The Next Phase

It will not be long before I am proved right or wrong. I hope I am wrong.  If we do not stand up, if we do not wake up, there will be rivers of blood in the world. Yet, it all hinges upon the United States. That is my home, and this is where I choose to shed my blood should I be right about what is going to happen.

It will be this month. January that we first see the next phase. After giving all the money to the crooks on Wall Street and to the banks that made bad decisions, they will be cutting the funds to our disabled and demanding they return the money received back to the government. As if the poor are criminals.

The net will have to come down for them to succeed. At least in their minds. I think there may be enough of us awake to rally those around us. In our quest for the restoration of the Constitution. In our quest for our right to live. In our quest for justice for all.

The net is the new 9/11. They have already  prepped us for it’s “hacking into” and the resultant dismantling of this beautiful new medium. If they are successful, we will have a new nuclear powered dark age. One in which there will be no future. There will be nothing but death for the planet. We have put off this decision to long for it to be anything else but life or death.

It doesn’t have to be death. While we are predatory animals, we have the ability to transcend our baser instincts. Instead of cultivating deception and betrayal and the scavenger mindset of these hyena politicians, we can cultivate our greater aspects of ourselves.

There is no scarcity, unless we create it. There is no need for us to accept the toxins in our food, water, and air. There is no need for us to continue down this path to Armageddon. A path so many hyenas wish us to follow. It’s up to you.

Stand up. Let others know. So many of us are hurting now. So many of us are growing angry. That is good. It is a start. If we don’t, then before June of this year, there will be rivers of blood all over the world. It’s all up to you to prevent this insanity. It is all up to you. I choose Truth, Liberty, and Justice for all. What do you choose?


Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

Dominion over the earth is not a license to pillage and destroy it, but to shepard over it. – Me

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