News Flash!

I have just received another email from the Obama-Biden team informing me they are once again open for another round of questions. Here is their link:

While I have little faith in this team, with enough participation we can make the change we want happen. Peace,

Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. – JFK

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  2. So far I have been unable to access the site. Hopefully, this is due to an overloading of the system through citizen initiative, though that seems unlikely. Actually, I am on it now,and have five questions of my own. I will post these questions later. Thanks, Jim

  3. Jim, tell me why you have “little faith in this team.” I understand that a lot of people (myself included, to some degree) think that making any significant changes in the way things are done is an impossible task – we’re not ready to work together enough to effect sweeping reform – but I do think that this administration represents the best opportunity for at least starting that process that we’ve ever had.

  4. Thanks for the info!! 🙂

  5. I agree that this is our best opportunity, but I find it difficult to trust any candidate “electable” in our current election process. Too many sacrifices are made for corporate backing. I promise to answer this question in greater detail in a future post, but at the moment I am presently joining a growing group at the website. In short though, I have little faith in him and his team, but much faith in the American People. Thanks, and my apologies for this short, albeit temporarily so, answer.

  6. Well, I hope all of you have visited the site. You can type in an area of interest, or just start reading the questions as they rotate on by. However, there are a LOT of questions, many are entered so many times it becomes difficult to tell how many forums there really are! One thing is for sure, a lot of people are pissed, and they understand more of what is going on than the government is probably comfortable about. It seems one of the biggest areas is holding bush and co. accountable. Stopping the wars. To include the drug war, and stop bailing out the rich with the poor man’s money. Please, I urge you to partake. This is one of our first real examples of real democracy in action. It is true voting, not the sham we have in our elections. Make it a point to go and stand up like a real citizen.

  7. I question his “team” choices…pretty safe picks for a president promising change and yet some people question others for having “little faith in this team.” ???

    I still have hopes for Obama and real change. BUT I do have little faith in his team. And I am hoping I am not disappointed again in another president

  8. Thanks again Jim for posting great information, I am headed to the link now…

  9. Thanks to all of you who have commented. Tothewire, remember; he did choose this team for a reason. A cabinet choice lets everyone know more about the type of “change” the President is adamant about than any of their campaign promises. Remember, Dubya was for peace in his first campaign, and for respecting state rights. How long did those promises last? Peace, Jim

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