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Obama’s Got Balls

If you’ve read my posts, you probably know I don’t trust politicians.  I consider most of them traitors to the Constitution. I consider most of them responsible for nearly all  of the pain and injustice we have in this world. Wars being nothing more than profits to them. But I have to admit. I really like this Obama guy.

He’s got balls. This morning I watched the Daily Show with John Stewart on Hulu.com. Part of his skit went over the “Obama Express” train ride. It was a 7 hour trip over 137 miles, with no way to properly protect the President. He was in a Secret Service nightmare.

That’s exactly how CNN reported it,  They were going on endlessly about the many ways he could be assassinated on this trip. Stewart’s joke was him asking if they could give better instructions on just how to do so. Yet he arrived unscathed.

This man stood up like Cassius Clay on the podium. Unafraid. Then  he walked in the open. Exposed to all of the crowd. Unafraid. He understood.

His standing firm and brave is the way to lead a nation. Going into the crowd isn’t a risk when the people want you in office. When you are there to do our will. I hope you are. He has our mandate for his change.

No one’s seen a man of service in that position in well over a hundred years. We need someone as willing to risk their life, as they ask us to risk ours. With pride.

I’m starting to believe he will do the right thing. That there may be an end to all this madness. I hope so. I’m tired of this apocalyptic vision leadership. Everyone rushing to destruction.

I’m tired of following Moses so that we might murder the villagers and call it our home. Read your Bible on that one. I toned it down some. I’m looking for something more than that bloodshed.

I think Obama knows that once he starts this transparency, and walks the walk of fearlessness, that we will soon expand ourselves that way. And then there ain’t no turning back. Maybe we will be that land of the free and the brave.

Turn us to this building and away from destroying, as you promised in your speech. Stop this mad, mad, world of preaching fear, and blood, and hate, and greed. Prosecute those criminals up high.

I don’t trust you yet, Obama. But I want to trust you. And this much I know. You are our President. We all want you for the job. The fact that your breathing  proves you can trust us.  It took balls to do that. Now get to work.


Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

Have faith, but be vigilant. Always.


On Obama’s Speech

In the main, I liked it. All excepting those parts where we went into more war. Like Afghanistan. But the problem is, does the federal government have any power any more? Other than that of our national will, that is.

We are a broken country. Our currency is gone. All of those little green bills are as soon to be worthless. Thank you Bush; and Obama voted along. As he will again for even more money. But every new dollar debases the last.

But out of the ashes, the states come up rising.  Missouri has also introduced legislation putting medicinal Cannabis on the forefront. I suspect that many more states will follow suit soon. It’s not like they’re going to get any monies from the feds. The states are on their own now.

As we all are.  Always. Perhaps Obama did listen. Our country is on the cusp of change, but we are in charge of the direction of this change. It is all up to each and every one of us.

It took 300 years for the printing press to bring us the Age of Revolutions. We’ve done the same in less than 20 years. A world brought closer. A world where the rules no longer make any sense. And we are changing those rules by our words; and by our deeds as well.


Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

A truly lasting revolution lays down it’s guns to embrace all of the people.

Never Again?

I  just heard these words from Barrack Obama. A candidate who does the opposite of what his supporters want. Americans want peace in Palestine, Barrack wants a strong Israel. At any cost.

That both parties of the jackals we call politicians support this stance, means nothing to me. What matters is what the people have wanted. Peace, through compassionate means.

At the moment, Israel’s government represents our government’s desires, not it’s own peoples interests.  I am listening to his drivel now, and am ready to throw up in disgust. Hearing him talk about how the idea of  Israeli democratic elections are wonderful, as long as we can accept the winners. I guess the will of their people doesn’t count for much.

Hamas is the people’s choice. They are not reigning terror over Israel. Who could do such a thing? Israel is poised on the eve of the Palestinian destruction. A Nazi campaign of pure fucking evil genocide.

Most Americans, once they become exposed to a balanced view of the Middle East, despise the Israeli government. As any decent human being  should. The Israeli government is an extension of our own. A government of hate and bigotry and selfish, childish greed.

If we do not wake up, we will deserve this hell we are demanding we live in. The hell we are about to unleash. A hell we could prevent if we but stood up like true human beings. For we are the ones who can stop this madness. If we would only just wake up first.

So far, I’ve only seen war espoused by our government. Unending war. Never-ending lists of enemies.  I don’t feel proud of our troops. We’ve been there too long. The truth is known. We are the Nazis which Israel’s government supports. We are the bad guys in this tragic comedy. We are what Barrack says he swears to fight.

Here is the clip. Play it carefully. Remember, there was a fair election. Hamas won. Remember, the Palestinians have the equivalent of toothpicks against tanks, and yet they fight. Why? Could it be they are fighting for their very survival? As the world looks on; we stand for the tyranny that these murderous bastards represent. We cheer them on with our silence.  Please, wake up and scream it out. Before it is too late for us all.

