Spreading Your Awareness

This is, of course, the solution. However, it is not just in the spreading, but rather  how we spread our awareness. Do we spread this awareness out of our of fears? If we did, what would be the impact? Wouldn’t this approach would only further this feeling of helplessness we have allowed to be imposed upon us?

Emotions and reason combined, are the tools of an awakened mind, while they rule over the masses unawakened. As such, everyone responds differently to truth, or rather the  little sliver of truth which they can comprehend.  So what emotions?

I choose compassionate love. We are all both victim and persecutor in this little game. The system requires us to play our part in order for it to survive. We have all played those roles on our way to understanding whatever level of truth we dwell in today. All of us have cast our stones of judgment. Even now, especially now.

This doesn’t exonerate evil. But the evil is the evil of a corrupt system. Through the internet, our awareness of the inadequacies of this system have been expanded. We understand we are not alone in this awareness. We spread the word however we can. And then, without effort, without movement, with only a change in our self-perceptions, the system simply falls away as no one wants to play their proscribed roles anymore.

This can only happen once enough people open their eyes to their own power. A power inherent in all of us. In which all of us serve ourselves by serving others. From a foundation of compassionate love for all life.

There is no leader. No follower. At least not outside the self.  Except perhaps by  the self created by the grouping of like-minded individuals. Individuals united for a common cause. A return to compassion. Our natural state.

One more emotion arises from this practice. That would be faith. An often over-used term, it is borne of certainty. When one has true faith, one is certain of the outcome. Within this certainty fear can never dwell, for fear can only feed on our doubts. Our uncertainties.  Our fears are our only enemies.

Have faith in your compassion. It is through  the certainty of your faith in your own compassion that we become the change we espouse. Do not confine it to your friends. Your “enemies” need it even more.

Perhaps they are unaware, perhaps they are aware. It does not matter. Be the change they wish to emulate. When you practice compassion, remember always the most in need of your compassion are the ones whom you oppose.  How you love them is the measure of your own self-love.


Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

2 responses to “Spreading Your Awareness

  1. Compassion and faith goes a long way. You can turn anyone around with that combination. It is the beauty within itself.

    With all the negative energy surrounding us in the world, it can some times be a challenge, but one worthwhile to overcome.

  2. I’ve often felt the act of inhaling is a constant definition of faith. It is an action so certain it has become an unconscious reflex. When we mix it with compassion in all our actions, to the point where it too becomes an unconscious reflex, what sort of life would we experience? Thank you, and Peace, Jim

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