While Bush and Obama Fiddle around….

States are taking back their rights. And why shouldn’t they? After all, it’s not as if the federal government is going to be able to afford to continue giving them their monies, from the state’s citizens no less, in order to force federalist views upon the states. And how do I make this inference?

From the states themselves. During the election of Obama, two other measures were on state ballots. These measures both received a much higher percentage of yes voters than either candidate, and crossed party lines with no problem whatsoever. These measures were closely aligned with the most popular question onObama’s initial question section on his site, http://change.gov.  And this questioned supported  by the people?

In a word, this question called for the full legalization of marijuana. An end to the horrible War Against Human Rights, or the Drug War as it’s proponents prefer to call this atrocity.  Here is the question in it’s entirety:

“Will you consider legalizing marijuana so that the government can regulate it, tax it, put age limits on it, and create millions of new jobs and create a billion dollar industry right here in the U.S.?” S. Man,Denton

This was the most popular question on his questions for his new administration. Despite it’s popular support, some 98% in favor of this legalization, it was the fourth answered. Though his answer was a quite curt and authoritarian no. But does the federal government matter? I think not.

I think the fact that the two citizen measures, which passed the same night he was elected at a higher approval rate among the voters, tell who is taking back the country. The states, and most importantly; the citizens of these states. Michigan passed by an overwhelming majority a Medical Marijuana program despite intense pressure by those groups who make their fortunes off of this prohibition. The police, prison,  prosecution, pharmaceutical, oil, and even alcohol and tobacco  industries.

Massachusetts, also passed a citizen backed referendum, with the same industries opposing the measure. Theirs made marijuana enforcement effectively null and void. At least for possession of minor amounts.

The past few days have also included new legislation practically flowing through the New Jersey legislation concerning medical marijuana. The governor practically insisted on it’s passage before it made it out of the legislative bodies. These are the states recognizing the inability of the Federal government to control them through finances anymore. It is freedom for all, through the federal governments seeming incompetence. In other words, a conspiracy was averted.

This is not just some wild-eyed conspiratorial scream, though if you had visited my blog post on the Iran/Contra affair (entitled: Back when the Mainstream Media Wasn’t Bought Out Completely), or my post “American Drug War: The Last White Hope,” you would know this. If you haven’t visited these posts, and doubt my claims, I urge you to visit them and then make your decision. They rely on testimony , often from the older mainstream media, from such diverse figures as Oliver North, George Bush, Sr., and even old Reagan. But, I digress.

Many other states are considering the legalization of Marijuana, and indeed it seems as if we are about to break the 25% barrier in it’s legalization in states to some degree of it’s use. This in a country where it is quite legal to advertise pills that create a host of severe, and life-threatening, illnesses in order to rid ourselves of yellow toe-nails. Something I am quite comfortable in living with, especially when the alternative seems to be quite dangerous. Which would be these  government approved poisons for profits.

Many hardworking and honest police officers,  prosecutors, judges and prison guards back these measures, but the official line has always been a zero tolerance approach which has wrecked our constitution, our economy, and our very right to life itself. But now, we find the state governments weaning themselves off of the federal government’s teats. Their drug war funding is going to go away in favor of revenue from the legalization of Marijuana.

Texas has been attempting to rid itself of these drug laws, simply because they can no longer afford to uphold them. They will sink their own economy if they continue this insanity and they are beginning to wake up to the fact that the war itself is far more destructive to the people and our freedom than any drug known to man.

How many other states will follow suit? How large a percentage of the population will insist they live in a free society? States understand the popular will and it’s growing strength and the truth inherent in our movement; mainly being the drug war is a war AGAINST all human rights, and is pushed the hardest by it’s biggest violators: The Government itself. As I said, go visit those two posts I mentioned earlier  before you get all worked up on this matter of government corruption.

Personally, I don’t think it matters what the President does, or doesn’t do. Not anymore. As a nation, I believe we are starting to wake up to the fact that We, the People, are the government. And we are taking it back from the corruption of the traitors who have worked so hard to tear apart our Constitution for their own selfish ends.

I could go on, but I predict there will be more of these movements in the near future. With a government unable to hide it’s atrocities, committed in the name of unquenchable greed and alcoholic-like craving for power over all of us, the states are recognizing the trend in this shift of power. A shift from federalism, to personal accountability and responsibility. A shift that guarantees our freedom lies in our hands. Not some secret shadow government of bankers and corporations. We are winning the revolution. Now is the time to press on with renewed vigor and determination. Peace,

Rev. Jim Lunsford
First Cannabist Church

Your rights are my rights, and vice-versa.

10 responses to “While Bush and Obama Fiddle around….