All governments say fuck peace, they want their lion’s share of the spoils. We, the people being those spoils. But We, the People are also the government we fear so much. We demand justice, we demand peace. These are not separate affairs. These are the same choice. For until we choose justice, we will never know peace. We will only know the lies of war.

Not the date on this speech. Note the lies spoken then.  Remember, Israel does our bidding. They are our little pet puppet to spread discontent in the world. So that violence can be manufactured at will. Our new national product. Hate and violence for greed.

Aren’t you proud to be an American? Not me. Not anymore. I still stand for the ghost of the Constitution. A Constitution we all killed with our silence. Aren’t you proud of yourself?

Here is this video. I would also recommend Brasscheck TV.com for more videos. They speak of Martin Luther King and Jimmy Carter in their duo of videos preceding this blasphemous message of lies and hate and greed. I pray for us all in this long dark night of the soul we find ourselves embracing so apathetically.


Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

How many children must your apathy murder today? We are One. Dream it today.

Did Bush Save The Republic?

A rather odd thought; Bush being the saviour of the Republic. After all, he has gutted our Constitution, destroyed the budget, and ruined decades of foreign policy good will work. All in a mere eight years. Freedom to Corporatism.

But were we free? I don’t think so. The previous years under Clinton, Bush Sr., and Reagan, all the way back to the beginning actually,  laid the groundwork for the grand finale of destroying the Republic with our consent.  We truly have been, and still are, in a mad rush for the finish line.  This finish line is for fear or compassion. It’s all up to us.

With Bush, we have a country so economically defeated, our Federal powers have been curtailed to pre-Depression era status. And the states have begun to take notice. The states won’t get any real money from the Fed. It doesn’t exist anymore. And the states have begun to wake up as well. North Carolina and Montana are now considering  bringing medical marijuana to the people.  This is a core issue for all the larger issues we now face. And the people are starting to figure it out.

Who cares what Obama thinks, that arrogant prick, disdaining the will of the people. The press is flaunting his wealth by position, while we live in shacks and eat our GMO food, but he walks no higher than we. After Bush, we all have a chance. And the states have noticed the will of their people, a will that Obama has spurned.

The window is open, the time is for change, and Obama’s direction the opposite of ours. And by ours, I mean even all of his supporters. Just look at his cabinet choices. The people have started to see. He needs us to rule over the we.

But Bush has weakened his power, a power he flaunts, with the private school for his kids. The perks of the office, while we have but naught; not a good time to flaunt what you’ve got.  But he’s weaker than we’ve ever thought. And he spends $150 million on his inaugural ball.

Yes, Bush has brought us to the brink of damnation. Our currency’s fallen. Our Constitution is but a memory. They want to take over Mexico, and bring her into the fold. Not to mention the two other wars we’ve got. Plus, we’re backing Israel, that slut. And let’s not forget the War on Some Drugs.

Yet, the people have spoken. We don’t want an empire. We just want a job and our food. Liberty would be cool as well. What we do in our homes is our own damn business, so quit bringing us to the brink of our destruction.  And the brink is where we are now. Forced to look close at where we’ve been. And where we want to go from here.

I think the people are starting to see. That’s why the states are making their move. Legalizing the medicinal use of marijuana will bolster their own economies; for the feds have no money to spend. The local economies will now rule. But only if that’s what we want. Fear or Love, is  a choice we must make.

I choose love.


Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

We Shall Have Our Thermopylae

And we shall persevere.  We have an advantage over the ancient Spartans. Or rather, we have so many more advantages than they.

We, the People, are an army of individuals. No central command. No chain that can be broken. No form which might be struck a fatal blow. We, the People, are invincible.

How many of you remember the two D.C. snipers? A man and a boy shooting people at random through a tri-state area. Terrorizing a country at will. And they were but two.

We, the People, are legion. We, the People, are individuals united only by our common goal:  The overthrowing of tyranny.  The Constitution must be restored for this country to recover from this tyranny now imposed.

Our call to arms will be this government’s call to arms. The shutting down of the internet. Once we are dis-connected, we are given our orders to restore the Constitution. We have many who have taken this oath. We have many who still live by it. When the Constitution is restored, it will be because we will have paid with our blood to make it so.

Our Thermopylae comes upon us now. Those of you who have witnessed wars can read the signs posted all around us now. We shall stand together, even though we shall be far removed. Our ranks be distant in physical terms only. Our resolve will unite us all. But there is war on our horizon. And it will be here in our borders. It will be here we make our stand.

Many of us will be called traitors, as if this government were somehow patriotic. There will be blood. It will be ours. But most of it will be the blood of those who fight for tyranny. At least we will have a true evil to fight. That being the most tyrannical government ever to have existed:  The United States of America.

