In Case You Have Lingering Doubt

I suppose many of you believe our government is merely mis-informed. Somehow our leaders have merely been lied to, that if they only understood what you know, they would respond humanely.

But they do know. Theydo understand. Government is getting exactly what it wants out of this system. Money. Power. Power of Life and Death. Over you. Over me. Over all of us.

In this posting, I will bring you another series of videos which provide just another view of our society. This time through the weapons of the pharmaceutical companies. Watch these videos and ask yourself why Marijuana is illegal. Ask yourself who are these murderous bastards to tell us what we can or cannot ingest into our bodies.

I now present “Killing for Profits”:

I pray for peace. I pray for justice. I pray we all wake up in time. Peace,

Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

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