My next post

Will be my last post. In it, you will find what I intend to accomplish with my deeds, and what you can do to prevent them from happening. I want you to make it unnecessary, but I will work hard to make sure I am successful if you do not work even harder. And mine is an easier task for one person to accomplish. Mine is the violent destruction of our system, while your task is to take the violence out of the destruction we all know we need.
There are time-tables for you to compete with, along with a sparse description of what you are up against. There is also a list of demands that must be met before I will desist this campaign. They are not for me, but for all of us. They are minimum standards of conduct for all of us. Human conduct, as in the old definition of compassion, charity, and true justice. If they are not met, then the world is not ready for a non-violent revolution. If they are not met, then you were not up to the task of preventing it. They are minimum standards, so check back to see if you are up to it. I know I am up to mine.

Peace no more,
Rev. Jim Lunsford

What Must Be Done

I sit here typing away, thinking of what must be done if we are to survive. Not prosper, but survive. Not myself, for I am a dead man walking, but as a species.

We must organize, we the homeless. I include myself as I am leaving here soon. I already live on the edge of society now, but soon I will submerge myself into the new America: The Homeless Ones.

This new America is the new army as well. We who have nothing to lose anymore, as we have already lost everything. And we will destroy the power structure as it so precariously stands now. For it must be destroyed, before it destroys all of us.

There is no real need for money. All we need are the things we have determined that money alone can provide. Food, water, shelter, were all easily procurred by us all before money came along. Even the animals do well without it. Yet, we supposedly intelligent human beings cannot survive without it. How pathetic is that?

The bankers would have us destroy ourselves. They have always enslaved us with this wage slave mentality. Working us in jobs that numb our minds and our souls. We, allowing this travesty to continue through our willful ignorance. But no more.

I will no longer acknowledge this system as anything other than the enemy of mankind. An enemy of the world as all it has created is this garbage dump we call civilization. A throw away civilization at best.

We have had our freedoms and our minds stolen from birth so that we might become and remain slaves of our own accord. Our birthright is not that of a slave, but we must first wrest it from the money whores. That is how we gain our rights.

A system based on the notion we humans are all lazy and selfish. A system which uses religion to enforce this notion. A system which is the enemy of freedom. We all know this is true. Yet, we willingly follow it, believing we are powerless to stop anything, or understand the ways of the free spirted.

Money produces nothing. You cannot eat it, you cannot do anything with it but enslave yourself to a system which is only designed to enslave you. It represents the way of the slave.

The christian religion, which has enslaved people throughout it’s existence is only used to further this goal. A goal to lower the potential of the masses, for the enrichment of the depraved and the greedy. It is a slave religion, used only to raise money for the wicked and the truly evil of this world.

The time for peace has passed. While we hear the platitudes of the christians and the politicians telling us all is well, we starve in the streets. It is well, but only for the wealthy, for they are murdering us with their ways.

They tell us to wait for a savior, I say be your own savior. I will be the way, but you must also be the way as well. And for now, the way is one of violence. Not random violence, but swift and bloody violence directed at the head of the snake of this money whore beast.

The bankers, the lawyers, the stockbrokers, the politicians, the churches must all be destroyed. They have been at the helm of the ship of our enslavement, and now at the helm of the ship of our destruction, since their inception. Now, they must be destroyed to save us all.

They have stolen our money while laughing at us all. They have stolen the food from your child’s plate and laughed at the spectacle of it all. They have emptied the houses, setting the inhabitants upon the street, and left these same houses empty out of greed. And called their former tenants bums. They are the whores of Babylon, and they must all die.

They have poisoned our food and approved only poisons through the criminal organization of the FDA. They are at war with we citizens, and we still pledge our loyalty to them. Only a fool can pledge loyalty to a demon like this system. So where does your pledge lie?

War is coming to this country. To this world. There is nothing we can do to prevent such an event, but there is everything we can do to determine the course of this war. It is not Iran we need to attack, but our own government and it’s system of enslavement.

There is no peace in our life-time, but that should be of no surprise. We have been at war my whole life and my parents lives, and theirs as well. For we are but a nation of aggressors, in a world that craves only more death and destruction for the coffers of the warmongers.

To turn the other cheek as these demons destroy our brothers and our sisters and our children and our mothers and our fathers is wrong. To turn the other cheek against injustice is what they want. To turn the other cheek against a murderer as they destroy us, begging those who have enslaved us to save us, is wrong. And the path of a fool

The meek shall inherit the earth, but the earth is not a garden of eden. It is the devil’s playground. A place for the torment of those too meek to stand up for their rights. A place for the meek to gain their just punishment. We must fight for our lives. For our families. For our souls.

