Never Again?

I  just heard these words from Barrack Obama. A candidate who does the opposite of what his supporters want. Americans want peace in Palestine, Barrack wants a strong Israel. At any cost.

That both parties of the jackals we call politicians support this stance, means nothing to me. What matters is what the people have wanted. Peace, through compassionate means.

At the moment, Israel’s government represents our government’s desires, not it’s own peoples interests.  I am listening to his drivel now, and am ready to throw up in disgust. Hearing him talk about how the idea of  Israeli democratic elections are wonderful, as long as we can accept the winners. I guess the will of their people doesn’t count for much.

Hamas is the people’s choice. They are not reigning terror over Israel. Who could do such a thing? Israel is poised on the eve of the Palestinian destruction. A Nazi campaign of pure fucking evil genocide.

Most Americans, once they become exposed to a balanced view of the Middle East, despise the Israeli government. As any decent human being  should. The Israeli government is an extension of our own. A government of hate and bigotry and selfish, childish greed.

If we do not wake up, we will deserve this hell we are demanding we live in. The hell we are about to unleash. A hell we could prevent if we but stood up like true human beings. For we are the ones who can stop this madness. If we would only just wake up first.

So far, I’ve only seen war espoused by our government. Unending war. Never-ending lists of enemies.  I don’t feel proud of our troops. We’ve been there too long. The truth is known. We are the Nazis which Israel’s government supports. We are the bad guys in this tragic comedy. We are what Barrack says he swears to fight.

Here is the clip. Play it carefully. Remember, there was a fair election. Hamas won. Remember, the Palestinians have the equivalent of toothpicks against tanks, and yet they fight. Why? Could it be they are fighting for their very survival? As the world looks on; we stand for the tyranny that these murderous bastards represent. We cheer them on with our silence.  Please, wake up and scream it out. Before it is too late for us all.

All governments say fuck peace, they want their lion’s share of the spoils. We, the people being those spoils. But We, the People are also the government we fear so much. We demand justice, we demand peace. These are not separate affairs. These are the same choice. For until we choose justice, we will never know peace. We will only know the lies of war.

Not the date on this speech. Note the lies spoken then.  Remember, Israel does our bidding. They are our little pet puppet to spread discontent in the world. So that violence can be manufactured at will. Our new national product. Hate and violence for greed.

Aren’t you proud to be an American? Not me. Not anymore. I still stand for the ghost of the Constitution. A Constitution we all killed with our silence. Aren’t you proud of yourself?

Here is this video. I would also recommend Brasscheck for more videos. They speak of Martin Luther King and Jimmy Carter in their duo of videos preceding this blasphemous message of lies and hate and greed. I pray for us all in this long dark night of the soul we find ourselves embracing so apathetically.


Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

How many children must your apathy murder today? We are One. Dream it today.

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