  1. I still haven’t decided how I feel about the legalization of marijauana. While I understand the benefits of decriminalization (I think I learned the most about that from a couple of West Wing episodes), I think my concern stems from the fact that I don’t trust people to use the stuff responsibly (much like I don’t trust people to drink responsibly). I know that federal regulation isn’t the answer, but I don’t know what is…

  2. Actually, the reason it is illegal is because it is healthy. Strange to say, but with our sick government model, it makes way too much sense. On the issue of trusting someone else to make responsible decisions for themselves, especially decisions which harm no one but themselves, who would be that someone else? A president whose former president father was directly implicated in drug smuggling? And that president’s father was found guilty of money laundering for the Nazis? And I believe it was his dad, but might be his grandfather, who made his fortune in the illegal opium smuggling trade. These are the people who make the case against marijuana. They also happen to hold major (as in own and are owned through campaign financing) positions in pharmaceutical companies. There is a reason for the push for legalization of marijuana; it is for our health, for our energy policies, for our textile policies, environmental, food, etc. Basically, if oil can do it, Marijuana can do it as well. But without the deadly pollutants and other horrific side-effects. The major side effect of marijuana is getting arrested, not dying. Not becoming a “crazed drug addict,” or whatever lie is next thrown out there. And isn’t it interesting how the same people who tell you that marijuana is bad are the same ones who profit off it’s continued illegality? Sorry, I tend to go off on a rant on this subject. Besides, the obvious destruction of our human rights, this drug war is a crime against all humanity, all over a miracle drug. A drug which Dr. Francis Young of the DEA once called the most benign substance in the world. A drug promoted by Dr. Frick (discoverer of the triple-helix DNA strand, while stoned), Car Sagan, and even Mark Twain, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Ben Franklin. Modern studies, free from the government interference, all demonstrate it has amazing potential and so on.
    Yet, while we worry about marijuana’s effect on our kids, we fill them full of pharmaceutical grade crystal meth, we just call it Ritalin. And so on, and on, and on. It seems that anything the government is telling you is false. So, besides the individual them self, who else is the best person to judge what is good for them? I obviously believe in the Jeffersonian line of thought that for anyone to dictate to me what I can or cannot ingest is tyranny. Sorry, and thanks for your kind comments. Peace, Jim

  3. I apologize if it appears I may have come on too strong, Mrs. Chili. I do value your comments and hope you continue to offer your opinion freely as well. Thanks and sorry, again, Jim

  4. It would be interesting to see what changes would take place if marijuana were legalized. If things went South and the legalization of marijuana was found to be detrimental, they could always make it illegal again.

    Marijuana is everywhere already, along with many other drugs, so I don’t see how making it legal and legitimizing it as revenue could hurt.

  5. Yes, but what about all the money that would be lost by the prison industry? Wouldn’t they go broke if we legalized it? lol or it would be if so many weren’t in jail for choosing a joint over a beer. Or over an over=priced and under-performing pharmaceutical pill. Peace, Jim

  6. Very well written and truthful article Jim. I just started a thread on http://www.dedicatedtocannabis.org, asking people what the Alcohol Industry has to loose if marijuana were made legal. After all they have a monopoly on the ‘Adult Mood Altering Market.’ Every industry you mentioned does have lots to loose if marijuana were legalized. I suffer from gastroparesis (paralyzed stomach) which results in extreme chronic nausea , vomiting and wasting syndrome. Inhaled marijuana is the only safe, efficient and effective drug that controls chronic nausea with absolutely no toxic effects. The fact that marijuana is a soft drug and in great demand for medical and personal use proves it would be financial suicide not to legalize marijuana, at the medical level at the very least. Reglan/Metoclopramide is the most commony prescribed drug for my condition. When my Dr handed me the ‘script he said, “Do not take Reglan on a regular basis for it causes Irreversible Parkinson like shakes and tremors. This is not only legal but prescribed. Sorry folks but I refuse to risk the chance of developing a nervous disorder in order to not break an archaic, cruel and sadisctically insane law. I am a Medical Marijuana patient willing to risk arrest, prosecution, imprisonment, loss of benefits and forfeiture of property and money to safely and effectively control the waves of nausea I surf from mild to severe every hour of every day. I have been on Marinol for years. At best it is an extremely expensive placebo. Marinol cannot even be compared to whole cannabis when it comes to safe and effective results in controlling chronic nausea and vomiting. I have to do what Sen Gordon Howie (R-SD) says, “If you need marijuana go out and get it. If it is illegal just deal with it.” What a jerk, here we have a Senator from South Dakota telling people to break the law and to hell with the consequences. Does he actually think this is better than legalizing marijuana? This man, along with Sen Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Rep. Mark Souder (R-IND) who think medical marijuana is an oxymoron. Truth is they are just morons…Peace

  7. Thank you Jeff, I appreciate your courage in risking imprisonment for speaking up for all of our human rights. An imprisonment which would no doubt subject you to taking just that medication which would create life-long, and life-threatening medical problems. Strange how the government labels poisons as medicine, and medicines as poisons. Just what sort of message does that send to our children? I think the right one. Namely, our government is not to be trusted. Fortunately, more and more Americans are waking up to this sad fact. Thanks again, Jeff. Peace and freedom, Jim

  8. I really am not in a position (legally) to give a comment on this subject. But great post Jim and keep up the GOOD work!

  9. comment on making marijuana legal, no not with your case load right now tothewire hehehe

    marijuana is one of the most benign substance in the world! If alcohol is legal, and it is…it is stupid to keep marijuana illegal! i can’t believe the american public actually buys into the whole “it’s a doorway into hard core drugs” shit.

  10. To To The Wire and Lawman, thanks. Both of you have helped to give me the confidence that what I am doing is worthwhile. Thanks again, Jim

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