On Zeitgeist

I am attaching this movie for you to judge. While I agree with the resources over money idea, and that technology has a place in our world, this movie creeps me out because technology alone is not the answer. It is our mindset which corrupts our systems. Unless we cultivate compassion and individualism, we will remain slaves regardless of the societal structure. Today, we are wage slaves. Tomorrow, technology slaves.
This movie has far too much emphasis on technology and group thinking. Great achievements have always begun with individuals spreading their ideas, and promoting more of the same individualistic type thinking. Ideas such as self-reliance, and self-empowerment, have given us more freedom than this Orwellian group-think that Zeitgeist proposes.
Zeitgeist is really what we’ve been led to believe is best. True freedom will come about when we are ready to down-size our economies so that communities are able to become self-reliant, and yet employ technology to keep us all connected, more educated, and free from the illusion of powerlessness over our lives.
This is the opposite of what all of our technology has been used for to-date. I suspect the Zeitgeist movement is more of the same oppression we’ve always had from governments. And that this movie was supported by those very same people who’ve made so many choices for us in our present situation.

From transportation to energy production, Zeitgeist would ban individualism and would develop the truly perfect corporate state. A state of slavery with our cheering on of our enslavement.

In all recorded history, our great moments have come about from a liberation from dominating groups. Groups which wish to control others.  We were liberated from Papal tyranny in the Dark Ages by both the printing press and the Protestant Reformation.

The Protestant Reformation shifted the control over our destinies from the Pope to a more personal relationship with God. There were still obstacles in place, but it was as important a move as the printing press in our quest for liberty for all. For how much of God do we ever find in a church?

While religion has been deliberately used to mis-lead it’s adherents, it isn’t the message of the Christ figure which mis-led, it has been our adherence to following what he fought against. He overthrew government authority with a word, telling us that  no man has power over another. In true Christianity, there would only be two commandments. So why do we follow the ten which have no love in them? The ten he overthrew with the two.

Our quest for liberty was side-lined by Capitalism, which relied on the cultivation of our selfish natures. It should be no surprise that our adherence to this slavery has led us to the doorsteps of the technocracy which Zeitgeist proposes. A slavery which isn’t physical ownership or even by wages, but a slavery over our own concept of self.

I leave you now with a copy of this movie. A movie that has never been taken down by YouTube, though everyone seems to claim it has been. One that is available free, and was made at great expense and with expert skill. A movie that hides it’s true intent by assuming we trust technology without ethical guidance.

Zeitgeist: The Dictatorship Planned for You:


Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

Without Compassion, all systems corrupt

4 responses to “On Zeitgeist

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  2. By the way, there is nothing wrong with the concept of Zeitgeist. It is just the eradication of independent movement and thinking that is dangerous. It is the intent, and the lavish application of compassionate love and striving for balance and harmony in our environment that make the difference between heaven and hell. Peace, Jim

  3. This “movement” however, has shed light on much of the corruption in the modern world, and how we’ve become enslaved by the banking systems.

    If anything, the concept behind this documentary is better than the concepts and brainwashing currently at work today.

    While it’s not 100% correct, it’s getting people to think more, and I feel that is a good thing. I’ll have a blog about this in the near future as well at willbwright.wordpress.com.

    As always, thank you for your informative post.

  4. And you and I are in agreement on this one. Though the original zeitgeist was not accurate in their description of religion, it has still been a power used more for domination rather than illumination. One only need look at a religion based upon a man who said that all we needed to do was love God with all we had, and to love our neighbors as ourselves; to know how technology can be corrupted as easily as Christianity was corrupted. I am spiritual, not religious, and my beliefs do not require that the Christ have even been born for his words to be true. His words defined compassionate love and individuality as well. Yet, look at all the horrors committed in his name. Unless we permit ourselves to evolve into the compassionate and creative loving beings we are capable of becoming, all systems will be tyrannical. For it is our intent and vigilance that makes it so. Thank you very much, I look forward to reading your post. Peace, Jim

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