Did Bush Save The Republic?

A rather odd thought; Bush being the saviour of the Republic. After all, he has gutted our Constitution, destroyed the budget, and ruined decades of foreign policy good will work. All in a mere eight years. Freedom to Corporatism.

But were we free? I don’t think so. The previous years under Clinton, Bush Sr., and Reagan, all the way back to the beginning actually,  laid the groundwork for the grand finale of destroying the Republic with our consent.  We truly have been, and still are, in a mad rush for the finish line.  This finish line is for fear or compassion. It’s all up to us.

With Bush, we have a country so economically defeated, our Federal powers have been curtailed to pre-Depression era status. And the states have begun to take notice. The states won’t get any real money from the Fed. It doesn’t exist anymore. And the states have begun to wake up as well. North Carolina and Montana are now considering  bringing medical marijuana to the people.  This is a core issue for all the larger issues we now face. And the people are starting to figure it out.

Who cares what Obama thinks, that arrogant prick, disdaining the will of the people. The press is flaunting his wealth by position, while we live in shacks and eat our GMO food, but he walks no higher than we. After Bush, we all have a chance. And the states have noticed the will of their people, a will that Obama has spurned.

The window is open, the time is for change, and Obama’s direction the opposite of ours. And by ours, I mean even all of his supporters. Just look at his cabinet choices. The people have started to see. He needs us to rule over the we.

But Bush has weakened his power, a power he flaunts, with the private school for his kids. The perks of the office, while we have but naught; not a good time to flaunt what you’ve got.  But he’s weaker than we’ve ever thought. And he spends $150 million on his inaugural ball.

Yes, Bush has brought us to the brink of damnation. Our currency’s fallen. Our Constitution is but a memory. They want to take over Mexico, and bring her into the fold. Not to mention the two other wars we’ve got. Plus, we’re backing Israel, that slut. And let’s not forget the War on Some Drugs.

Yet, the people have spoken. We don’t want an empire. We just want a job and our food. Liberty would be cool as well. What we do in our homes is our own damn business, so quit bringing us to the brink of our destruction.  And the brink is where we are now. Forced to look close at where we’ve been. And where we want to go from here.

I think the people are starting to see. That’s why the states are making their move. Legalizing the medicinal use of marijuana will bolster their own economies; for the feds have no money to spend. The local economies will now rule. But only if that’s what we want. Fear or Love, is  a choice we must make.

I choose love.


Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

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