On the New Obama Site

Once again, they have begun a new site. Interactive with the people. At least that is how they pitch it. His policies on the bailout show his disdain for the people’s will on this welfare for the rich program. A program that is collapsing our currency. His empirical response to the legalization of marijuana shows his ego is far greater than his sense of justice and compassion. This sense of justice was also noticeably lacking when the question of justice for Bush and Company was pushed aside. Yet, they will gladly take the people made poor by this government and put us in jail over the most minor of infractions. Treason is for governments, though it would seem almost treasonous to believe this government has followed the constitutional restraints in many years. I have submitted my final topic. I fear for the blood on the land if the will of the people is not obeyed. I love my country, but my country has had it’s Constitution raped by it’s own government for over a hundred years. This must stop.

This depression is going to be much worse than the one in 1929. We have no manufacturing anymore. We have had our lands taken by government policies. We have had our food, our water, our air poisoned by government decree. We, the People cannot accept this type of treatment any more. We do not seek violence, but there will be a return of power to the policies of decency. A policy not followed by either party of my memory. Here is a copy of my idea submitted:

Your Change

Smells more like the same thing to me. Your responses on the last two voting sections, concerning both accountability and justice for the elites, and on marijuana legalization show you are of the same mind-set as those who have believed that government is over the people, not of and for the people. We, the People, do have a say in this country. At one time, we stood for liberty, and justice for all. The arrogance of your responses to the will of the people, best describe your administration’s attitude towards the people. There were many intelligent questions asked, the responses given to the select few answered leave little doubt that the same standards of accountability and war is good for bankers politics will continue. Watering down the money value will only crush the value, something every citizen who called in prior to the bailouts knew. Please re=think your strategy. A hungry people is not good, and these will be hungry times indeed with the policies pursued against the will of the people. Please prove me wrong.
We have been robbed by our politicians for so long, most of us have forgotten what it was like to be free. Nixon led the charge on the last vestiges of freedom, with every asshole afterward ripping it out of our lives in the name of patriotism. It is not patriotic to stand idly by when treason is committed. To do so makes you a traitor as well. We must all stand proud and determined to take our rights. To wear our freedom, we must demand it. Accept no substitutes. Wage Peace with all your heart, for if we don’t then blood will surely flow into the next generation, and the next beyond that. Stand firm now for freedom, or be proud of your treason. The choice is yours. I have made my line in the sand. Have you?
Rev. Jim Lunsford
First Cannabist Church
No army can stand against an idea whose time has come – Gore Vidal

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