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Did Bush Save The Republic?

A rather odd thought; Bush being the saviour of the Republic. After all, he has gutted our Constitution, destroyed the budget, and ruined decades of foreign policy good will work. All in a mere eight years. Freedom to Corporatism.

But were we free? I don’t think so. The previous years under Clinton, Bush Sr., and Reagan, all the way back to the beginning actually,  laid the groundwork for the grand finale of destroying the Republic with our consent.  We truly have been, and still are, in a mad rush for the finish line.  This finish line is for fear or compassion. It’s all up to us.

With Bush, we have a country so economically defeated, our Federal powers have been curtailed to pre-Depression era status. And the states have begun to take notice. The states won’t get any real money from the Fed. It doesn’t exist anymore. And the states have begun to wake up as well. North Carolina and Montana are now considering  bringing medical marijuana to the people.  This is a core issue for all the larger issues we now face. And the people are starting to figure it out.

Who cares what Obama thinks, that arrogant prick, disdaining the will of the people. The press is flaunting his wealth by position, while we live in shacks and eat our GMO food, but he walks no higher than we. After Bush, we all have a chance. And the states have noticed the will of their people, a will that Obama has spurned.

The window is open, the time is for change, and Obama’s direction the opposite of ours. And by ours, I mean even all of his supporters. Just look at his cabinet choices. The people have started to see. He needs us to rule over the we.

But Bush has weakened his power, a power he flaunts, with the private school for his kids. The perks of the office, while we have but naught; not a good time to flaunt what you’ve got.  But he’s weaker than we’ve ever thought. And he spends $150 million on his inaugural ball.

Yes, Bush has brought us to the brink of damnation. Our currency’s fallen. Our Constitution is but a memory. They want to take over Mexico, and bring her into the fold. Not to mention the two other wars we’ve got. Plus, we’re backing Israel, that slut. And let’s not forget the War on Some Drugs.

Yet, the people have spoken. We don’t want an empire. We just want a job and our food. Liberty would be cool as well. What we do in our homes is our own damn business, so quit bringing us to the brink of our destruction.  And the brink is where we are now. Forced to look close at where we’ve been. And where we want to go from here.

I think the people are starting to see. That’s why the states are making their move. Legalizing the medicinal use of marijuana will bolster their own economies; for the feds have no money to spend. The local economies will now rule. But only if that’s what we want. Fear or Love, is  a choice we must make.

I choose love.


Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

We Shall Have Our Thermopylae

And we shall persevere.  We have an advantage over the ancient Spartans. Or rather, we have so many more advantages than they.

We, the People, are an army of individuals. No central command. No chain that can be broken. No form which might be struck a fatal blow. We, the People, are invincible.

How many of you remember the two D.C. snipers? A man and a boy shooting people at random through a tri-state area. Terrorizing a country at will. And they were but two.

We, the People, are legion. We, the People, are individuals united only by our common goal:  The overthrowing of tyranny.  The Constitution must be restored for this country to recover from this tyranny now imposed.

Our call to arms will be this government’s call to arms. The shutting down of the internet. Once we are dis-connected, we are given our orders to restore the Constitution. We have many who have taken this oath. We have many who still live by it. When the Constitution is restored, it will be because we will have paid with our blood to make it so.

Our Thermopylae comes upon us now. Those of you who have witnessed wars can read the signs posted all around us now. We shall stand together, even though we shall be far removed. Our ranks be distant in physical terms only. Our resolve will unite us all. But there is war on our horizon. And it will be here in our borders. It will be here we make our stand.

Many of us will be called traitors, as if this government were somehow patriotic. There will be blood. It will be ours. But most of it will be the blood of those who fight for tyranny. At least we will have a true evil to fight. That being the most tyrannical government ever to have existed:  The United States of America.

Small cells, with no commuications. No contact. When the net goes down, we go underground. Until then, peace will be our weapon. Until war is visited upon us, we shall remain only vigilant and prepared.

