My Personal Path

Normally, when I write it flows and I just watch what comes out. I don’t really have any idea what I am going to say. It’s not to say that I am some sort of conduit from another realm, far from it. It’s just that my writing is how I answer my own questions to myself.

Today, this normally simple task of answering my own little question paralyzed me into writer’s block. I couldn’t write a word. The answers wouldn’t express themselves. And there are many, many answers. How could I possibly answer all of my question?

But then, once I began to form an opinion, an opinion about a tactic, not a solution, a friend dropped by to ask me out to eat at the local Chinese restaurant. The whole night helped me to define my answer for me, and the questions he had for himself  were defined as well. And that is how we become the change we wish to be.  That is our solution.

The solution for us, is not so much a path of  physical action, some mythical romantic warrior myth in which we need to physically slay our demons. It is a recognition that we are those demons we persecute so tirelessly.

It is the sides of ourselves that we fear. We are led to fear these unknown terrors which we are told are now “out there” somewhere. That it is somehow different from us, that we must be afraid. That we are powerless without this government that seeks to “save” us from the evil they warn us about.

This is not to say there aren’t bad people in this world. Life would be far too boring without them. How could we have heroes if there were no villians? The hard part is loving the demon within ourselves.  Once we do that, if we  ever do that, there is nothing left to fear.

This story is far  too long for one night, so I will answer the rest of this  question to myself in the morning. It’s my personal path, but we are all one. Every single one of us. Past, Present, and Future. Peace,

Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

3 responses to “My Personal Path

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  2. Just like you, I go forever with out reading RSS. My view is, if it’s important at all, It will hit my twitter stream.

  3. Thanks. I do have to admit though, that there is some serious action to be done in order to prevent a bloody civil war. And it needs to be done soon. Yet, it doesn’t have to be violent. I think I am working on a new post because of your comment. Thanks, it’s turning into another good day. Peace, Jim

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