Justice in a Whorehouse

I remember this line from the movie, Primal Fear. While most of us have had some sort of courtroom experience, either as a defendant, plaintiff, juror, or just observer, how many of us feel that justice is served in a courtroom today. If you read this blog, then I doubt you see much justice in a courtroom, and that is sad to me.
One thing the federal judicial system has been attempting to eradicate is this notion of jury nullification. Especially in drug cases. Drug cases in which these very laws that have been instrumental in destroying our human rights can be shot down by the jurors.

I also have to admit I have been waiting for an opportunity to promote Ron Paul. I’ve found some dissenters, but none for reasons that point towards corruption, or towards encouraging the very type of government I am railing against with many of my fellow bloggers.

I do want to point out that in this first video, you will hear a section in which they describe how laws get passed through a very busy congress. Let us not forget how our local governments act as well. Do they uphold the Constitution, or are your local officials corrupt, inept, politically motivated in their actions, or is the government where the most incompetent come to serve. A sort of welfare system. One where those who were unable to educate themselves in our dismal education system, are now screwing up your local politics.

But I digress. Please watch these videos. If you like them, they are on YouTube. Discuss them with your friends. Think of the power this idea hands to the everyday citizen who is picked for jury duty. A duty that would be an honor to fulfill if juries had the training espoused in these videos. I leave the rest to you.

May you all enjoy your friends and family during this holiday season. Peace,

Rev. Jim Lunsford
First Cannabist Church

Let the spirit of compassion and justice for all guide all your actions.

15 responses to “Justice in a Whorehouse

  1. Hi, Jim! It’s Chili! I just wanted you to know that I’m here, and that I’m reading. I don’t have time to watch videos today (I’ve got ten people to feed for christmas dinner tomorrow, so I’m busy, busy!) but I wanted you to know that I found my way here and I’m looking forward to hanging around!

    Happy holidays!


  2. you could say i know a little about the law, and have seen my share of courtrooms. still yet this is just my humble opinion … seldom is there real justice in a courtroom. there was a time when i believed in the justice system as it stands.now i work hard to bring change to the very system i thought didn’t need any.our justice system is BROKEN.we the people need to keep lobbying for change,although i doubt that a lone is enough to bring real change when the nation as a whole are asleep at the wheel. sleeping while loved ones are being hurt or killed by people who deserve nothing less than DEATH. why should we the people keep flippin the bill for these people to eat and sleep in a bed, while our loved ones lay in a cold grave.why should we the people keep flippin the bill for child molesters to get paid free legal counsel provided by each state via we the people?
    of course i would just about be disbared for voicing my thoughts out loud! LOL

    solemnly swear to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United
    States” is a commitment under oath
    taken by all attorneys in the United states both in their local Bar
    Associations, the State Courts and the Federal Courts in order to be
    admitted to the practice of law in those courts.

  3. damn it! who is chili?? chili always sounds hot to me…lol

  4. Yet, today, as
    millions of Americans realize, the Constitution is in deed in
    jeopardy and being violated on a daily basis. If we ask for the
    reason of this sad state of affairs, the only obvious conclusion we
    come to is that there is no money in
    it! Wow! “I
    pledge to protect and defend the Constitution”
    under breath, “
    only if there is money in it!”
    So what value has the Constitution if it can only be protected if
    there is money it?

    Problem is that
    the average attorney taking the oath will never in his/her lifetime
    be in a position to “protect and defend” due simply to the fact
    that by and large the mandatory inescapable obligation falls upon the
    shoulders of those who are elected or appointed to legislative,
    judicial and executive powers. The average attorney has no power
    beyond recommending or suggesting to those in appropriate positions
    that attention be given to this or that issue as to it’s
    constitutionality. I would argue that any attorney having taken the
    oath has a minimum duty to so recommend to any appropriate agency
    that constitutional issues are at hand and need attention. Failure
    to do that of course would not rise to the level of malfeasance
    burdening those who have the duty and are in a position to something
    about it yet willfully and wantonly look the other way or may indeed
    be a party to acts dismantling the Constitution.

    This latter
    group are those in the Congress both Senate and house who think that
    they have been given some political immunity by way of election to
    look upon the sworn obligation to protect and defend as no more than
    a political option to be , “On the table” or, “off the table”.

    More obvious
    are individuals within the Department of Justice (DOJ) who fail to
    certify the Constitutionality of measures passed by the Congress or
    of proposed legislation by staff attorneys of the White House. Even
    more deeply incriminated are those attorneys who draft executive
    orders for the president which clearly violate the Constitution.

    On the fringe
    are attorneys who draft opinions for members of the judiciary which
    also clearly obstruct and destroy constitutional protections.

    Additionally US
    attorneys in the various districts who enforce any laws passed by the
    Congress or executive orders of the president which are
    unconstitutional and therefore illegal are violating their oath. For
    they as an attorney member of a bar association, with the knowledge
    and training required to become an oath swearing member of the bar,
    need not wait for judicial determination of the unconstitutionality
    of any act before the duty to protect and defend arises within
    his/her obligation. If it comes down to enforce or job loss, the
    sworn obligation must take precedent.

  5. No attorney has the option of remaining silent on the issue of the

    We the People of the United States need to rise up en mass and demand that disciplinary committees of bar associations around the country
    summon their designated bar members to a hearing on the issue of
    continued bar membership for failure to discharge their sworn oath.

  6. damn tothewire i was trying to keep it lite…lol

  7. Yes, and thank you I didn’t leave credit there did I?

  8. that’s ok baby, we are both tired. let’s go make cavebabies and go to sleep and then awake and give each other each other for x-mas! hehehe

  9. nite there jim!this post is what we are all about and we were both very happy to see it here!

    hey man, keep up the great work here!

  10. Yes, Jim
    do keep up
    the great work you do here!
    We do love

  11. Lawman, please SHUT DOWN my lap top before you come to bed brat!

  12. or will
    that mess with your mojo?

  13. shuttin’ it down now. mojo intact! hehehe

  14. Wow. There sure was a lot of reading in my little post this morning! Thanks to everyone. Lawman, I have not only visited that site, but have added it to my blogroll. Excellent post. Thanks again, and Merry Christmas and a Free New Year to All, Jim

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