Destroy the banks. Destroy the government offices. Destroy Wall Street. Destroy the churches. They have all been guilty of destroying us all. They have all advised us to hand over our lives to their care, and they have knowingly killed us all. That is the lesson of the bailouts. That is what you should have learned.

Soon, I will be in the dark mass of the homeless. Willingly. I go there to recruit my army. I go there to go with a bang into that dark night. I go there willingly to die as a man fighting for us all. I have nothing to gain. Nothing to lose. Please, we are all dead already, go out with a fight. Or enherit the earth as your hell. It’s your choice. Friend or foe of righteousness.

Peace no more,

Rev. Jim Lunsford

Your Whoring Money Gods

You think there is a shortage of something in this world? What kind of fucking fool are you? Are you a fucking pavlov idiot fuck? Why yes, we all are.
There is no fucking change in our resources. We still have the richest country in the whole fucking world, as far as resources are concerned. Yet, without a worthless piece of shit paper, you can’t have a single fucking piece of goddamn bread.
You aren’t allowed to eat without money. You aren’t worthy enough to live without money. You can’t see a doctor without money. Yet, try and eat that fucking piece of paper. It’s worth nothing. It doesn’t even make good toilet paper. Yet, you all worship it. Fucking fools.

And what do we use this shitty ass dollar for? We use it to kill our neighbors. We use it to lord over each other. We use it to go even deeper in debt, believing the more stuff we own, the better we are as people. Fucking fools.

You fucking money grubbers. You think you are so fucking slick. I can hardly wait until my knife crosses your fucking whoring throat. You think you can sit at your desk and MURDER us with your fake money leaving our fake bank accounts. You are so fucking mistaken. You are the fucking fool.

We are not held hostage by bankers. We are not held hostage by our bosses. We are not held hostage by money shortages. We are not held hostage by anything other than our own fucking fears. You fucking fool.

Go ahead, let yourself starve to death while there is plenty of food in the fields. In the stores. In the coffers of the wealthy. Go ahead starve yourself while the rich dine in their gourmet restaurants. Be a fool for your beliefs. The world will be better off with your death.

There is plenty in the fields, it is only in your heart that scarcity lives. You, who believe in scarcity, believe in the worst of evils. You believe in nothing but the dollar. You believe in the sanctity of hell. I hope to send you to that pit of which you worship so faithfully.

I hear talk of revolution. Of bringing God back, but God never lived in this country. Christians, as they like to call themselves, worship the ways of the killers of their namesake. They follow, and post everywhere, the ten commandments. These were the laws they followed to kill their supposed namesake. Fucking whores are christians. Christ would have kicked their asses out of the temples they whored themselves in. You fucking whoring fool.

You could be the way, but you are too afraid. you are afraid of the death that is inevitable. You are afraid you will miss just that one more breath in a life you secretly hate. A life in which you are terrified to leave. Fuck you. You are a fucking fool.

We could all be the way. We are all the way to our destinies, but it will take a war that brings us to the brink of oblivion to make you understand this. I will do my best to help you understand. Beware of the knife in the night. beware of wrath that spreads throughout the land as your greed, your selfishness, your scarcity of love creates the hell you asked to preside over. Fuck you, you fucking fuck.

Rev. Jim Lunsford

Bite Me World

Cure? Why in the hell would I want that? I do know what it is, it’s a freaking tumor. Hard to miss something like that. I’m so fucking happy about having it. I will soon finally be fucking free of this hellhole everyone lies and says they love. This “life”.

It’s hell because we make it so. We, this bunch of ignorant, greedy, selfish sub-primates. We make it a hell because we only care about our money. Our looks. Our time. Fuck everyone else. Fuck everyone should be our national motto. This stupid fucking empire of hate and greed.

Every single one of you that participates in this system is the problem. I don’t give a fuck about your excuse. Or mine. To those who think I should get medical care; I don’t have insurance or a job. chemotherapy seems like an awfully expensive way to kill someone. Sorry, not interested in prolonging my stay in this hell we call life anyway. Fuck that.

All we’ve done in this world is make it worse for the next generation. Look at all the corporate welfare whores out there with their shiny little bonuses. Obama, please save us from them getting their bonuses! Oh please! Please my ass. Go out and blow the fucking companies up if you have a problem with it. I worked in that industry before, and they are all cocksucking thieves. Even the ones who are too stupid to know any better. They are just tools then. Fucking MBAs. Think the world revolves around their brilliance. Look where that got us.