Small cells, with no commuications. No contact. When the net goes down, we go underground. Until then, peace will be our weapon. Until war is visited upon us, we shall remain only vigilant and prepared.

There is still a small chance for freedom without violence. A chance so small it may seem hopeless to pursue. But pursue this chance we must. And to do so, they will know who we all are. Not that it really matters. Not to a true patriot for the cause; a cause for Truth, Liberty, and Justice for All.  A cause for a nation of individuals, not a nation of untouchable institutions. We must never stop in our devotion to the pursuit of our cause: The restoration of the Constitution. This binds us all.


Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

The makers and the enforcers of the law are to  be held most accountable to the law. And the Law is the Constitution for which we stand. – Me

All Hail the Police State

I know, we’ve been one for years. Now, they are just taking off the gloves. Welcome to Thunderdome. The Supreme Court just ruled that police incompetence is justifiable grounds for destroying one of the last fragments of our protections. Naturally, this was done through the arrest of a small time meth dealer. Not one of the big drug dealers, like, let’s say, the Bush family.

In this ruling, which I believe signals the end of any doubt as to the illegal nature of our government.  That point was passed a long time ago by myself, but it is amazing how much bullshit people would rather believe than face the truth of the matter. Our government is the enemy. And this enemy is trying to kill us.

The Supreme Court just ruled, by a 5-4 ruling, that evidence seized through unconstitutional methods are now admissible in court. Apparently, police incompetence makes it all alright. When you understand they also ruled in favor of wiretapping and email surveillance, you should  just wake the fuck up.

We also have Eric Holder for AG. You remember him, the asshole who represented Chiquita as they tried to keep from paying the families of the 4000 families killed by the terrorists they funded. Chiquita and Holder both admitted guilt. But one has to remember that Chiquita is the company that created the banana republics. Their choices are the leaders. And now Eric will be our AG.

They don’t really seem to mention the terrorist angle much in the mainstream press. They just talk about how he will rollback the Executive Powers. If you buy this, just remember; these three events were all on the front page of today’s New York Times.

None of these articles railed against these measures. These unbelievably nazi styled rulings and appointments were welcomed by this “prestigious” paper. A paper owned by the Carlyle Group. Just like every other one.

I am lucky. I will be one of the early deaths. But none of us need to die, if we would only wake up. But if you believe we live in the “Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave”, then we are surely lost. In one day, we’ve been “legally” pushed straight into an open 1984 government.

There will be war. Not just here, but especially here. There is no longer a way around this for we’ve all been sheep for far too long for it to be any other way. We should have stormed the castle walls in 1913, when the Fed was created. We should have stormed the castle walls when the government murdered those poor innocents in  Waco. We should have stormed the walls when the CIA got caught being the drug kingpin in the Iran/Contra affair. But we didn’t then. And we still haven’t yet. And now, only the dead will know peace. Because we have all been too afraid to stand up and be counted.

Standing Tall,

Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

All that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. (paraphrase of a quote with author unknown to me)

The Next Phase

It will not be long before I am proved right or wrong. I hope I am wrong.  If we do not stand up, if we do not wake up, there will be rivers of blood in the world. Yet, it all hinges upon the United States. That is my home, and this is where I choose to shed my blood should I be right about what is going to happen.

It will be this month. January that we first see the next phase. After giving all the money to the crooks on Wall Street and to the banks that made bad decisions, they will be cutting the funds to our disabled and demanding they return the money received back to the government. As if the poor are criminals.

The net will have to come down for them to succeed. At least in their minds. I think there may be enough of us awake to rally those around us. In our quest for the restoration of the Constitution. In our quest for our right to live. In our quest for justice for all.

The net is the new 9/11. They have already  prepped us for it’s “hacking into” and the resultant dismantling of this beautiful new medium. If they are successful, we will have a new nuclear powered dark age. One in which there will be no future. There will be nothing but death for the planet. We have put off this decision to long for it to be anything else but life or death.

It doesn’t have to be death. While we are predatory animals, we have the ability to transcend our baser instincts. Instead of cultivating deception and betrayal and the scavenger mindset of these hyena politicians, we can cultivate our greater aspects of ourselves.

There is no scarcity, unless we create it. There is no need for us to accept the toxins in our food, water, and air. There is no need for us to continue down this path to Armageddon. A path so many hyenas wish us to follow. It’s up to you.

Stand up. Let others know. So many of us are hurting now. So many of us are growing angry. That is good. It is a start. If we don’t, then before June of this year, there will be rivers of blood all over the world. It’s all up to you to prevent this insanity. It is all up to you. I choose Truth, Liberty, and Justice for all. What do you choose?


Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

Dominion over the earth is not a license to pillage and destroy it, but to shepard over it. – Me