One Would Think

During the past month, I have posted a number of documentaries which have shown a compressed view of how our government agencies have systematically abused every power they have ever granted themselves within the past twenty years alone. From the Iran/Contra affair, Waco, Ruby Ridge, the crack epidemic, 9/11, ad naseum, and this is just the tip of the iceberg of the level of corruption in our government.

Our current financial melt-down can be traced to the corruption inherent in both the mere existence of the Federal Reserve, and the inability of the SEC to maintain existing laws of fraud in our stock markets. Both parties are to blame, but We, the People are also to bear our share of this responsibility as well. We have gone along with our blind faiths, masquerading as patriotism, in the notion that our government is somehow better, and more willing, to stand up for justice for all.

Bush, Sr. was undoubtedly involved in the Iran/Contra affair, yet he later became president. Bill Clinton’s only trial had to do with sex, not with the murders in Waco. Lest we forget, there remains many doubts as to exactly what “White Water” and the “Vince Foster suicide” investigations were even about in the general population. Of course Bush’s reign has been one of terror openly committed, rather than bothering to hide the atrocities anymore. And why should they bother?

What are we gong to do anyway? Will we ever rise up as one voice and say “We’ve had enough!” It doesn’t seem that way to me. However, I think it is probably exactly what we should do.  Most of us still believe that Obama is going to somehow honestly address these issues. Perhaps when we discover he comes from the same mold as the others, we will stand up, but I doubt we will.  It seems to me that too many of us have confused obeying the law with the search for justice. But what do you do when the law makers are the criminals? Do you obey their laws? Even though you know they are unjust and only favor those who care not one damn bit for justicel?

For those of you who are only now visiting this site, I have many videos gleamed from old news broadcasts, documentaries, movies, etc. on this site. Please fell free to watch them and then judge for yourself what should be done. Peace,

Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

No Army can withstand against an idea whose time has come – Gore Vidal

25 responses to “One Would Think

  1. By the way, this is not a call for some violent overthrow, but a call that we restore the Constitution. A call that we hold our leaders accountable for their actions. Peace, Jim

  2. By the way, I may be wrong. Sometimes going through all of this is depressing. We have all been wronged for so long that it is hard to conceive the people will demand justice once again. Yet, presently there are 1288 questions related to the legalization of marijuana alone. The natives are getting restless indeed. I think that there may be no alternative for his administration except to legalize it. Unless of course, he wants to risk a civil war in a country that is already outraged at it’s government for it’s appalling lack of justice and abundance of corruption. Peace, Jim

  3. justice4mothers

    I know I’ve had enough of the corruption in government and the courts…great article again Jim. Love your site!

  4. Thank you. I almost long for the days when we are ignorant of the enormous corrupted agencies of our government. It seems the only things they are interested in are protecting us from are liberty and justice. At least I have detected that there is an overwhelming sense of dissatisfaction developing in our country over all of this. I don’t think this was an intended consequence of the site, but it is the most positive aspect I’ve seen in such a long time. Peace, Jim

  5. Are you aware that Obama’s choice for the Attorney General has a history of working to prosecute a number of the cases of corruption that have come up? He also was against the Patriot Act from the first and is against the Guantanamo detention center. I’m slowly going through the backgrounds of Obama’s first 20 on my blog (which you already link to), and so far, I’m pleased except that the ones who will affect the economy seem to have never experienced want in any way and always had Ivy League connections.

  6. While I was not aware of that, there are many other cabinet choices I am concerned about. However, these days I will take any ray of sunshine I can get! lol Thanks for that info and Peace, Jim

    Also, if you happen to come back to this article, would you mind posting your link with your comment? That way all of us could be more informed.

  7. It didn’t take much research to also note his involvement with Chiquita in which Chiquita (a known corporate terrorist in Central and South America) paid a Columbian terrorist group a few million bucks and gave them machine guns. He was defending them in a lawsuit which involved the families of 4000 murdered Columbians. Really nice guy. Please send me the link to your site so I can read your “excellent” research on the cabinet choices.

  8. I have no faith in President-elect Obama’s choices for his cabinet. When the People voted for Obama they thought they were voting for change. The fact that he is bringing in all these old faces into his cabinet must truly be disappointing for millions of people. Perhaps they’ll get the idea now…

  9. I am concerned for this country the more I learn of his choices. It reads like the worst of Clinton and Bush jr. Remember, Clinton was the one who had Janet Reno, and he just loved all the APCs and the AC130s (C-130 gunships) at waco. I never saw them in the documentary but I remember them from television. Personally, I think the only candidate we had that stood for liberty was Ron Paul.

  10. William Wright

    I agree. Even though he did not win, his message was clear. Now many have begun to see the corruption and are starting to wake up.

    Simply, he was the only candidate that made sense.