There is still a small chance for freedom without violence. A chance so small it may seem hopeless to pursue. But pursue this chance we must. And to do so, they will know who we all are. Not that it really matters. Not to a true patriot for the cause; a cause for Truth, Liberty, and Justice for All.  A cause for a nation of individuals, not a nation of untouchable institutions. We must never stop in our devotion to the pursuit of our cause: The restoration of the Constitution. This binds us all.


Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

The makers and the enforcers of the law are to  be held most accountable to the law. And the Law is the Constitution for which we stand. – Me

All Hail the Police State

I know, we’ve been one for years. Now, they are just taking off the gloves. Welcome to Thunderdome. The Supreme Court just ruled that police incompetence is justifiable grounds for destroying one of the last fragments of our protections. Naturally, this was done through the arrest of a small time meth dealer. Not one of the big drug dealers, like, let’s say, the Bush family.

In this ruling, which I believe signals the end of any doubt as to the illegal nature of our government.  That point was passed a long time ago by myself, but it is amazing how much bullshit people would rather believe than face the truth of the matter. Our government is the enemy. And this enemy is trying to kill us.

The Supreme Court just ruled, by a 5-4 ruling, that evidence seized through unconstitutional methods are now admissible in court. Apparently, police incompetence makes it all alright. When you understand they also ruled in favor of wiretapping and email surveillance, you should  just wake the fuck up.

We also have Eric Holder for AG. You remember him, the asshole who represented Chiquita as they tried to keep from paying the families of the 4000 families killed by the terrorists they funded. Chiquita and Holder both admitted guilt. But one has to remember that Chiquita is the company that created the banana republics. Their choices are the leaders. And now Eric will be our AG.

They don’t really seem to mention the terrorist angle much in the mainstream press. They just talk about how he will rollback the Executive Powers. If you buy this, just remember; these three events were all on the front page of today’s New York Times.

None of these articles railed against these measures. These unbelievably nazi styled rulings and appointments were welcomed by this “prestigious” paper. A paper owned by the Carlyle Group. Just like every other one.

I am lucky. I will be one of the early deaths. But none of us need to die, if we would only wake up. But if you believe we live in the “Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave”, then we are surely lost. In one day, we’ve been “legally” pushed straight into an open 1984 government.

There will be war. Not just here, but especially here. There is no longer a way around this for we’ve all been sheep for far too long for it to be any other way. We should have stormed the castle walls in 1913, when the Fed was created. We should have stormed the castle walls when the government murdered those poor innocents in  Waco. We should have stormed the walls when the CIA got caught being the drug kingpin in the Iran/Contra affair. But we didn’t then. And we still haven’t yet. And now, only the dead will know peace. Because we have all been too afraid to stand up and be counted.

Standing Tall,

Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

All that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. (paraphrase of a quote with author unknown to me)

The Next Phase

It will not be long before I am proved right or wrong. I hope I am wrong.  If we do not stand up, if we do not wake up, there will be rivers of blood in the world. Yet, it all hinges upon the United States. That is my home, and this is where I choose to shed my blood should I be right about what is going to happen.

It will be this month. January that we first see the next phase. After giving all the money to the crooks on Wall Street and to the banks that made bad decisions, they will be cutting the funds to our disabled and demanding they return the money received back to the government. As if the poor are criminals.

The net will have to come down for them to succeed. At least in their minds. I think there may be enough of us awake to rally those around us. In our quest for the restoration of the Constitution. In our quest for our right to live. In our quest for justice for all.

The net is the new 9/11. They have already  prepped us for it’s “hacking into” and the resultant dismantling of this beautiful new medium. If they are successful, we will have a new nuclear powered dark age. One in which there will be no future. There will be nothing but death for the planet. We have put off this decision to long for it to be anything else but life or death.

It doesn’t have to be death. While we are predatory animals, we have the ability to transcend our baser instincts. Instead of cultivating deception and betrayal and the scavenger mindset of these hyena politicians, we can cultivate our greater aspects of ourselves.

There is no scarcity, unless we create it. There is no need for us to accept the toxins in our food, water, and air. There is no need for us to continue down this path to Armageddon. A path so many hyenas wish us to follow. It’s up to you.

