Is A New Day Rising?

I have spent the last few days scouring the internet in an attempt to make some sense of all the information in this virtual library. The amount of information is so overwhelming that one begins to feel powerless to resist the instruments of our destruction. However, that is not the case.

It is the amount of information on the net, which proves we are becoming awake to our enslavement. We are beginning to connect the dots, and are becoming angry about this enslavement. For those of you who doubt this enslavement, please visit some of my previous posts. From the war on drugs, to the events of September 11th, I have drawn upon a variety of media sources to help you connect the dots.

That so many of us are screaming our messages out on YouTube, on countless blogs, through PodCasts, is evidence that we are winning. It has had an effect, not only on internet users, but on a growing number of our citizens who have yet to mine the vast resources of information in our global virtual university.

This is our education. Not the public schools. Not the colleges. Not the mainstream media sources. None of the traditional means of education can compete with the internet. It is far too vast and unstructured for public institutions. Institutions which demand rigid structures that promote narrow viewpoints.

Our world is far too complex for such systems to remain in power. The internet is our new educational tool. A tool that encourages, and even demands, we become both student and teacher. A system of no system, the internet allows the user to explore every possibility without forcing opinion or propaganda into our minds.

The internet is system in which We, the People re-discover the thrill of learning. It is a system in which we discover we do matter. We discover we have power. We are beginning to exercise this power. I trust we will exercise it with great care, for with this power does come great responsibility. Peace,

Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

2 responses to “Is A New Day Rising?

  1. I’m still terribly skeptical about the internet, though; while I love the freedom it provides, I DO worry about the responsibility factor, not only of the folks disseminating the information, but the ones taking it in, too. We don’t teach our kids enough critical thinking skill, I think, and I personally have come across too many people who just can’t be bothered.

  2. I used to think so as well. That we are not teaching the youth the right thinking skills. Unfortunately, we never truly learned these skills ourselves. It is the kids who are spreading the word. It is the kids who are preserving our freedoms. It has always been so, for they have not been so indoctrinated into the blind patriotism that passes for loyalty in the adults. We have failed our children, but I believe they will not fail us. Thanks, Jim

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