Your Whoring Money Gods

You think there is a shortage of something in this world? What kind of fucking fool are you? Are you a fucking pavlov idiot fuck? Why yes, we all are.
There is no fucking change in our resources. We still have the richest country in the whole fucking world, as far as resources are concerned. Yet, without a worthless piece of shit paper, you can’t have a single fucking piece of goddamn bread.
You aren’t allowed to eat without money. You aren’t worthy enough to live without money. You can’t see a doctor without money. Yet, try and eat that fucking piece of paper. It’s worth nothing. It doesn’t even make good toilet paper. Yet, you all worship it. Fucking fools.

And what do we use this shitty ass dollar for? We use it to kill our neighbors. We use it to lord over each other. We use it to go even deeper in debt, believing the more stuff we own, the better we are as people. Fucking fools.

You fucking money grubbers. You think you are so fucking slick. I can hardly wait until my knife crosses your fucking whoring throat. You think you can sit at your desk and MURDER us with your fake money leaving our fake bank accounts. You are so fucking mistaken. You are the fucking fool.

We are not held hostage by bankers. We are not held hostage by our bosses. We are not held hostage by money shortages. We are not held hostage by anything other than our own fucking fears. You fucking fool.

Go ahead, let yourself starve to death while there is plenty of food in the fields. In the stores. In the coffers of the wealthy. Go ahead starve yourself while the rich dine in their gourmet restaurants. Be a fool for your beliefs. The world will be better off with your death.

There is plenty in the fields, it is only in your heart that scarcity lives. You, who believe in scarcity, believe in the worst of evils. You believe in nothing but the dollar. You believe in the sanctity of hell. I hope to send you to that pit of which you worship so faithfully.

I hear talk of revolution. Of bringing God back, but God never lived in this country. Christians, as they like to call themselves, worship the ways of the killers of their namesake. They follow, and post everywhere, the ten commandments. These were the laws they followed to kill their supposed namesake. Fucking whores are christians. Christ would have kicked their asses out of the temples they whored themselves in. You fucking whoring fool.

You could be the way, but you are too afraid. you are afraid of the death that is inevitable. You are afraid you will miss just that one more breath in a life you secretly hate. A life in which you are terrified to leave. Fuck you. You are a fucking fool.

We could all be the way. We are all the way to our destinies, but it will take a war that brings us to the brink of oblivion to make you understand this. I will do my best to help you understand. Beware of the knife in the night. beware of wrath that spreads throughout the land as your greed, your selfishness, your scarcity of love creates the hell you asked to preside over. Fuck you, you fucking fuck.

Rev. Jim Lunsford

14 responses to “Your Whoring Money Gods

  1. Hi Jim;

    You sound a little pissed 🙂

    I gotta agree with you although I was never in a place where I had to use a buck for toilet paper but I’ll take your word for it.

    The people that used to occupy America saw the white man’s strengths and weaknesses for what they are.

    Materialism and selfishness were two of the white man’s traits the Indian abhorred.

    I remember years ago Canada dumped perfectly good eggs into the ocean as they had too many, yet there are hungry in this world, even in North America, and an egg is pretty good food.

  2. “Cash Rules Everything Around Me CREAM The Money dollar-dollar bill y’all! ” Method man of Wu Tang Clan
    I hate that money rules everything, too…
    We should return to a barter system.

  3. We don’t even need a barter system. If we all just got away from this stupid fucking materialism, we could all make enough “stuff’ to satisfy everyones needs, just by giving a shit about each other. Money isn’t necessary for abundance, a compassionate heart is all you need. Fucking humans are far too homicidal for that though. Sick fucking species we are.

  4. Hi Jim;

    I linked to this site and quoting a peace of the above post because I think in your anger and revulsion a real “truth” is made apparent.

    If you need any coin I don’t have a lot but it may help tide you over with some groceries for a week if you don’t eat much.

    E-mail me at the return address on this comment if you are in need.