Stand up. Let others know. So many of us are hurting now. So many of us are growing angry. That is good. It is a start. If we don’t, then before June of this year, there will be rivers of blood all over the world. It’s all up to you to prevent this insanity. It is all up to you. I choose Truth, Liberty, and Justice for all. What do you choose?


Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

Dominion over the earth is not a license to pillage and destroy it, but to shepard over it. – Me

On the New Obama Site

Once again, they have begun a new site. Interactive with the people. At least that is how they pitch it. His policies on the bailout show his disdain for the people’s will on this welfare for the rich program. A program that is collapsing our currency. His empirical response to the legalization of marijuana shows his ego is far greater than his sense of justice and compassion. This sense of justice was also noticeably lacking when the question of justice for Bush and Company was pushed aside. Yet, they will gladly take the people made poor by this government and put us in jail over the most minor of infractions. Treason is for governments, though it would seem almost treasonous to believe this government has followed the constitutional restraints in many years. I have submitted my final topic. I fear for the blood on the land if the will of the people is not obeyed. I love my country, but my country has had it’s Constitution raped by it’s own government for over a hundred years. This must stop.

This depression is going to be much worse than the one in 1929. We have no manufacturing anymore. We have had our lands taken by government policies. We have had our food, our water, our air poisoned by government decree. We, the People cannot accept this type of treatment any more. We do not seek violence, but there will be a return of power to the policies of decency. A policy not followed by either party of my memory. Here is a copy of my idea submitted:

Your Change

Smells more like the same thing to me. Your responses on the last two voting sections, concerning both accountability and justice for the elites, and on marijuana legalization show you are of the same mind-set as those who have believed that government is over the people, not of and for the people. We, the People, do have a say in this country. At one time, we stood for liberty, and justice for all. The arrogance of your responses to the will of the people, best describe your administration’s attitude towards the people. There were many intelligent questions asked, the responses given to the select few answered leave little doubt that the same standards of accountability and war is good for bankers politics will continue. Watering down the money value will only crush the value, something every citizen who called in prior to the bailouts knew. Please re=think your strategy. A hungry people is not good, and these will be hungry times indeed with the policies pursued against the will of the people. Please prove me wrong.
We have been robbed by our politicians for so long, most of us have forgotten what it was like to be free. Nixon led the charge on the last vestiges of freedom, with every asshole afterward ripping it out of our lives in the name of patriotism. It is not patriotic to stand idly by when treason is committed. To do so makes you a traitor as well. We must all stand proud and determined to take our rights. To wear our freedom, we must demand it. Accept no substitutes. Wage Peace with all your heart, for if we don’t then blood will surely flow into the next generation, and the next beyond that. Stand firm now for freedom, or be proud of your treason. The choice is yours. I have made my line in the sand. Have you?
Rev. Jim Lunsford
First Cannabist Church
No army can stand against an idea whose time has come – Gore Vidal

On Zeitgeist

I am attaching this movie for you to judge. While I agree with the resources over money idea, and that technology has a place in our world, this movie creeps me out because technology alone is not the answer. It is our mindset which corrupts our systems. Unless we cultivate compassion and individualism, we will remain slaves regardless of the societal structure. Today, we are wage slaves. Tomorrow, technology slaves.
This movie has far too much emphasis on technology and group thinking. Great achievements have always begun with individuals spreading their ideas, and promoting more of the same individualistic type thinking. Ideas such as self-reliance, and self-empowerment, have given us more freedom than this Orwellian group-think that Zeitgeist proposes.
Zeitgeist is really what we’ve been led to believe is best. True freedom will come about when we are ready to down-size our economies so that communities are able to become self-reliant, and yet employ technology to keep us all connected, more educated, and free from the illusion of powerlessness over our lives.
This is the opposite of what all of our technology has been used for to-date. I suspect the Zeitgeist movement is more of the same oppression we’ve always had from governments. And that this movie was supported by those very same people who’ve made so many choices for us in our present situation.