Oh someone save me! From fucking what? Cocksuckers stealing your money? Fuck them. Go out and shoot a fucking thief  (anyone in a suit will suffice as suits are the biggest thieves) and get your money back. Instead, we call the cops. Why would you ever do such  a thing? Because you are an idiot and a coward.

Men/Women stand up for themselves. They say fuck needing that support. This support you speak of is nothing but an agency of the thieves who have stolen from you to start with. The suits are the thieves. That is their job: to take all of your fucking money. what kind of fucking idiot doesn’t get that point?

I should know this; I used to be one of those cocksuckers. All of those pieces of shit you see on the news getting your money in bailouts as a reward for fucking you in the ass are the enemy. They are getting bonuses because they DID fuck you over. How does that make you  feel? Like it in the ass like that? Big and raw and with a fucking sandpaper condom? Hmmmm….. Just like daddy used to fuck me. What a dumbfuck people we all are.

And yet, how many of us do anything. ANYFUCKINGTHING! We deserve the fucking we get. Fuck you. I am so fucking glad to be leaving this world. I can hardly wait until this tumor grows up and takes over this body. A body that is a part of the biggest waste of intent a species could ever hope to be. Fucking human beings are so fucking pathetic.

Death is a blessing in this world. To be free of so many fucking cowardly freaks who do nothing but bitch and moan about how they have nothing and are so powerless and are so waiting for their “savior” to come and rescue them. Fuck you. You are your own savior. The entire bible is a parable. If you ever read it you would know that it’s namesake was killed by the followers of the ten commandments. I wipe my ass with those ten commandments. Blow up a church that touts them. They are the way of the unwashed. There were only two laws in Christianity. Love God. Love your Neighbor. Fuck the anti-christian crowd we have.

Blow up a courthouse for god today. Blow up a bank for god today. kill a banker and save your soul. I jest, and yet I do not. They are the tyrants of this hell. It is their greed and judgementalism that has led us to this brink of oblivion. Fuck them all. If you still wear a suit, I would take it off. Fuck you if you think that it is the way. I will be the way. That is how we should all be thinking. If you are not, then fuck you; for I am nothing but fucking rage now.

Fuck you,

Rev. Jim Lunsford

Did you ever notice how the only time Christ got in a fight, it was in church and had to do with money? Bankers and preachers and lawyers and politicians. All the whores of greed and selfishness. There is abuncance, but we refuse to partake. Fuck these whores with my last breath.

On Everything and Nothing

Well, that was a miserable failure. Not only did I not get anything off the ground, I discovered a wonderful little lump on a rib. Seen enough to understand what that means. I finally get to be free.

Over 3 months without work. Without money. Soon to be kicked out of where I live. No prospects, and the only ray of sunshine has been a lump on a bone.

Sound morbid? Understand that when I was a kid I thought I was retarded. It was the only answer I could come up with that made sense of the world. A world in which everyone did whatever made their situation worse. A world of politics of hate. A world in which we all allow ourselves to be oppressed because we don’t have the balls to make our own decisions. A world in which we must always destroy our every opportunity to be happy.

Later on, I discovered differently when they put me in one of those advanced placement classes. All they did was lump a small group of us in a classroom that had a higher grade in it. Blah, blah, blah with a different crowd. That was the 6th grade. The same grade I learned to tune out the moronic ramblings of the teachers. Probably the only action that saved my brain from the machine. But no one escapes the grind. Not really.

Later, it was stagflation, women wanting to get married, and increasing pressure to drive drug shipments,  that caused me to join the Navy. Wanted to join the Army, but the recruiter was always too drunk to make it to work. Oh well, sailed the seven seas and got out to join the airborne.

Airborne! Fuck ’em. Married shortly thereafter to a real crazy bitch. Divorced and not allowed to see/talk to the kids unless I remarried her. Fat chance, just drive on and become a zombie. Oh yeah, college after that. Learned all the answers I needed. $50,000, 5 years, and a lot of rage later, I figured out there wasn’t much hope for humanity.

Became a stockbroker afterwards. Money grubbing whore I was, I was. Dead inside until I went skydiving one day. Now, that is gone as well. Just as well, though this is the only time I feel bad about moving on from something.

I’m just tired. 48 years old and so fucking tired of it all. Will be moving on from here soon. Am sure I will be kicked out in a couple of weeks. I figure if I survive the first six weeks with nothing, then I will be tough enough to be considered a threat by the establishment. War is the only thing I’ve ever truly been good at in my life. It’s a shame the only ones I want to wage this war on is my own government.

Just wrote this little note as I had some emails inquiring as to what has happened to me. Strange, but finding that lump has been one of the best things I could have had happen. I will be free soon.