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  6. i don’t know what has transpired to make such a radical change in your words…….i see all this that you see every day….i get it……..i get it…..but i have to say,,,,,,forgive them for they know not what they do………even though they look rational, they are not…………i know the rich and i know the poor………i know a woman who has nothing…….not even any Teeth!!!!!!fuck, she has one tooth, or two,,,,,because she gives everything she has……away, to help people who have less………yes, and i know another woman who has 4 homes,….but i love them both, both… think i’m not angry and see what you see?…….so every day it’s a struggle to love my fellow man……Men!……you’ve screwed up the world, and I, Woman, have packed the lunch so you could be well-fed while you’re doing it……..but i’m trying, though i have crossed the line here, to not add to the misery…….the biggest mystery of all, what is beyond this earthly existence?……..nobody knows, do they?……..most lumps are benign, the medical industry makes their money on scaring the shit out of us….take a bus to mexico and let a real doctor tell you what’s going on…….
    peace, peace, peace, love, light, light

  7. Highly Unlikely, my friends are out of work and are hungry. I don’t want this lump looked at, I am ready for the other side. Turning the other cheek is not an option anymore. That would be surrendering to evil. Money is what our country loves, and that is what must be destroyed if we are to have any decency in this world. To turn our back on this and leave the fate of our children to our slave masters is far worse than anything I could imagine. The only thing worse than war is a people too afraid to fight for anything at all. There will be war, whether I start it or not. But, I am trying to start it. I will not be there at the end of it, but I hope to be there long enough to get it started. Then, the people can make up their own minds, or continue to allow others to do so for them. I have little time left, and I don’t want to waste any more of it. Peace no more, Jim
    Icabod, I am broke, but I am moving past money now. Thanks for all you’ve done, please spread the word and help those you can. Jim

  8. Jim, I’ve been commenting on your posts, not necessarily in the order in which they were written because I’m “catching up” on your backstory. So I apologize if the comments taken as a whole lack cohesion.

    You so remind me of an employee I once had. He told me of a story from his childhood where he had been instructed by his first grade teacher to write a particular sentence five times. He wrote it once perfectly, The teacher praised him but then asked him to write it four more times. He replied, “but why? I got it right the first time?”

    He from a very early age found the world totally baffling. Arbitrary dumb-ass rules simply meant to breed conformity. He was incredibly intelligent but he had one fatal flaw that I fear you share with him. He had no sensory filters. He saw ALL of the worlds shortcomings and unable to change them in any meaningful way, he fed on rage. Interestingly, he still worked in corporate America. His self destructive tendencies took him only so far. Ultimately he was a survivor.

    Look, you might not like this, but the only way we can live in this world and keep some semblance of sanity is to block some of the shit out. You may say that makes me a coward but I’m telling you Jim. if I don’t ignore some of the senselessness of this world, I’d go nuts. And again, call me a coward, but I prefer consciousness over permanent unconsciousness. I do fear death and I’m not afraid to admit it.

  9. This consciousness you wish to push out is called life. Those who are conscious admit it all into their little spat of existence. To tune out part of the picture is to live in an incomplete world. And an incomplete life. Not staring it down, until you’ve gone past madness, is denying life itself. I know I am not insane, but the world really is mad. I have little time left, as does our species in this nuclear weapon world, and I have run out of patience. There is but one thing I work for now with my time running out so obviously, is that the whole goddamn world wake the fuck up so that we might realize how insane we are. As we are. This is all I have energy for anymore. So, I will post, and when I walk, I will gather my army from the homeless. I will enrage them, teach them the truth as I see it. We are not victims unless we allow ourselves to be. That what is worse than war, is a people unwilling at any costs to go to war. That we don’t need money anymore. There is abundance, not scarcity. But first, we have to wake up. There will be death. No one can stop that from happening. But I can help use my hopes for what comes after, to build a better world for us all. But there will be blood. There will be choices made. And the time is always now to decide.

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