The Internal Revolution

For myself, my first “real” experiences on the internet were limited to email, mainstream media outlets, Amazon, and the many porn sites on the web.  I know this is not politically correct, but let’s face it, when video first hit the web, it was porn that catapulted the internet into our homes. So, it wasn’t just me cruising those seedy urls.

However, it doesn’t take too many computer viruses for most of us to leave those sites alone.  Besides, porn gets boring after a while. I find sex much more enjoyable on a more personal basis.  For me, that requires a relationship with someone of similar interests, most of these interests being non-sexual in nature.

Eventually, I discovered many links to conspiracy sites, and alternative news media outlets.  At first, I dismissed most of them as crack-pots and doom-sayers with a url listing instead of a billboard proclaiming “The End Is Near”, approach. Unfortunately, for my old belief structure at least, many of their claims make more sense than those of the  mainstream media outlets. For example, how many mainstream media outlets have published any deviation from the “official” version of 9/11? How many have supplied links to the actual legislation being passed under deceptive names? Names like “The Patriot Act”, or “The Anti-Terror Bill”?  Names which cannot be found in the Congressional records, because these are not their numerical nor their official titles. They are simply “spin titles,” spins designed to make it more difficult for the average reader to find out what the content of these bills actually contain.

Luckily, all one needs to do is go to Wikipedia to discover these treasons legislated in the name of patriotism. It seems the lies and deceptions practiced by our media giants would crumble under it’s own weight. It is, but much slower than most of us would like. There are still many people who have no idea as to the extent of the corruption, they only know that something isn’t quite right with what they are experiencing.  Most have no idea it is not the terrorists they have been told are the enemy, but those who run our government in the dark recesses behind the thrones of power. It is a truth that I also resisted, I simply could not conceive of our government being as corrupt as it is today.

Not that I have ever trusted our government completely. I simply believed it was incompetent before, because I CHOSE to believe this explanation. It was far easier to believe our leaders were incompetent, rather than they were extremely competent traitors. Not all, but those in the darker corners of power, most certainly fit this description.

Today, though 95% of the citizenry believes the government is lying about 9/11, that the war against the citizens of Iraq is wrong, that the war against the peoples of Afghanistan is wrong, we still operate under the delusion that we are powerless. That is simply preposterous. Unless we believe it to be true. We create our own realities, and if we don’t, someone else will create them for us.

Also, we find that many of us are running for office to “root out” the evil that is our government. A one-party government that only cares of it’s own power, not of it’s citizenry. A party which only represents the large banking interests and the multi-national corporations. Entities which serve no flag or interests beyond their quarterly profit reports to their shareholders.

And we are rebelling. This stock market crash is more than a tough correction. It is more than some conspiracy by shadow governments. It is also people taking their money out of their enemies pockets. We have been financing the coffers of the enemies of freedom through our greed for wealth, and mis-placed ideas on how to prepare for our retirements. The market crash must happen, for both the defenders of Liberty, and for those who would conspire against our liberty.

Everyday, more people either read on alternative media sites, or watch videos on YouTube, how entities such as the Federal Reserve was really created; and it’s actual intent.  That intent being to control our monetary policy for their own selfish ends. We learn how our own government has been let off the hook for crimes practically since we’ve had government. And we seem uninterested. But are we?

It is of no surprise that many of the blogs and alternative news sources depict the worst case scenario, after all, that is what gets attention. And deservedly so! We have been betrayed, and we are continuing to suffer that betrayal. But there is good news as well.

As a result of all the information which flows fairly unimpeded on the internet, third party candidates are gathering momentum. Lawyers are becoming more vocal. Cries for true justice are beginning to be heard. The Drug War is ending, though not through the efforts of Obama. These are through the efforts of We, the People.  The Democratic Party is just as responsible for all this corruption as the Republican Party. Both parties are funded by the true powers of the old, and quite corrupt, party.

States are taking their power back from the federal governments. There is a movement afoot in more states than one would think for the legalization of marijuana. A movement which I believe plays a factor in the lower price of oil today. However, it is a minor factor among many factors.

Militia groups are even recruiting on the internet via sites such as YouTube and others. The mere fact that they are able to do so speaks volumes about the ability of our government to resist change.  Or even the majority of our government to continue this corrupt system of government. A government of the few over the many. A government of increasingly known intolerance for Truth, Liberty, and Justice for All.

We are becoming increasingly aware that we are all partly responsible for these injustices. That we have all been pawns, willfully ignorant participants of a few venal characters. We are also learning that we can no longer afford to remain wilfully ignorant if we value our lives and our liberties. And so we all change as fast as we are comfortable with the change. Until now.

