So Where’s My Silver Lining?

No matter how hard the times may be for us as a nation, and as individuals, there are always seeds of opportunity within those hardships. But before we are able to find those seeds of opportunity, we must first understand ourselves. For if we don’t know ourselves, if we don’t understand how we have mired ourselves in this muck of despair, we can’t possibly find opportunity. That silver lining will remain out of our sight, no matter how hard we search for it.

As a nation, we have long since lost our way. There is no one specific piece of legislation which can be blamed for this occurrence, though the creation of the Federal Reserve is an important turning point in our history. However, even though this monster was created out of an insatiable appetite for power and money, it still required the compliance of a nation to implement. No one is innocent, for ignorance is truly no excuse, even if that ignorance has been fostered in the population. For a truly vigilant citizenry would have uncovered this monster long ago and had it dismantled upon it’s recognition. Instead, we have chosen to believe we are powerless against a tyrannical government system.

We have chosen to be sheep, and then we wonder why we are being led to the slaughter. We have embraced a system of unbridled greed over a system that fosters the social good. We have done this  for our personal benefit. Yet,  we wonder why we are in such a state of decay.

We have chosen to hand over our own infinite powers over our own destinies to others, our own definitions of social justice and order over to others, and we wonder why we have become so powerless. How we have become victims of this system we call government, even though  we hand them the means of our own destruction. We either do this willingly or out of an erroneous  belief that we are unable to change this process. That we, as individuals are powerless. This is a ludicrous proposition, unless we believe it to be true. Only then, can we find ourselves in the situation we are in right now. But it doesn’t have to remain this way.

In order to fix a problem, we must first understand what is wrong with the system. What mindset within ourselves , both as individuals and as a nation, created the scenario that has led us to where we are today. With the advent of the internet, we have fewer excuses for this shortcoming in our thought processes. We have fewer excuses for not taking actions that would resolve this crisis. We have fewer excuses for not empowering ourselves to change the world into a better place. Yet, we still clamor for help from an obviously broken and corrupt system of government.

We beg a system corrupted by unbridled greed,  indifference ,and  even hatred of our fellow human beings, to save us from ourselves. We are begging for a larger government. This despite the evidence that the larger the government becomes, the more corruption pervades that system. Our government has become the albatross around our neck, stifling all sense of our innate ability to rule ourselves wisely. Still, we beg this system to rescue us from it’s clutches, when we are the only ones who have the power to rescue ourselves. As such, we are the architects of our own destruction.

The flaws of  our government were well understood by our Founding Fathers. They understood we were not yet ready for true independence. This is readily understood in many of their writings. That does not mean they did not give us the means to further liberate ourselves from government. We just didn’t pay attention. We have, throughout our history given away our powers to govern ourselves. This was not their intent, though they recognized this as the most probable future for our country.

It is the nature of government to grow it’s own powers, and the result of this power is always  corruption. It is a story as old as government itself, yet one we seem destined to constantly  re-learn. But that does not mean we have to remain slaves of a system we have helped create through our own fears. First though, we must understand that we have the power to affect change. This power is inherent in all of us.

Police states don’t just happen. They must be carefully cultivated. They need enemies to rally their citizens around their cause. External enemies. Police states, which  includes our own government, constantly create threats which strengthen their regimes. But we must be willing pawns of our own destruction, or these schemes will never work.

There is a mountain of evidence which suggests our own intelligence agencies work against the best interests of our citizenry. From the Iran/Contra affair,  we watched on television how the CIA and the upper levels of the White House were responsible for the cocaine epidemic in our country. Yet we continue to look to these people to solve our drug problem. To legislate what drugs we can ingest in our bodies, despite the mountain of evidence pointing towards our government involvement in this very industry.

There is a similar mountain of evidence pointing towards the CIA and the White House being involved in the tragedy of September 11th. Yet, we followed without protest the conquests and destructions of Afghanistan and  Iraq. And we follow today as if we have no power to change these events. Even our demands for justice are to ask these criminals to investigate themselves. How silly to have the fox investigate the case of the missing chickens. Yet this is what we demand, and we wonder why it is not being done.

We have allowed our blind faith in the very instruments of our destruction to lead us to this crucial point in our nation. A time in which our very lives are at stake. Economically, we have been destroyed by this blind faith in the Federal Reserve system, a system designed to create inflation and market crashes to further the political agendas of shadow governments. A system we allow to exist today, despite the fact that so many of us have knowledge of it’s goals. Yet, we do nothing but insist the government police itself. And we wonder why they don’t.

The truth is, we have failed as citizens by our in-actions. We have failed to properly identify the true causes of our present situation. Those that have recognized these causes have often acted to profit from them, rather than correct them, for that is the nature of our culture of greed and selfishness.

We look to the institutions that oppress us for solutions, when liberty is only found within ourselves. Tyranny can only exist when fear rules over a majority.  This is the problem which we must face, and only by facing this problem, will we find our silver lining.

In my travels around the world, I have always found the peoples of every country to be mostly good in nature. It is always their governments that are corrupt, for governments are the havens of the corrupt in all societies. It is in government that we find oppression, not in the people we war against. The same is true in this country as well, if we but have the courage to admit it.

There is no “War on Terror”, rather it is a “War of Terror”.  A terror we endorse by our blind faith in the institution that endorses such a mindset. A terror we create out of our fears of some external cause for our own failings. A terror which enslaves us all, but only if we but give in to this fear.

I could go on, but it is truly not necessary. If you want to find the silver lining, first investigate my accusations and refute them if you can. I hope I am wrong. But I know that we are in this situation because we have all failed to be the guardians of our destinies. We have done this out of fear, and fear is the greatest enemy of freedom. Yet fear becomes nothing if we but stand up to it. Peace,

Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

We have nothing to fear, but fear itself – FDR

7 responses to “So Where’s My Silver Lining?

  1. Jim, I enjoyed reading this and agree with nearly everything you wrote. Good stuff. Interesting site. I esp. like you pointing out how we send the criminals to investigae themselves. It reminds me of an Einstein quote: “The problems we face can not be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” Keep up the good work. Happy New Year!

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed it Mike. I was afraid it was a bit too long, but I couldn’t figure out how to make it any shorter. Thanks again. Peace, Jim

    And Willbwright, I just wish we would learn from our mistakes. There seems to be no need for all this suffering. Not in a world with so much abundance in it. But, there is always hope. At least until it is too late. But until then, there is the constant practice of learning to live in the peace of the moment we are experiencing. Peace, Jim

  3. Jim you wrote an eloquent speech .I actually could not stop until i read it all, despite the length of it.You addressed the issue in an ideal situation.Reality shows that the present day leadership almost all over the world may not be easily beaten without some drastic measures and revolutions. I think somehow we should begin to look at this new approach that asks:How can we influence the Government to correct these wrongs?
    –Olaotan Odunuga

  4. We must first understand that We, the People are the government, not the President. The government is always the enemy. This thought was always present in our founder’s minds. Now, we have the opportunity to understand why. Peace, Jim

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  6. “In my travels around the world, I have always found the peoples of every country to be mostly good in nature. It is always their governments that are corrupt, for governments are the havens of the corrupt in all societies. It is in government that we find oppression, not in the people we war against. The same is true in this country as well, if we but have the courage to admit it.” This is so true!Very ood points you made it here

  7. I have always remembered also that during the trials in WWII, we never accepted the defense of “we were just following orders’. Yet, isn’t that what we ourselves often do here? I would think if we but thought for ourselves, and obeyed our own conscious, their would be far fewer problems in this world. Peace, Jim

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