On How Things Seem to Me

Today, while going through the news, and the Obama team voting site (presently having over 3,000votes) , along with other factors, I came to a conclusion. Today something felt ominously true to me. Though so needlessly true as well.

Thinking of all of the disclosures over the  government officials who are going to comprise our cabinet positions, the general anger over the white collar welfare bailout, the demands for justice leading the pack, the worries of people voiced on this site, and a countless other fears on top of those fears. All begging their abusers for help. Remember always that the government gets exactly what they pay for. They are not stupid, but are corrupt and greedy lawyers instead. This crash, this whole scenario was no accident. Our ills were born of their ill intent. And boy were we screwed.

Of  course, we not only let them screw us over, we conspired to enable them to prostitute ourselves for them. Not knowingly, but enabling doesn’t require knowledge, it even works better if you are unknowing of your assistance. We have let a few thousand people guide us to the brink of a fully planned self-destruction. In a world of over seven  billion, a few thousand is absolutely nothing. It’s zero. Unless we help them.

If you find it difficult to believe that a government which has lied about  everything it’s ever been forced to admit in public is working for your worst possible interests, then you are lost already.

Something is terribly wrong with this picture. How many people believe truly that this president picked his cabinet members on a whim?  That their opinions differ from his? These are the people that dictate policy for an administration. They are of the same cut as the Bush administration most of us are glad to see leave.  Some of them are even from the Bush administration. And some of them are even worse. Or at least openly so. They are all damned smart enemies of peace.

We’ve been lied to about the reasons for our conquest of Iraq and Afghanistan.  And still we follow those lies. We even enforce them with our childrens’ lives. And while our troops are in, they are given (as always) experimental vaccinations. They are taught violence upon others. They are discarded when discharged, and left to fend for themselves. As always. As every oppressive government must do with their discarded heroes. And never forget that government is only force. But a force that must be accepted. Or rather tolerated.

During the Iran/Contra trial, the entire government was proven guilty of being the drug smugglers they swore in their campaigns to vanquish. I have the documentary from that  time on one of my posts.  Can you honestly have any doubt as to the government’s involvement with the opium fields in Afghanistan as well? Illegal drugs are the largest commodity in the world, five hundred billion dollars a year. Tax free. You’d have to be a fool to believe the government, or rather, sections of all governments weren’t involved to some degree.  It is bigger than the oil we supposedly fight over as a matter of national security.  And you wonder why drugs are so plentiful when it takes a government to distribute them through every town in America. And yet you think  our government is trying to stop them?  I don’t think so. This government is  all too well-equiped to stop something this large, unless it is the one responsible for all of the deadly drugs on our streets. And they always ask of the message we’d send to the children if we didn’t keep them illegal. Keep them even richer. And all hidden and tax-free.

This bailout helps no one the government claimed it was to help.  Nor did they care for our voices. For our say in the matter. Though We, the People, are the economy. At least in a free state. No provisions for it’s use. No accountability. No signs of relieving the stress upon the masses. That would be us. And this incoming administration pleaded for it’s passage, as did the other party. And you doubt there is any difference between the two parties. They are all just the Federal Reserve Party.

Obama signed on to many of the bills in question which took away even more of our priviliges.  At least they still let us call them rights. He has endorsed the killing off of the Posse Comiteus Act  by placing those illegal troops all around him on Inaguration Night.

The teachings of the Buddha, and the Christ figure have both been so perverted by religions they have lost all of their original meaning. Though the Buddhist message remains truer in philosophy than religious practise, it’s essence being to practise compassionate love for all living things. In Christianity, it was a message that required no name for your God, and only that you love this presence with everything you had. And that you love your neighbor as you love yourself. Somewhere, they have been perverted into messages of hate. I am in America, so I will stay with the Christian religion for this post. In this land of Christian religion.

Since Christianity has morphed itself into a religion of hatreds and judgements, which espouses the exact opposite of  it’s original intent, it might be better defined as anti-Christian.  Tell me why we only pay attention to the hate filled laws of the Old Testament, when the Christ figure gave so elegant instructions for us to only follow his two laws.  In the  King James you can read these two laws  in Mark 29-31.  In various areas he railed against the teachings of the Pharisees, the ones who followed the Old Testament Anti- Christianity. The ones he called the blind leading the blind. The ones who try and make doomsday prophecy a self-fullfilling event. As if being a willing partner of destroying most of the world would ever qualify a person for entering their version of heaven. I think that global murder probably constitutes some kind of sin.

