On How I Fight My Revolution

Let us not forget we are in a war right now. All of us are in a battle for our very lives. In the United States, our food is polluted on purpose with genetic modifications and additives. Our tobacco is radioactive because of phosphorus fertilizer use. The cure for the radioactive induced cancer is more radiation by chemo. Fluoride and bleach  are in our tap water for consumption. And our money has been stolen by the bankers and wall street thugs.

Yet, we still believe in our government. We truly have been dumbed down. Maybe it’s all the mercury in our vaccines. It’s really dis-heartening at times. Still, I fight on.

These posts are only part of my battle though.  They merely serve to help spread the word to those who might not understand we are at war. This war, like all wars, is just class warfare.

It is a war waged on people of modest ambition, by men of naked ambition. Men devoid of compassion and who understand only the pain of greed. Predatory animals who still cling to the relics of Social Darwinism. Little do they realize the Saber Tooth Tiger went extinct because it was too good at it’s job.

These venal aberrations of nature will suffer the same fate as well. Our world is becoming far too advanced to allow this same old game to continue it’s present course. A world of plenty made to be scarce for the sole purpose of profits for the few.

We don’t need oil. We don’t need nuclear power. We don’t need ten million additives in our foods. In our air. In our water. We need none of what we have settled for in the past.  Nor do we need even money.

Personally, I think the movement to legalize marijuana will solve many of these environmental problems. Most of our health problems. And surely.  it would solve our stupid prison over-crowding problems.  But this is not my strategy, though it is a key element in  helping restore the balance of our world. Of our selves. Of our hearts.

This will never come to pass however, unless we demand it. Not with a gun, but with our hearts. Not with anger, but with love. Only through compassionate revolution will we ever experience peace. In this neutron bomb age, can we afford any other path? It truly is time for real change.

And how do I fight them, if this is but a tactic to inform? Through my meditations in which I practice compassionate love. It isn’t easy learning to love those you hate. It may be the hardest task I’ve ever undertaken. Yet, I believe it will work. It must work if we are to evolve into what we can be. Our species is capable of so much more than we have shown to date.

4000 people meditated in Washington, D.C. once for a few months. The crime rate went down 25% as a result. Just as they had predicted. The Chief of Police ridiculed them at first, but praised them as they did deliver what they promised. Maybe we should all do the same.

I am not a Christian. Most of the Bible is misleading, and intentionally so.  Yet, in the New Testament, where the Christ figure gives the two commandments, I found truth that overshadowed all of the rest of that book. A book which has been used to justify more murderous campaigns than any other religion.

In those two commandments, which calls for you to worship God with all you have as it’s first commandment. For the second, love your neighbor as you love yourself. These truths are all that is important in the Bible. Yet, we argue and kill over the minor aspects of all of the rest. To hell with those ten commandments. With the two commandments, the reality of the Christ figure’s existence is unimportant.

What is important is that you love God with all you have. That you love your neighbor as yourself. And later, it is further expanded to have you love your enemies ten times over. Sort of hard to have a war if you follow those commandments.

Maybe if we all meditated with compassionate love in our hearts for our God, regardless of how we spell God’s name, we might make a difference. Maybe if we all meditated with compassionate love for our neighbors, and all the world is our neighborhood, we might make a difference. Maybe if we meditated with compassionate love for our enemies, we might lose our enemies.

Most importantly, if we all learned to carry this compassionate love into our daily lives, we most certainly would know peace on earth with good will to all. We would experience a truly spiritual revolution. One beyond the constraints of politics and religions. It all begins with you.


Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

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