One More Link in the Problem

I know my last post was dry, but that’s how it had to be written. On the next post, I will show you my vision of how we can best change the wrong in this world. Without violence. Without the “War of Terror” all governments commit on it’s citizens. But for now, I will show you one more link in the chain of problems. Just in case you are still asleep.

This is to show you how our food is poisoned. On purpose.  There is an endless stream of crimes committed if you still don’t wish to wake up. I am right in the only peaceful means of reviving the idea of liberty. Now, I bring you more evidence of our corruption. I present:

Aspartame: Sweet Misery:


Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in peoples minds. – Samuel Adams

5 responses to “One More Link in the Problem

  1. Thank you for the post … I’m awake and loving that you wrote this. Save humanity!

  2. I think we are all doing our part in that quest, it is just that we are afraid our strength is somehow inadequate for the task. I guess we have to get really mad first! And then become this change, and accept no substitutes! Peace, Jim

  3. How much of a background in biochemistry or FDA regulations do you have? You need to compare the amount of complaints related to aspartane with those of a control group not using it at all for even the start of a valid comparison. You need to know how close it is to a compound that naturally occurs in the body and at what concentration that natural chemical occurs. You need to know what the metabolism mechanism is for aspartane and whether there are any conditions in which that metabolism might be compromised leading to a sensitivity to it. These are just the beginnings. Oh how I wish the US gave its students an education similar to the one Britain gives its students in the design and interpretation of data presented graphically and on tables.

  4. In biochemistry, I have no knowledge. In FDA regulations, it is a government body which has become another rubber stamp marketing agency for corporations. What I do know is that the FDA wouldn’t touch it for years, because no study showed any positive health ramifications. Research the laboratory test results for aspartame. It is rather scary. My MLA was in History, and my minor was in Law. This is not the whole story, nor was that my intent. It is to help people connect the dots in a world where all of this information is available to research to your heart’s content. In a world where we know something is just not right anymore. Or rather, a world we are only now beginning to understand has never been quite the way we thought it was. Peace, Jim

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