  11. One of the problems with the internet is that we can easily put the puzzle pieces together, but once we’ve seen the truth, we cannot turn back. Peace, at least for our children, Jim

  12. So we have an Eric Holder fan in the comments…I like holder Holder, he described the Constitution as a unique founding document of US society, but ultimately an imperfect document. Citing its initial legalization of slavery and its refusal to give women the right to vote until the 20th century, Holder expressed the view that within the spirit of the Constitution and the ideals of the founders of the country “there is contained the capacity for change. The choices the founders made were not frozen in time.” The concepts embodied in the Constitution, Holder said, allowed “the pursuit of a more perfect union.”

    This philosophical view of the legal system and the Constitution sharply diverge from the so-called strict constructionist view of the Constitution upheld by the right wing. Theoretically, the right wing believes the Constitution to be a static, unchanging document in which is contained all the legal precepts we need.

    I don’t usually take the time for caps, but I did really want to make some points here.

  13. i have never claimed to be a liberal NOR WILL I EVER because the liberal party has now become a ‘set back and let’s add more government’ and they do this in the name of ‘for the common good of the people.’ i would never claim to be a right wing conservative as they are puppets for the christian conservative base.i am a conservative though as i do believe in LESS GOVERNMENT and more WE THE DAMN PEOPLE.

  14. but i have been known to vote either way…depending on the elected official.

    i did not vote for obama, but so far am pleased and a bit MORE at ease with his choices than i would have ever been with mccain’s.

  15. It is true the Constitution has the ability inherent in it for change, as it did for abolishing property slavery, and for the right of women to vote, and for prohibition and it’s end, and so on. However, let us not think the Chiquita Banana Co. is an innocent business. It has been involved in many heinous interventionist actions in Central and South America. Basically, it has participated in corporate terrorism. As for my vote, had he run I would have voted for Ron Paul. His idea of cutting back the government, restoring the Constitution, and letting the states (and the people by default) run their governments, and abolishing the Federal Reserve struck a chord in my political soul. Having said that, I did vote for Bush Sr. Though, I don’t like him.
    However, I do not believe we are headed for a positive change in our government. Obama is more like Clinton with more capabilities. And that can’t be good. Thanks, Jim

  16. obama is a socialist, i did not vote for him. i liked ron paul, and was not happy with our so called “choices” this election year.

  17. hey jim what’s your take on this : The EPA has recommended a carbon tax on cattle per head based on a ruling by SCOTUS.

    This tax per head of cattle will do two things. It will raise food prices (like the use of corn for biofuels has) and quite possibly bankrupt many ranchers and farmers.

    I’m wondering where they are going to find the cowboys to go plug up the cows butts …hehehe

    find the story here:

  18. I don’t really believe in global warming. I believe we are experiencing a poisoning of our environment, but CO2 isn’t a problem. However, we could have the new civilian army working for obama to put a cork in it!

  19. i had such a great post on this, BUT tothewire said it was too crued WHAT THE HELL like this isn’t one of the most ridiculous things the federal government has tried to do thus far

  20. Jim you know lawman is just wanting you to tell him he should post his VERY crued and poorly written post. I love you Joe, but you trying to keep everything on a 9th grade reading level thing (to appeal to the masses) is more like on a 5th grade reading level…

    This post is wonderful Jim. I DID vote for Obama. I wonder about his ‘safe’ picks, but I too like Eric Holder.

  21. Joe aka lawman sorry didn’t mean to post by name 🙂

  22. not to worry dear TRICIA no big deal…hehehe

    well jim, i have finished a closing,uploaded a few stories on our site, and read and commented here…time for this old caveman and his lovely wife to head to bed!

  23. Hey Lawman. I’d be happy to read something crude and immature!

    Tothewire, I know that you all are fans of Holden, but I don’t think the changes to the Constitution are going to be of a nature any of us will like. This cabinet isn’t of the sort that will be promoting liberty. We are already owned by the Fed. This new re-write which they will be doing will be dictated by the Fed. Not the people. We will just be conditioned to go along with it. Peace, Jim

  24. William Wright

    That’s exactly it. “We will just be conditioned to go along with it.”

    This has been the case all along. We’re conditioned little by little to accept these inconveniences. But if we’d take the time to step back and take a look at the big picture over the last 90 or so years, those inconveniences paint a rather scary picture of our future to come in this country.

    Of course, there is room for change within the constitution, but changes should not be made using fear as a method of bringing change about so that people will accept it. For example, The Patriot Act. The people should want the change, not be conditioned to temporarily accept the change.

  25. The more I read, the more things make sense in a way I am very uncomfortable with knowing. But truths are always uncomfortable, it is their nature.
    The only way we will experience a true change is if enough of us decide to approach it differently. Ans so we go onto my next post. Peace, Jim

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