What We, the People, Can Do

Many people still harbor the belief that their opinion no longer matters to the government. In a very real sense, they are exactly right. But that doesn’t mean we actually don’t matter. It just means our government is far out of line with what We, the People actually care about.

We are being told what we believe by our media interests, and by our politicians. Does this mean they are correct? Hardly, and it only takes a short visit to the Obama-Biden team’s website, http://change.gov to realize this truth. The questions being posed are hardly related to the issues the candidates campaigned on with such passionate vagueness.

For me,  I believe his cabinet choices reflect his true agenda, and it is not in our best interests, but the international bankers and international corporations interests. Cabinet positions set the tone for the agenda of a presidency, and his choices do not bode well for We, the People. They pose a threat to us instead.

Does this mean we should just give up? Hardly. We, the People are the government, unless we do give up. That is why I have voted on, to date, 2,585 questions. I am now focusing on two separate issues. Anything to do with bringing the Drug War to an end, and anything to do with abolishing the Federal Reserve system.

These two issues have done more to create the myriad of problems facing our country today than any other issue being brought up for questioning.  The Drug War has been the most powerful weapon used by our government to fund a police state mind-set among our peoples and to destroy any concept of  justice for all. It has always served to further the divisions of the masses along class and race, and only fuels the industries which defeat the concepts of  Truth, Liberty, and Justice for all.

These would be the funding with proceeds, and without oversight, of the drug warriors.  The incredible growth of the private prison systems, by overcrowding the county, state, and federal prisons. The increasingly frightening inability of the accused to have access to a fair trial. The tremendous burden placed on the taxpayers, not only with the cost of maintaining such institutions, but with the inability of those incarcerated to ever become truly contributory citizens ever again.

The Federal Reserve System has often been correctly described as being far from a federal institution. It’s illegal existence began in 1913, and is responsible to no one but it’s owners. These owners are never published and refuse to have the Federal Reserve audited. They create inflation and devalue our currency. We have, immediately since it’s inception, remained a nation of wars fought for the bankers interests, and not for the common good. It is an abomination that threatens liberty with each day it exists. And it should, and will be destroyed. Or else it will destroy us, if it hasn’t already.

So, what can we do? To start with, go to the “change.gov” site. In the search field type in the following words:

cannabis, marijuana, drug war, hemp, federal reserve, central bank. Click yes on any question which would bump these questions up in the field which Obama must at least pay lip service to when he answers them. Force them to acknowledge these issues so that all of us may know our enemy. Spread the word, either by linking to my site, or by telling others from yours or even by voice. By email. By whatever means necessary.

I believe we will not see the change many thought we would get from this administration, but a furthering of the root causes of our decline. There will be a great depression, but that doesn’t mean we should act as sheep in our destruction. And while the politicians, the bankers, and the corporations party on the 20th; remember it is our money they are partying with. In each of the 20 inaugural balls.

It is our money they are giving to the welfare recipients on Wall St, in the auto industry, to the bankers, and none to those who need the money the most: the people being raped by these very institutions. To put it in perspective, it would be cheaper to give every American 3,000 dollars, than to continue the bailout as planned. How can this bailout work? It will, but not in the direction you might think best. The government gets what the government wants. Just what do you think they want with the plans which BOTH parties have proscribed? Peace,

Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

Fight for Liberty always, and with all you have always, lest it be taken by our apathy and faith in institutions forever.

7 responses to “What We, the People, Can Do

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  2. “”abolishing the Federal Reserve system.””

    this is what they want. the Amero.
    not saying the fed is good, but is way better than the queens Amero.

    wake up.

  3. This is true, in that the Amero is wanted by government, but that doesn’t mean we have to accept it. We, the People have far more power than we believe. The “system” is us, and we control it. Only if we believe the “system” controls us, does it control us. Individually, this won’t really work, but collectively, it is the only way we will be free. Thanks and peace, Jim

  4. Happy New Year Jim!

    The key is getting people to realize that We the People need to be more involved…and your work here is much appreciated!

  5. Happy New Year for you to, Tothewire! And thanks again, your words are always welcome. Peace, Jim

  6. I really do enjoy reading your blog.

    Indeed, your work here is very much appreciated!

  7. Thank you, I only hope we are not too late. Though, it is never too late as long as we draw breath. Peace, Jim

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