And Then the Internet Went Goodbye

Just a few minutes ago, I read a “news” article on Yahoo.  After reading it, I felt an intense sense of urgency in helping to spread our awareness at work. To be honest, it felt rather comforting; despite it’s catastrophic nature. I know now that I am not crazy, that the dots really do connect this way.

At least I’m not crazy about this shadow government. They’re already pumping up the shutting down of the internet. I suspect we’ll soon see another “9/11” type scenario in the near future. Very near.

It’s because of people like we bloggers and our ever increasing audiences of a people waking up. I hope it’s not too late for a compassionate love resistance. In short, I’m having a crisis of faith.  A crisis of whether or not we are waking up in too few of numbers. And the clock ticks on. Nor is that the end of it all. But here is the link for the internet:

Already, the Mainstream medias are  all  bought out by the Carlyle Group, even local papers, . Here is a link for this little bit of news. Though you won’t find anything current on Google for this little gem. That in itself, is something of great concern. One would think that bit of news would have made it to the top of every search engine.

With the internet shut down, and all the media sources under one roof, we will all be dis-connected from one another. At that point, I fear for our cause. For our species to forgo this opportunity to evolve into a truly compassionate species.

I fear that we would instead, fall into yet another Dark Age. This time, with nuclear weapons in the inquisitors hands. I pray for our success. The hopes of the world rest on all of our shoulders. Please, all of you, save us all. Let us grasp this opportunity while we still can. A chance for an awakened and compassionate world.


Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

Wage Peace with all your heart, always and forever.

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