The Key to Solutions

There are a number of variables to be considered if you wish to successfully solve any problem. First, and foremost,  you need to understand there is a problem. If you are reading this blog, or practically any other blog as well, you’ve made it to this point. The second is just as tricky as the first, and most of us are beginning to realize this crucial point.

Have you understand the real problem, or just the symptoms of the real problem? An example of this is that we discover a cancerous tumor on our body. We often believe the tumor is the problem, but it is really just the symptom of a problem. Diet, stress, environmental issues all play their role in creating this tumor. The tumor merely lets us know we have a problem. Simply removing the tumor is  like shooting the messenger because they brought you bad news. Not the best approach. But it’s one we often employ in every aspect of our lives. In many cases our solutions often compound  the real problems we face in our lives.

Our economy is an excellent example of this mode of thinking. Wall Street goes broke through corruption and greed, and we electronically manufacture hundreds of billions of our dollars to dole out to them. And to the banks. The banks, and the wall street firms, are now buying up all the gold and all the other banks.  Since the government is buying non-voting shares, and are providing for zero over-sight in these loans, we have only fed the problem.

In this case, the problem was the banking and wall street interests. Or rather they were another symptom of a more complex problem. By handing over all the controls for the monies, we essentially sold our government to the Federal Reserve and to Wall Street. The receivers of these moneys now own this currency, and the gold which lies behind the upcoming gold standard. Sort of makes you wonder about the gold question brought up in the movie “Loose Change”, which I recently posted here. That was an element I had not heard of before, or rather I did not pay attention to before this movie.

Once we understand who has all the money, we are then well on our way to understanding the nature of our problem. This is true in any nation which uses a central bank. The Muslims forbid the structures, as our did our Constitution. A central banking system is designed to fail. It was for this reason our Founding Fathers declared our independence from England. To rid our country of the beast which has controlled our money for the past 95 years. It is our belief in this system, which has created the wage slavery and the constant state of war and depression in our societies. So now,  we are able to understand why Bush was quoted as saying “The Constitution is nothing but a G-d Damned piece of paper”. Because that is all it is anymore. It no longer exists. Because we sold our sovereignty when we signed on to NAFTA in 1994.

The bailouts were merely the price charged to the  country. What the financiers charged, and received under threats of imposing Martial Law, from all of us.  The disbursements were made, not to solve the crisis, but to exasperate the crisis. To guide us towards trusting a government which has sold us to the international bankers to solve the problems they have created. But it is only with our acceptance that this will work.

This will only work if we accept their solutions. We must all be willing participants in a Ponzi Scheme for it to work. We must believe, or be afraid enough to go along with the solutions presented, for this to work. And now, we get to the underlying problem facing our world today.

Fear. We are afraid, as individuals, as nations,  and as a world.  This is what makes us feel so powerless. We seem to be facing monsters, but this is only an illusion. These monsters are only shadows once we  wake up so that we might see more clearly, and shadows cannot exist in the light.

It is through fearlessness that we become powerful again. As individuals and as a global village. The more people learn how few people are behind the curtain, the less ominous they appear. Globally, the curtain is very small, and bankers all. We, the entire world’s population, are owned by the interests behind the our Federal Reserve. For they operate in every central bank  in the world.  But they require our participation for them to succeed.

We must accept their rule. We must accept their fear. We must accept their offer of unconditional surrender or face their armies as their weapon of destruction. But we man their armies. And we don’t have to accept their fear. We have a choice. This is where we have always screwed things up in the past.

We’ve always chosen violence instead of non-participation. We’ve always chosen anger over love. But, to para-quote Einstein, “one cannot use the same thinking to solve a problem that created the problem”.  Violence only begets more violence. And if enough of us refuse to participate in this violent solution, how will they man their ranks? If enough people refuse to fall prey to tactics of fear, greed, and scarcity; how differently we would approach our solutions.

If we but actively practiced compassionate love towards all of our neighbors, both here and abroad, our problems would disappear as a wisp of smoke. If we but helped our neighbors, both here and abroad, we would eliminate  the very concept of scarcity.  If we but understood how inter-dependent everything is upon everything else, we would understand that the harm we cause others is harm done to ourselves.  But first we must vanquish all those symptoms of fear.

By giving into fear, we become shy, withdrawn, depressed, beat our spouses, commit the very sins we condemn in others. We become the problem. We become as sheep to the wolves of government. We accept their directions for us to vent our frustrated angers. Angers born of fear. These wolves have insatiable appetites and they need our fear for them to feed upon us. And all we have to do is make a stand. A stand for peace. Right now.


Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

In one’s true self resides all the answers to all our ills. – Me

3 responses to “The Key to Solutions

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  2. I agree with you.. that’s what I was trying to express in my mail. Unconscious people complain about the crisis but keep on feeding its causes.. they think that problems will be always solved by anyone else. But if we don’t get started, the situation could only worsen. Peace, Sho.

  3. Yes. And thank you again. Later on today, I hope to put my own personal revelations as to my understanding of this change. I believe that many of us are already on the same track, only we have not been passionate enough in our compassion. Peace, Jim

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