but hopefully other things will be better.

  9. im glad you are finding some faith in obama. i hope he does not let you, or me down.

  10. I’m sorry I haven’t responded earlier, but I have been busy working on a few things. Like an income! lol Anyway, I do see a changing time coming ahead, even though I don’t even think it matters anymore who the president is. We are now a people waking up. While I hope my next post addresses all of the comments here, I know that these comments helped inspire my next post. Peace, Jim

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