Lessons From Ruby Ridge

Strange that someone like myself, who genuinely hates racism, should stand up for the defense of a white supremacist. But, if you make it through the first clip, then you will find out why. I didn’t really keep up with the Ruby Ridge debacle, I simply didn’t hear that much about it. Television was still all Mainstream, and the local newspapers were less than enlightening.

To be honest, I also did not  want to know these things. Not at this time. I was dealing with my own demons. Though I am not making excuses, only explaining my position at the time, I had already felt that I had not served on the right side  in the United States military. That would be the side promoting our stated American values of Truth, Liberty, and Justice for All. I turned down this opportunity to face the truths of our government.

That truth is, and always has been, that all government is force. That it will exercise as much force as the will of the people is weak enough to allow.  What law enforcement is doing with this kind of gear should serve as a reminder to all of us who serve the cause of Liberty.

One also needs to consider Weaver’s primary criminal life began through entrapment techniques still in use today by law enforcement. Just as in the recent Muslim “terrorist” case at Ft. Dix.  The federal government claims these groups comprise a threat to our nation’s way of life.  This may be true, but I think the federal government is our greatest threat to date.

The federal government simply made another show of force at Ruby Ridge, but one that backfired on them. It demonstrated their incompetence, and the growing resistance against such military tactics and incompetence; not to mention outright unconstitutional actions they demonstrated at Ruby Ridge.

But did they learn their lesson? Obviously not. Everyday, you can buy a newspaper and read of drug raids, terror threats, the bogey man is out there story, all justifying the debasement of our human rights and our Constitution itself. And we still stand idly by, claiming we can’t do anything about it. It makes me wonder just how much this government has to worry about from our spineless citizens. And who would care about such cowards, as us, who are too afraid to stand eye to eye against tyranny?

Today, I would hope that when the next Ruby Ridge atrocity occurs, the neighbors don’t just swear at the police/soldiers/criminals/gangsters murdering our citizens, but they pick up arms and fight back. For that is the one weapon that tyrants fear. Not the guns being wielded, but the courage it takes to fight back an oppressor disguised as authority. I leave you now to judge for yourself the actions at Ruby Ridge.

While I still don’t agree with his racial beliefs, I don’t believe I am alone in his distrust of government.

Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

To be free is a choice we make for ourselves, it’s not something any government can, nor ever would, grant. For government is all that stands between you and freedom.

2 responses to “Lessons From Ruby Ridge

  1. Thank you for posting this. I don’t follow any supremacist mindset myself, but people need to be reminded from time to time, of atrocities that a totalitarian, arrogant, lawless government does with the first step being entrapment.

    As Ruby Ridge went, so went Waco. Let us learn from history, or we are doomed to relive it.

  2. What we have been reliving is the refusal of Americans to stand up to tyranny. Are we this conditioned to obey authority that we will do nothing but shout and call that standing up? Ruby Ridge is repeated in countless drug raids every day in America. The courts are not the solution for if they were, these raids wouldn’t continue. Therefore, the courts are the same as us. And I fall into this category as well. Thanks, Jim

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