How the Internet Revolution is Being Won

Without any conscious effort whatsoever, a revolution is being waged by every person on the internet. The mere exchange of information, at such rapid speeds is revolutionary in itself. It’s a war of words, of baring our thoughts, our ideas, our hearts to the virtual world. A world that is becoming increasingly interconnected. A world where we are just now beginning to see through the veils of government and beyond each country’s political propaganda machines.

It is a noisy and chaotic world, one without any set rules yet. A world only now becoming awakened as to our abilities to have an impact upon the world. And it will get even noisier and more chaotic in this virtual world before it becomes fully aware of it’s power and it’s potential and, most importantly, it’s sense of accountability and responsibility for all of us.

And yet, it is an individual revolution. Each person, as they become aware of all that is going on around them in this virtual world, branch off into areas that interest them. It may not seem revolutionary to become obsessed with the area they focus on, but it is. For the internet has made it possible for all of us to educate ourselves, and we have just begun this journey.

While there has been many a conspiracy in this world, none have had more dire consequences than the withholding of knowledge from citizens. In America, our educational system leaves most children behind. Yet, they are more than compensated by the education they receive in this virtual world. A world in which governments have not learned how to censor us yet.

Not that our government hasn’t tried to censor the internet. There have been, and are, and will be again, bills in our legislative bodies which have sought to control what information we can access on the internet. Luckily, those that try the hardest to control this information have no clue how to go about it. For now, government is transparent enough for we citizens to see through the lies of government. And we all have had the opportunity to learn what these lies represent.

They represent a fear of change. A fear of an understood, though false, social model that no longer fulfills the needs of most peoples. Our government presently works no better than a buggy whip works on a race car.The internet is bringing the power to the people, and with that power, it is bringing the accountability and responsibility and fate of the people back to We, the People.

Think of all the changes which the internet has given birth to in just the past ten years. It has forced television and newspapers to change in order to survive. Today, far more people read on-line newspapers than the traditional ones. And on-line newspapers often allow discussion columns for the reader to make their own contributions. Contributions which often refute the article being published. This simple process alone is forcing a higher standard among newspapers. At least, if they want to survive in this new world.

It is only beginning to scratch the surface in our medical system. How many of you now have doctors who ask you what your opinion is about your ailment? It’s amazing how many patients have become more informed about their own medical conditions due to the power of the internet. Doctors are no longer gods, they are becoming care providers.

Law enforcement is changing as well. Thanks to the power of the internet, one police beating can be viewed all over the world before police have even had time to clean the crime scene. So, it is working to make this force more accountable to it’s citizenry.

The Drug War is going to end because of the internet. With every citizen just one click away from finding out how this war on drugs is such a colossal waste of money and time, and such an obvious violation and corruption of our human rights around the world, it is doomed. Regardless of how curt and negative a response the Obama-Biden Campaign wants to give. It will be over or their administration will fail. Because the people are tired of being lorded over, we are a freedom loving species, and this war is liberty’s enemy.

The internet has already changed so many aspects of your life, that it would be impossible for me to even know how drastic this change has been in our lives. Our culture. Our government. Our world. And it is only just beginning to awaken. All without conscious thought. Without goals. Without direction. Without violence.

It is not a smooth experience, but more like wrestling. For we are wrestling always with our national conscious, and our individual powers all at the same time, all the time, on this internet. It is beautifully infected with individualism and it’s ability to communicate is generating more of that much needed ingredient missing in our present governmental structures, our economic structures, our religious structures, all of our structures: Compassion.

It will be the development of this beautiful aspect, inherent in all of us, that is the key to our success as a species. Peace,

Rev. Jim Lunsford
First Cannabist Church

The purpose of all the major religious traditions is not to construct big temples on the outside, but to create temples of goodness and compassion inside, in our hearts.

His Holiness The Dalai Lama, “The Good Heart”

4 responses to “How the Internet Revolution is Being Won

  1. Another great post Jim! I do love your writing style and insights!

  2. Thank you very much. My favorite part of writing for my own pleasure is there is no censor-ship of what I write. Unfortunately, there is no money either, but that is better than being forced to write what passes for news in the traditional media outlets. Thanks again, Jim

  3. That was a great read.

  4. Thanks. I only hope I am right. That liberty will win for once. But it will only win if we demand it. Peace, Jim

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