Waco Revisited

I remember when Waco happened, though I was so horrified by the idea of tanks, and AC-130’s on American soil, against Americans, that I couldn’t bring myself to watch it. I’d just dedicated the previous ten years to fighting, I thought anyway, just that sort of action which we were told was only to be found in Communist countries.
My father did watch it, and became enraged at our government. I believe it was a turning point in his life, his understanding that something was terribly wrong with this country. I believe this country will survive this police state mentality, and restore Truth, Liberty, and Justice for All as our guiding principles, but it will take an active and vigilant citizenry for this to happen.
But, as the character Edward Finch in Network said, “First, you’ve got to get mad as hell”. What we’ve done in this country is become complacent. We’ve ceased to believe in the one thing that has kept our country free for all to see; we’ve ceased to believe in the power of the individual.
However, truth has a habit of coming back to haunt us and to inspire us. And the truth is, though we’ve lost that belief, we are beginning to find it a principle worthy of resurrection on a national, or even global, level. It is a belief that created this country. It is a belief that has been the cornerstone of every great and horrible event in our history. But now, let us view this preview of what we will experience if we do not learn from this fall from a nation believing in individualism and freedom to a nation stinking of fear and totalitarianism. I would say enjoy, but this is not pleasant.

Rev. Jim Lunsford
First Cannabist Church

Freedom lives in the heart of the fearless and just

5 responses to “Waco Revisited

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  2. Great post. You may also be interested to read this Op-Ed which compares Waco to America’s Kristallnacht…when will we ever learn?

    “Op-Ed: Is America a Fascist Nation?”

    Waco should have been every good American’s wake up call. Luckily, people like yourself and your father heard that call. Now, we must wake up the others before it’s too late!

    Best Regards,

    Tiger Haynes

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  4. now this is one hell of a good post!

  5. Thanks. It is certainly empowering to wake up to such comments as these. Jim

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