Some of the Questions on 9/11

On this post, I will present the movie, “Loose Change”, a movie that raises more than enough questions about the atrocity we call “9/11”.  I would like to add that it barely scratches the surface of the number of questionable aspects of this terrible holocaust visited upon us, in my opinion, our own government. For instance, the owner of the tower, Silverstein, acquired the towers even though he wasn’t the highest bidder. There were also many reports of Israeli agents being involved in this attack as well. Not to mention Herr Bush’s brother’s insurance company being involved in corrupt practises. And the list goes on. And on. And on. But this movie is enough to convince most people. As it should.

Personally, I remember that day as if it were only yesterday. I was, like most Americans, both horrified and proud that day. I was horrified at the damage and carnage of the attack, and I was proud of New Yorkers as well. That says a lot, since I was raised in South Georgia. But New Yorkers, excepting Giuliani,  proved themselves to be a city full of  heroic characters. And now, I present “Loose Change”:

Let us not forget that Justice has yet to be served. Peace,

Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves – Edward Murrow

13 responses to “Some of the Questions on 9/11

  1. As an aside, some of the leading questions on the site of the incoming administration call for investigations into this monstrosity, along with calls for charges of war crimes and many other heinous offenses our government of wolves have committed upon our sleepy and sheepish citizens. Let us see if Obama has the courage to follow the will of the people in this affair.

  2. papamoskitos

    i read the other day that bush wanted to be remembered as a peace maker, hehe
    what peace has he made?

    i would love to see obama charge bush with war crimes, but i doubt he will.

    it only 18 days till bush leaves, yeah

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  5. Yes, I doubt it as well. After all, he has signed on to much of the legislation surrounding this affair. Neither party seems much different from the other to me. Just different methods of clamping down on the people. We really don’t have but one party in this country. And we used to think we were free. Knowing we are slaves though, is the first step towards our freedom. Peace, Jim

  6. OMG! WOW Lawman said he has watched this before but I had never seen it. I don’t know what to say, other than this is pretty scarey stuff.

  7. And this video only scratches the surface of the questionable actions/events/persons and agencies involved in this atrocity. I believe if all the dots were connected by the people at least three governments would fall. Ours, England’s, and Israel’s. Sometimes I feel ashamed of my ten years of military service for this country. Thanks. Also, I am sorry I haven’t followed the rules for accepting the “Superior Scribbler” award, but this blog has become an obsession of mine. I don’t know how much longer I will be able to run it, but I will run it as long as I can. Peace, Jim

  8. You really must look at the rebuttals to “Loose Change” too before you swallow it all whole. I think the US is responsible for 9/11 by all the accumulation of actions that brought on such hate. I would also indict Saudi Arabia. But not the US government. Wikipedia on Loose Change has links to a number of the rebuttals.

  9. I have seen many of the rebuttals, though not Wikipedia’s. There are still far too many questions that this administration did not answer. On top of that, many rebuttals that I have read just did not add up. While I am not in complete agreement with everything in this movie, I did feel it provided a basic groundwork in provoking questions in a video format. Though it is by no means complete. I did not include Saudi Arabia, even though the Bush family ties and the Bin Laden family ties are a bit cozy for me. However, since the hijackers identities appear to have been made up anyway, the Saudi ties are of less interest to me. I would question Pakistan’s ties before Saudi Arabia. I could go on, but a comment box isn’t the right format for that. Thanks, Jim
    Now it’s off to Wikipedia!

  10. Sorry. Just got back from Wikipedia. Don’t think I will use it for a resource. It doesn’t provide anything new, just the same old bullshit. Not exactly in line with many of the experts who have been speaking about it for years. As I’ve said, this movie only scratches the surface, but it does a pretty decent job. Wikipedia just polished a turd.

  11. Oh now I remember Eric Holder. You could have used his name. The guy that wants to make the drug war even tougher. And of course Biden co-wrote much of the draconian drug laws. Maybe you should research your own comments.

  12. There are just too many things that don’t add up for me to believe the government’s version of this story. The whole thing horrifies me.

  13. I just hope enough of understand in time that any government which requires secrecy is the problem, not the solution. Peace, Jim

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