There is a rage still boiling within me now. A rage I know only the grave can still. I have only recently become truly convinced that I am not retarded. Thanks to the collapse of the economy by the banker whores. They are the enemy, but so are all of us that live by there rules.

We live in a world where we worship the dollar. We only care of ourselves, so we will get what we deserve. Not even a footnote in history. A nation filled with opportunities wasted. Fuck you all. Fuck us all. We have all failed. But, at least I will go out with a fight. That’s all I can do. What about you?

Fucking off,

Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

It’s always the christians who fear the most in the world. But, what can you expect from those who follow the devil’s path? Even though the N.T. is clear, they follow the old ways of hate and call themselves loving. To the pit with them. And hopefully, the darkness shall swallow me as well.

Looking For Reporters

Next month I will be opening my new (and still un-named) web-site. I am tired of the mainstream media outlets. I am looking to offer a real alternative to the AP and Reuters News agencies we use now.

Mainstream media is too aloof and passive in it’s approach. This is an era in which we need to  empower the people, not victimize them. We, the People, are not helpless against events, and our reporting should encourage this attitude of empowerment.

Economically, we are  facing tough choices as well.  We are in the beginning stages of a  depression which will likely be far worse than the one we faced in 1929, and we are far less able to withstand one today. Instead of generating fear and helplessness, reporting should empower the reader to meet these new challenges. So we are better prepared for the opportunities they hold as well.

As such, I am looking for reporters who are able to empower their readers into action. Reporters who write of events and people in their communities. In this news media site, I am prioritizing  news in which people are creating positive change in their communities.

Activism is the key element of this news media outlet I am proposing. News coverage of people becoming involved in their communities. Our news should encourage an activist population to become even more active in their communities.

This is true no matter where you live. Search for  people who are making a difference in your community and let their example guide the rest of us.

We need a news media which overthrows the old adage of “No good deed goes unpunished”. There are far more good people than bad in this world. Yet, what passes for news encourages people to fear their neighbors, rather than reach out to them.

You should also profit from your reporting. I am designing my site to encourage traffic to your site. So that we can all grow stronger together.

I am designing it so that no one controls it, for the news is far too important to be in the hands of any one person. Whoever controls the news, controls everyone else. Today, even our local newspapers are in the hands of a few companies.

This is an intolerable situation for a free society. We have the power to overcome the monopolies stranglehold on our news. We all have the ability to work together in order to affect change of a revolutionary nature. Change we so desperately need today.

I apologize for my sporadic posting as of late, but this has been taking up all of my time. I know this posting was done rather hastily; but I wanted you to know where I’ve been.


Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

Change By The People

Change is happening at breakneck speed. This inauguration is waking up the people. We have nothing to fear, for we are the architects of our own destiny. As individuals, as states, as nations, as a world, we are the architects of all of our destinies.

In the wake of a failed currency, we have a rise in personal empowerment. For now, the states are rising up to fill this void. They have heard the voice of the people in our demands for medical cannabis, and it’s full legalization. Even if Obama did not hear this one. This is the voice of a people who will not be silenced anymore.  And so the states are beginning to listen to us. Once again.

On another front, the repressive laws of the Bush regime are now being publicized for what they are; laws cultivated in the fields of a fear-based government. No more though, we have seen, once again, the power of conviction. And we are finding it within ourselves, as well.

Thank you, William Wright for your link to this article by the LA Times:,0,5468299.story?page=2

This story marks the beginning to the end of our acceptance of such asinine legislation. It is the beginning of an uprising against fear-based government. It is time for us to put away our fear of what might be, and work on building a better present. In this way, we have nothing to fear from the future at all.

The Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act of 2006, and all of the oppressive legislation will fall to the wayside. Not because of one man, or even an entire cabinet; but because We, the People, remember what it is like to stand tall and unafraid. For that Obama, We, the People, thank you.

From we have word of the states beginning to assert their voices over the illegal deployment of our National Guard forces. Soon, we will have them home again. Not because of any national government. But because we are beginning to remember what it is to stand tall and unafraid. Here is their link:

From the New York Times, we have the idiocy of CO2 being the cause of this “Global Warming” exposed. Not to say there is not pollution or degradation in our environments, but it isn’t about the plants. This article illustrates this is more of a war against plants, than it is about pollution. Here is this link:

I apologize for not having much else to write about today. I am in the process of developing an actual newspaper. One that is controlled by the people, not by the owners.

A newspaper that exposes corruption and good deeds. One that is both international and local. A newspaper that embraces the beautifully chaotic learning environment that is the internet. It will take all of you, and more, to make this happen. A newspaper where no one  is in control, and everyone is in control.


Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church