We Shall Have Our Thermopylae

And we shall persevere.  We have an advantage over the ancient Spartans. Or rather, we have so many more advantages than they.

We, the People, are an army of individuals. No central command. No chain that can be broken. No form which might be struck a fatal blow. We, the People, are invincible.

How many of you remember the two D.C. snipers? A man and a boy shooting people at random through a tri-state area. Terrorizing a country at will. And they were but two.

We, the People, are legion. We, the People, are individuals united only by our common goal:  The overthrowing of tyranny.  The Constitution must be restored for this country to recover from this tyranny now imposed.

Our call to arms will be this government’s call to arms. The shutting down of the internet. Once we are dis-connected, we are given our orders to restore the Constitution. We have many who have taken this oath. We have many who still live by it. When the Constitution is restored, it will be because we will have paid with our blood to make it so.

Our Thermopylae comes upon us now. Those of you who have witnessed wars can read the signs posted all around us now. We shall stand together, even though we shall be far removed. Our ranks be distant in physical terms only. Our resolve will unite us all. But there is war on our horizon. And it will be here in our borders. It will be here we make our stand.

Many of us will be called traitors, as if this government were somehow patriotic. There will be blood. It will be ours. But most of it will be the blood of those who fight for tyranny. At least we will have a true evil to fight. That being the most tyrannical government ever to have existed:  The United States of America.

Small cells, with no commuications. No contact. When the net goes down, we go underground. Until then, peace will be our weapon. Until war is visited upon us, we shall remain only vigilant and prepared.

There is still a small chance for freedom without violence. A chance so small it may seem hopeless to pursue. But pursue this chance we must. And to do so, they will know who we all are. Not that it really matters. Not to a true patriot for the cause; a cause for Truth, Liberty, and Justice for All.  A cause for a nation of individuals, not a nation of untouchable institutions. We must never stop in our devotion to the pursuit of our cause: The restoration of the Constitution. This binds us all.


Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

The makers and the enforcers of the law are to  be held most accountable to the law. And the Law is the Constitution for which we stand. – Me

2 responses to “We Shall Have Our Thermopylae

  1. The Spartans were very unpleasant people whose ability to die pointlessly and shag each other rotten was based on the oppression a vast slave class who did all the work. Don’t be like them, Jim.
    P.s. sorry for implying that you are a nutter, or even worse a satirist, over on a Different Kind of Blog.

  2. No offense taken, and while I do agree with your opinion of these people, the battle at Thermopylae was the most incredible display of how the actions of a few, highly motivated individuals can change the world. When they made their stand, they transcended their status as mere oppressors. They became the army upon which the ideas of freedom were born. These brave souls were all volunteers, and stood few against the world. As an old paratrooper, I salute them and admire them for this one action. Our country too, has become a nation of unpleasant and decadent people. A nation of wage slaves, who slave for the beasts of our nation. I believe we need some form of Thermopylae to bring this nation’s Constitution to life again. Peace, Jim

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