I accept no religion. I trust no doctrine outside of myself. My inner self needs no rules to follow. I need not worry. Neither do you. I know deep down  it really is all just a ride. I’m just  getting a bit tired of this ride. Living in a world where all religions practice what they preach, and they all preach us to hate each other. But that doesn’t mean I can throw any stones either. I have many times before, and even now I  throw them. And worry of what will happen to me. And wonder why all I see is despair. But I know it is an illusion which I make real for me. As we all do.

I don’t find it necessary to believe this figure Christ had to exist, or be born differently from others if he did. I have no idea, and neither does anyone else. No one can prove it either way. Nor does it matter. Those words of the two commandments pretty much cover all one needs to do in life to be a better person. How does killing make you more a Christian?  How does not believing in Christ being of miraculous birth keep you from practicing those laws any differently than someone who does believe this? How does hating your fellow human being make you more righteous? How does your fear make you holier than I? How does mine?

During the inaguration, our new leader will begin his reign with an invocation by one of the more controversial preachers of this anti-Christianity, and we still follow their words like salvation. They are our damnation. If we give in to their sins. If we continue to embrace their hate. For then, it woul be ours as well. Our sins. Our hate. Only we can own those feelings. And only we can let go of them.

Whenever one of us  gives in to fear, or anger, or retribution, we encourage this system.    This rising call for justice only keeps us further away from our higher selves.  A self beyond any religious name. We have all sinned in this play. Every one of us are guilty. When now is always the time we should  follow those simple two commandments of love. Regardless of your religion, they are still a good message to follow. If Christians practiced these two laws, they wouldn’t have built such a world of terror. This goes for all the religions, it’s just I live in a country of supposedly Christian values. Yet, we spend all our wealth on war and on inflicting our miserable fears on the rest of the world.

I live in America. It’s not exactly open for many faiths in the media. I speak in the Christian terminology because most people say they are Christian. Though our laws certainly have no compassion in them. No redemption. Only private prisons searching for another dollar to steal in their damning system. Lock them up and damn their lives forever more. No more voting. No more opportunity. No salvation at all in our laws. Or in our Christianity. Only greed and judgements of hate reign in our government. And our religions as well.

Just following those two commandments pretty much erases the possiblity of fighting any wars, doesn’t it? Any true crimes which you could commit if you followed them. Any Judgements you might make or enforce upon another if they broke a rule. For you even more than  the one you judge.

It is our hatreds and our fears that are destroying us. It is  this sense of outrage that demands punishment that is destroying us. How did a religion that bore a message of love, that showed the past as the wrong path to follow, turn  immediately to that path of self-destruction? Where is the love in this religion? I see no heart in this perversion today. And all we have to do is walk away.

Walk away from our judgements. Walk away from our fears. We truly only have fear to fear. It is all that can defeat us. Given the choice between fear and love, I’ll take love any day. Though  we should think of giving love instead of receiving love. These were the messages of the namesake of Christianity. Where do you find these in our hate filled churches? Next to their golden thrones?

We’ve all played our part in this play, but all we have to do is love each other as ourselves to change this play. In any religion, that would seem to be a good call. These days, it seems we have so much in the way of destructive abilities to deal out our hate, and so little to deal out compassion.  What does that say about us?  Especially since we have bankrupted ourselves with the costs of our armies. Where is the love in our selves? Is it bankrupt as well? Has it all been defeated by fear? When all we have to do is walk away from their illusionary powers over us, what is there to fear, but fear itself?

All we have to do is walk away from our parts we’ve been playing. Instead of what this obviously evil entity has planned.And this entity is ourselves. All of us. Each and every one of us. For we have all focused on what we don’t want. We don’t want hunger. We don’t want hate. We don’t want poverty. We don’t want to sin. But we never focus on what we do want. Peace and prosperity for all. And if enough of us focus on that, then it might just happen. For all of us.

All lives are spiritual paths which are nothing but  individual perspectives of the whole. But love is at the core of all the true paths. What path do you walk? The path of love or the path of fear?

Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

5 responses to “On How Things Seem to Me

  1. Federal Reserve Party… A good name for both parties.

    People need to wake up. Not only are people afraid, they’re lazy and that my friend, is what those corrupt politicians want us to be…lazy and unwilling to act. They can accomplish so much more of their agenda with little resistance.

    Something big will have to happen to our rights and our freedoms before the people wake from their slumber.

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  4. It’s not so much that people are lazy, but this lethargy results from our fear. Once we understand we do have power over how things are done, and that the majority of us are not alone in our beliefs that this is not the way it needs to be, we will become energized as a people. Then we will be able to change the world so that our higher selves prevails over our petty selves.

  5. I agree.

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