From transportation to energy production, Zeitgeist would ban individualism and would develop the truly perfect corporate state. A state of slavery with our cheering on of our enslavement.

In all recorded history, our great moments have come about from a liberation from dominating groups. Groups which wish to control others.  We were liberated from Papal tyranny in the Dark Ages by both the printing press and the Protestant Reformation.

The Protestant Reformation shifted the control over our destinies from the Pope to a more personal relationship with God. There were still obstacles in place, but it was as important a move as the printing press in our quest for liberty for all. For how much of God do we ever find in a church?

While religion has been deliberately used to mis-lead it’s adherents, it isn’t the message of the Christ figure which mis-led, it has been our adherence to following what he fought against. He overthrew government authority with a word, telling us that  no man has power over another. In true Christianity, there would only be two commandments. So why do we follow the ten which have no love in them? The ten he overthrew with the two.

Our quest for liberty was side-lined by Capitalism, which relied on the cultivation of our selfish natures. It should be no surprise that our adherence to this slavery has led us to the doorsteps of the technocracy which Zeitgeist proposes. A slavery which isn’t physical ownership or even by wages, but a slavery over our own concept of self.

I leave you now with a copy of this movie. A movie that has never been taken down by YouTube, though everyone seems to claim it has been. One that is available free, and was made at great expense and with expert skill. A movie that hides it’s true intent by assuming we trust technology without ethical guidance.

Zeitgeist: The Dictatorship Planned for You:


Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

Without Compassion, all systems corrupt

On How I Fight My Revolution

Let us not forget we are in a war right now. All of us are in a battle for our very lives. In the United States, our food is polluted on purpose with genetic modifications and additives. Our tobacco is radioactive because of phosphorus fertilizer use. The cure for the radioactive induced cancer is more radiation by chemo. Fluoride and bleach  are in our tap water for consumption. And our money has been stolen by the bankers and wall street thugs.

Yet, we still believe in our government. We truly have been dumbed down. Maybe it’s all the mercury in our vaccines. It’s really dis-heartening at times. Still, I fight on.

These posts are only part of my battle though.  They merely serve to help spread the word to those who might not understand we are at war. This war, like all wars, is just class warfare.

It is a war waged on people of modest ambition, by men of naked ambition. Men devoid of compassion and who understand only the pain of greed. Predatory animals who still cling to the relics of Social Darwinism. Little do they realize the Saber Tooth Tiger went extinct because it was too good at it’s job.

These venal aberrations of nature will suffer the same fate as well. Our world is becoming far too advanced to allow this same old game to continue it’s present course. A world of plenty made to be scarce for the sole purpose of profits for the few.

We don’t need oil. We don’t need nuclear power. We don’t need ten million additives in our foods. In our air. In our water. We need none of what we have settled for in the past.  Nor do we need even money.

Personally, I think the movement to legalize marijuana will solve many of these environmental problems. Most of our health problems. And surely.  it would solve our stupid prison over-crowding problems.  But this is not my strategy, though it is a key element in  helping restore the balance of our world. Of our selves. Of our hearts.

This will never come to pass however, unless we demand it. Not with a gun, but with our hearts. Not with anger, but with love. Only through compassionate revolution will we ever experience peace. In this neutron bomb age, can we afford any other path? It truly is time for real change.

And how do I fight them, if this is but a tactic to inform? Through my meditations in which I practice compassionate love. It isn’t easy learning to love those you hate. It may be the hardest task I’ve ever undertaken. Yet, I believe it will work. It must work if we are to evolve into what we can be. Our species is capable of so much more than we have shown to date.

4000 people meditated in Washington, D.C. once for a few months. The crime rate went down 25% as a result. Just as they had predicted. The Chief of Police ridiculed them at first, but praised them as they did deliver what they promised. Maybe we should all do the same.

I am not a Christian. Most of the Bible is misleading, and intentionally so.  Yet, in the New Testament, where the Christ figure gives the two commandments, I found truth that overshadowed all of the rest of that book. A book which has been used to justify more murderous campaigns than any other religion.

