By The Way….

Just in case you thought the new administration would somehow address the injustices of the past. Just in case you thought our questions to Obama would be properly addressed. You were wrong.

The most popular questions were those concerning the investigation of Bush, the legalization of marijuana, the repeal of the draconian legislations, universal health care, education, and gay rights. The ones which were answered provide little assurance given the lack of response to the others which weren’t.

There is no intent to “look back” as this incoming administration prefers to call the calls for investigation into the treasonous  acts of the Bush administration. That is not their intent whatsoever. Given they did not even mention the legislations we so hopefully demanded be repealed, leaves little doubt as to this administration’s intent on those. Especially with no intent on investigating the treasons of the past.

There was no response on the questions concerning the legalization of marijuana. This, despite the fact we demanded more than a single line rebuttal. Only a printing of the last response. An arrogance towards our demands for freedom and justice as if we were nothing to this administration. Bite me.

These two responses, and the non-responses even more so, tell us more than any campaign slogan ever could about the future of democracy in this country. It is already dead. And we cheered it’s demise as they engineered our participation in it’s collapse.

Sort of makes you wonder just what this comprehensive education program will look like. Or how they were able to give a one word response on the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy.  Or just what will this Universal Health Care policy look like. I’m betting you won’t like it very much.

The FEMA camps first came to light during the Iran/Contra affair. You know, Rex84. Oliver North was asked about them. The investigators pulled the question. It seems Obama just answered it for me. And what our Universal Health Care program will look like. I’m guessing a lot like Nazi Germany. But you go look it up. Judge for yourself what is happening.

I hope you’re getting angry now. I know I am. I’m angry about so many things now. Though it’s probably too late for me. If you’ve been here then it’s probably too late for you as well. For once you’ve seen the truth, you can never close your eyes to it again. There will be war. Unless you wage peace with all your heart. Always and forever.


Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

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