Why You Are a Slave

And yes, you are a slave. No man is more a slave than someone who thinks they are free. You are a slave because you are afraid to know the truth. Instead, you trust someone else to make your decisions. Decisions that make or break your life. Your potential realized.

I doubt you’ve heard of this movie, but it is one that everyone should view. At least a dozen times. This movie does a far more elegant version of this truth than I ever could realize. The movie is called “Harrison Bergeron”, and it is based on a short story by Kurt Vonegut. There is enough truth in this movie to offend just about everybody.

This movie, set in the future, looks like our past. A past in the 1950s. A culturally safe period for many Americans. As long as you were white, that is, but I digress. As I said, there is enough truth in this movie to offend everybody. That is the point.

Our hero, Harrison, is far too smart to be dumbed down by the head bands these people wear. All designed to bring us towards “average.” This being in every way. So he was recruited by the “elite ruling class.” We might call them the “Illuminati”.  There he learned that everyone was controlled, and their lack of concerns about questions of responsibility, and potentiality, and the justification that the people shared a  cultural desire  to remain ignorant. But he didn’t buy it.

To make a long story short, he managed to get a large percentage of the television audiance to take off their bands. To look at the truth. To experience life to the fullest. And afterwards, after knowing the truth of what life had to offer, almost everyone put their bands back on. They would rather live a lie than face the truth. And that is why you are a slave today.

The truth is, no one controls you. Except for you. I urge you to go get this movie by any means necessary. Buy it, bittorrent it, whatever: I mean the man’s dead! How could you possibly be cheating him?

Don’t watch it just once. That is just the beginning of your journey. At the end of the journey lies the realization that you are still a slave only because you choose to live a lie, rather than face the truth.

At the end of the movie though, those few individuals who DIDN’T put their bracelets back on, leaves the viewer with the hope that enough people will wake up and embrace the responsibility of facing the truth in their own lives. Don’t give up this opportunity to others. Be all that you can be. If we all viewed life from this perspective, this world would be Paradise.

By the way, Blulyon sent this link to the movie. Enjoy:

Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

Happy Holidays to All, and a Free New Year!

10 responses to “Why You Are a Slave

  1. Blue Collar Manifesto,
    Harrison Bergeron is an awesome story, great post. It’s amazing how pertinent science fiction continues to be in our “brave new world.”
    BTW, thanks for the add to your blogroll, I’m adding your site to my link list now.

  2. Thank you Aleister, Harrison Bergeron is one of my favorite movies. Apparently it was censored in the United States for a long time. Until recently, you couldn’t buy the movie in the states. After watching it, it is easy to understand why. Thanks again, Jim

  3. The Piano Player, also by KURT VONNEGUT Jr., is far more closer to our future perspectives … a very interesting story in which an engineer and a catholic priest band together to overthrow the society of engineers … a great story.

  4. Thanks. I am off to go find this movie now. If I do find a web site, I will post it’s address on this page. Thanks again, Jim

  5. Sorry folks … mixed things up a bit … it’s The Player Piano …

  6. Thanks. That could explain why I was having so much trouble finding it! lol Also, right now, I am watching Slaughterhouse Five. It seems equally compelling. Peace, Jim

  7. It hasn’t been made into a film … although it could be a great film … and here’s another one … ‘A Chanticle for Leibowitz’ … also a great story … from an atomic holocaust to another …

  8. So many great books, so little time! Thanks, Jim

  9. Thanks. I have the disc myself, but that link is going up on the post itself. Thanks again, JIm

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