In those two commandments, which calls for you to worship God with all you have as it’s first commandment. For the second, love your neighbor as you love yourself. These truths are all that is important in the Bible. Yet, we argue and kill over the minor aspects of all of the rest. To hell with those ten commandments. With the two commandments, the reality of the Christ figure’s existence is unimportant.

What is important is that you love God with all you have. That you love your neighbor as yourself. And later, it is further expanded to have you love your enemies ten times over. Sort of hard to have a war if you follow those commandments.

Maybe if we all meditated with compassionate love in our hearts for our God, regardless of how we spell God’s name, we might make a difference. Maybe if we all meditated with compassionate love for our neighbors, and all the world is our neighborhood, we might make a difference. Maybe if we meditated with compassionate love for our enemies, we might lose our enemies.

Most importantly, if we all learned to carry this compassionate love into our daily lives, we most certainly would know peace on earth with good will to all. We would experience a truly spiritual revolution. One beyond the constraints of politics and religions. It all begins with you.


Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

From The Police To The Gestapho

Everyone keeps worrying about Posse Comitatus. Personally, I never count on  legislation which limits government. If government wrote it, then government will break it. It is the nature of the beast.

Laws are just words, usually written by the most criminal of minds. English Common Law, which is what our legal system is based upon, was once aptly described as a way for the weak to take from the strong.  What does Posse Comitatus mean for us today? With a police force better armed than most countries armies, one wonders why they would even need a military presence beyond what we have now.

The following is a short clip. It may help you to connect the dots. To see what we face today.


Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

By The Way….

Just in case you thought the new administration would somehow address the injustices of the past. Just in case you thought our questions to Obama would be properly addressed. You were wrong.

The most popular questions were those concerning the investigation of Bush, the legalization of marijuana, the repeal of the draconian legislations, universal health care, education, and gay rights. The ones which were answered provide little assurance given the lack of response to the others which weren’t.

There is no intent to “look back” as this incoming administration prefers to call the calls for investigation into the treasonous  acts of the Bush administration. That is not their intent whatsoever. Given they did not even mention the legislations we so hopefully demanded be repealed, leaves little doubt as to this administration’s intent on those. Especially with no intent on investigating the treasons of the past.

There was no response on the questions concerning the legalization of marijuana. This, despite the fact we demanded more than a single line rebuttal. Only a printing of the last response. An arrogance towards our demands for freedom and justice as if we were nothing to this administration. Bite me.

These two responses, and the non-responses even more so, tell us more than any campaign slogan ever could about the future of democracy in this country. It is already dead. And we cheered it’s demise as they engineered our participation in it’s collapse.

Sort of makes you wonder just what this comprehensive education program will look like. Or how they were able to give a one word response on the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy.  Or just what will this Universal Health Care policy look like. I’m betting you won’t like it very much.

The FEMA camps first came to light during the Iran/Contra affair. You know, Rex84. Oliver North was asked about them. The investigators pulled the question. It seems Obama just answered it for me. And what our Universal Health Care program will look like. I’m guessing a lot like Nazi Germany. But you go look it up. Judge for yourself what is happening.

I hope you’re getting angry now. I know I am. I’m angry about so many things now. Though it’s probably too late for me. If you’ve been here then it’s probably too late for you as well. For once you’ve seen the truth, you can never close your eyes to it again. There will be war. Unless you wage peace with all your heart. Always and forever.


Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

In Case You Have Lingering Doubt

I suppose many of you believe our government is merely mis-informed. Somehow our leaders have merely been lied to, that if they only understood what you know, they would respond humanely.

But they do know. Theydo understand. Government is getting exactly what it wants out of this system. Money. Power. Power of Life and Death. Over you. Over me. Over all of us.

In this posting, I will bring you another series of videos which provide just another view of our society. This time through the weapons of the pharmaceutical companies. Watch these videos and ask yourself why Marijuana is illegal. Ask yourself who are these murderous bastards to tell us what we can or cannot ingest into our bodies.

I now present “Killing for Profits”:

I pray for peace. I pray for justice. I pray we all wake up in time. Peace,

Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church