All Hail the Police State

I know, we’ve been one for years. Now, they are just taking off the gloves. Welcome to Thunderdome. The Supreme Court just ruled that police incompetence is justifiable grounds for destroying one of the last fragments of our protections. Naturally, this was done through the arrest of a small time meth dealer. Not one of the big drug dealers, like, let’s say, the Bush family.

In this ruling, which I believe signals the end of any doubt as to the illegal nature of our government.  That point was passed a long time ago by myself, but it is amazing how much bullshit people would rather believe than face the truth of the matter. Our government is the enemy. And this enemy is trying to kill us.

The Supreme Court just ruled, by a 5-4 ruling, that evidence seized through unconstitutional methods are now admissible in court. Apparently, police incompetence makes it all alright. When you understand they also ruled in favor of wiretapping and email surveillance, you should  just wake the fuck up.

We also have Eric Holder for AG. You remember him, the asshole who represented Chiquita as they tried to keep from paying the families of the 4000 families killed by the terrorists they funded. Chiquita and Holder both admitted guilt. But one has to remember that Chiquita is the company that created the banana republics. Their choices are the leaders. And now Eric will be our AG.

They don’t really seem to mention the terrorist angle much in the mainstream press. They just talk about how he will rollback the Executive Powers. If you buy this, just remember; these three events were all on the front page of today’s New York Times.

None of these articles railed against these measures. These unbelievably nazi styled rulings and appointments were welcomed by this “prestigious” paper. A paper owned by the Carlyle Group. Just like every other one.

I am lucky. I will be one of the early deaths. But none of us need to die, if we would only wake up. But if you believe we live in the “Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave”, then we are surely lost. In one day, we’ve been “legally” pushed straight into an open 1984 government.

There will be war. Not just here, but especially here. There is no longer a way around this for we’ve all been sheep for far too long for it to be any other way. We should have stormed the castle walls in 1913, when the Fed was created. We should have stormed the castle walls when the government murdered those poor innocents in  Waco. We should have stormed the walls when the CIA got caught being the drug kingpin in the Iran/Contra affair. But we didn’t then. And we still haven’t yet. And now, only the dead will know peace. Because we have all been too afraid to stand up and be counted.

Standing Tall,

Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

All that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. (paraphrase of a quote with author unknown to me)

7 responses to “All Hail the Police State

  1. Jim, it still amazes me how little attention the news makes of our rights being stripped away. OR how few people take notice!

    Anyway, how have you been? Hope all is well with you!

  2. It seems that people don’t notice. We’re like sheep now and don’t want to know. I cn’t blame them, it is almost enough to break one’s spirit. Yet, now many people are out of work. More out, than working here in Florida. I’m one of them. None of us are doing well, but we are all together and more and more people are starting to figure it out. They are definitely going after the disabled. One friend of mine is disabled, and they are waiting until the 21st to figure out if he will continue receiving his disability. Yet, they continue to fund the rich. They continue to fund the military. Ours and Israel’s. I am doing well, as I have lots of friends. None of us have much anymore, but there is always enough to spare for another in our world. I believe people will have to wake up very soon though. This month is more likely than June for war. I’ve been in too many build-ups for wars to be fooled. All we can do is shout it out as loud as we can to as many people as we can. That is all that stands between us and war. Or rather, our death or a chance to be free. Thanks for asking, I hope you are well too. Peace, Jim

  3. William Wright

    I’m still hoping that I’m wrong.

  4. I hear you brother. I really wish I were crazy, for this is the stuff of madness. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure I’m fairly sane. And, also unfortunately, I don’t think we are wrong. But, it doesn’t have to be. Not yet anyway. And not even if the bullets start to fly. It ain’t over till the tag is on the toe. Peace, Jim

  5. Oh yeah. A good friend of mine just informed me that the quote was from Edmund Burke. Thanks Hannah. Peace, Jim

  6. Edmund Burke…The British statesman and philosopher I should have known that.

  7. Bridging The Gap is a disturbing, yet poignant look into modern day democratic surveillance societies. The book examines how this structure is used to discredit, disenfranchise, and destroy innocent citizens.

    Gang Stalking, The Buzzsaw, Cointelpro, what do these words mean and more importantly what do they have in common? They are names that have been used to describe the systemic apparatus that reaches out to destroy and discredit those declared enemy by the state.

    This book will open your eyes to how the informant system has taken over these democratic countries, and how they are being used to further create a surveillance society where no one will be out of reach, should they too become persona non grata by the system.

    Click to access Bridgingthegap.pdf

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