Now, we have fewer choices. The chess board is set up in the minds of those behind the throne. A set-up that relies on our own participation in order to destroy ourselves. A game that calls upon armed troops in our streets to quell “disturbances” and “civil disorder”. In other words, they demand that we destroy ourselves. I believe we will, and are, refusing that demand.

Even though the mainstream media is disturbingly silent concerning the deployments and exercises of the troops under NorthCom, the alternative media sites are not so silent. My own link was published in a posting entitled “The Black Boots are Here” . Here is that link again. Straight from the Army Times:…..d_090708w/

Note how the article focuses upon techniques learned which are illegal in the United States, and should be illegal anywhere. Only at the end does the editor claim this is not what the unit will practice in the field. The field being on American soil. Against Americans. I don’t think it will take the average reader long to understand just how much manure that blurb contains.

We are a nation in crisis. A world in crisis. Our last election showed how polarized we have become as a people. Though fewer and fewer of us believe either party has our best interests at heart. The “our” being the majority of the world’s citizenry. And so this shadow government prepares the stage so that we will kill off ourselves, while they sit in relative safety. Or so they think.

I believe enough of us have learned we are not alone in our thinking that there is a terrible evil in the world. Not the one we are told about by our governments. The evil we recognize are the bankers and the large corporations and the politicians and judges they have bought.  This knowledge is spread all over the web, and is far too open to be just a coincidence. It is because we have already won. Our outcome is certain because we know our enemy. Our enemy is ourselves.

It is ourselves, because we have to participate in our own destruction for these entities to continue destroying lives, free governments, free trade, and real and honest opportunity for Truth, Liberty, and Justice for All. Without our cooperation, these forces cannot win. Without our willful ignorance they will be destroyed. Without our belief in our lack of power, we have power to be a government of the people again. Peace,

Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

6 responses to “The Internal Revolution

  1. The hard thing about the whole Liberty movement that is being spearheaded in the mainstream by Ron Paul is that all the small government arguments border on conspiracy theory. This makes it really easy for the mainstream media to discredit these arguments, even though they are valid.

    I’m not going to say that 9/11 was an inside job, but I’d like a real explanation of what happened. None of the facts add up to the explanation that was given. Popular Science supposedly discredited all these facts, but their argument was just government propaganda.

    Also, the argument against the Federal Reserve always says “they” created a system. Just using a term like that or “the elite” lets the mainstream media say it’s a conspiracy theory.

    The Liberty movement is really gaining ground in the US. Most of the population is upset about the direction of the country, our foreign wars, our economy or our healthcare system, however they feel helpless and resigned to the fact that it’s “the way it is.” We just need to steer clear of the conspiracy theory tag and people will latch on to it.

  2. While I agree the words “they” and “the elite” are often excuses by the mainstream media to justify their silence on the matter; the truth is that the persons responsible for it’s creation were able to keep their identities secret. At least for the most part. However, they are excuses, not valid reasons. Had we a truly free and independent news media service, their identities would have been rooted out long ago. The same holds true for the 9/11 atrocities as well. Instead, most of the major media services actively encourage these “conspiracy theories” by their very silence on the matters. And how do we expect the people to react when we view videos on Youtube where people had recorded newscasts where the reporters stated that building 7 had collapsed long before it had actually done so. Or how are we supposed to believe our president when crime scenes are covered up without investigation, as happened at the towers, and at the Pentagon? And these are but a few of the areas in which we are forced to either bury our heads in the sand, or come to the conclusion our government is the enemy.
    I too, believe that the Liberty movement is gaining ground, not just in the US, but around the world. But since our government does not believe it is accountable to the people, nor does it prosecute itself for crimes (think of my previous post concerning Iran/Contra trials, where I used the actual footage, which was found on YouTube and covered by Bill Moyers. This being a case of the cocaine smuggling by the CIA, with not just North, but Bush, Sr., and others implicated), then the conspiracy theorists may be the only ones who DO understand what is happening.
    As a result of our government’s unwillingness to allow independent investigations into these allegations, they are confirming these “conspiracy nuts” allegations by default. To speak out against tyranny isn’t easy, for we are often labeled lunatics, and it takes courage to step beyond the blind patriotism that hides the crimes of our nation. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t necessary when one believes it to be the truth. That the media discredits these ideas might be a telling factor in the scope of the conspiracy, more than the validity of it. I least I am comforted by knowing I am not alone in this idea, though I wish I were wrong. Unfortunately, the silence of the accused, by it’s refusal to truly investigate itself, condemns it in the eyes of the world. Peace, Jim

  3. This is great information, I am excited.

  4. I’m glad you enjoyed this post Josh. I truly believe there there is more to be excited about than there is to be frightened of today. We are not living in more dangerous times, but we are merely becoming more aware of how things really are in this world.

  5. Thank you and Happy New Year !

  6. You are very welcome. And may you have a happy New Year as well. Peace, Jim

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