This New Amerika

This new Amerika frightens me. We have become a nation so indoctrinated to fear everything and anything. Reading the comments on the Buzz section of Yahoo!, as they discuss the trial of some citizens who were supposedly “thinking” of attacking soldiers in Ft. Dix, is more frightening to me than any actual terror attack.
Even on the surface, the investigation reeks of the MaCarthy Red-Scare era, a time when people were set up and black-listed for “suspected” Communist sympathies. Paid informants, who were illegal aliens, and who purchased the materials the defendants were accused of conspiring to use, though no plan was actually in place, is such a ludicrous scenario in a true court of Justice. Yet, it is being taken seriously in this sham of a judicial system we have in modern Amerika.
It reeks of entrapment. It reeks of fear-mongering in order to further this government’s desire to strip away the last of our Civil Rights at our own insistence. I feel sick after reading the hate-filled responses on the message board. I feel sicker knowing how this anger is nothing but a thin veil covering their fear. Their fear of ghosts that do not exist. Of the bogeyman called terrorism.
I am tired of living in such a cowardly country, but I am not leaving. This is my birthplace, and if these people would give up on the Constitution because of a little fear and demand their rights be stripped away for some non-existent refuge of safety, then perhaps they can go somewhere else. Though I believe they already live in a hell of their own fear. A fear that a tyrannical mindset is carefully cultivating.
Please people, do not give in to knee-jerk reactionary fear. Use your head when you are told to be afraid. What is there to be afraid of anyway? There is nothing to fear, but fear itself. It is through this fear which has been cultivated in our lives and has created terrible monsters against freedom right here in our own backyard.
I’m not talking about some “domestic terror” threat. No, I am talking about our own government. A government which has passed legislation creating the perfect environment for the police state which Amerika has become today.

Rev. Jim Lunsford
First Cannabist Church
Fear is the greatest enemy of Liberty

15 responses to “This New Amerika

  1. Right you are. Masses can easily become controlled by fear. The fear of terrorism, the fear of a financial crisis, the fear of war, drugs, death. Pretty much anything.

    People are strong when they KNOW. When they’re controlled by fear they’re easily influenced by any one who finds an answer. Even if that answer is false. This shows how vulnerable and easily manipulated our nation(and I mean Canada also, where I live) is when fear is introduced into the game.

    It’s a sad. People need to wake up. Seriously.

    I’m afraid also, not of terrorism, but for the people. What will happen to them if this ever goes to far?

  2. “these people would give up on the Constitution because of a little fear and demand their rights be stripped away for some non-existent refuge of safety”

    I feel the same but I do not share in utter bleak outlook on America. I think we got a chance, maybe not a good one but a chance all the same. It’ll take a lot of work and I don’t know if we as a people are up to it. Baby steps is my mantra.

  3. Out of curiousity, why the ‘K’ in AmeriKa, anything symbolic beyond just being attention grabbing?

  4. i agree. the religious right wing controls the masses with fear. this post inspired my favorite saying i usually save for my in-laws or anyone discussing separation of church and state… i live in a country that is slowly but inexorably being taken over by religious believers; worse, since religions by definition are totalitarian in nature, we all will lose precious freedoms that many died to protect.

  5. as you are on my subject.

    & nice post.

    no peace.

  6. There is always an opportunity for peace, though we have normally shot it’s messenger. Peace and thanks, Jim

  7. In this one, I am railing against the religious right, though it is not christianity, but mere ignorant hatred under the cloak of religion. Ignorant superstition (not the religion itself, but it’s hateful followers) that has no love in it’s heart. But, the left is no different in it’s violence: After all, those Marxists always called for violent overthrow of governments. Thanks, Jim

  8. Jesse, the ‘K’ is there because of all the numerous titles I’ve seen depicting an “Amerika” whenever they discuss the nazification of America. That is what our country is becoming, a hate-filled fascist police state. We are already suffering the effects of corporatism, a country where the short term bottom line of Chrysler is more important than the short and long term needs of the country.

  9. To Clinton, it is a terrible thing when people become so fear-ridden. That is the prelude to defeat. Fear is our greatest enemy and should always be fought on every front. I believe the natural state of people is compassionate love. A love that doesn’t seem to be present in much of our lives anymore. A love that is purposely suppressed by this corporate government. And a love that must rise again if we are to become a free country once again. Or a love that must be defeated before we are defeated. It is this compassionate love that spread the liberty we once espoused throughout the world, and it is it’s lack of love that is spreading the world’s condemnation of us. Thank you, Jim

  10. To Eric, this post is not an “utterly bleak outlook,” but a condemnation of the state of being we have allowed to be grown in our hearts. At every chance, we have allowed ourselves to be led into a state of fear. It is not an accident, but the most horrible of conspiracies. And we can, and must, defeat this state of fear if we are to emerge victorious. Victory is liberty, and Justice for all. Not just Americans, but everyone in the world.
    To walkndude, Thanks. We are all brothers-in-arms in this epic battle of Love vs. Fear. I say fear, because it is fear which lays in the shadows behind hate. Thanks to all of you for your comments. Your comments prove there is some compassionate love left in our country. A love that is worth standing up for, especially in these dark times. Peace, Jim

  11. You could say that I left the US for exactly the types of reasons you are talking about. When I saw the evidence that Bush had stolen both elections, saw how incompetent he was as a President, and saw the people just putting their heads in the sand and believing by pure will alone that it just wasn’t so, I left in March, 2005. Now, because Obama won, I am likely to return when my present 5-year Visa to the UK runs out. However, there is one thing that absolutely must be in place or I, as a 58-year-old, will not feel safe to return, and that is a decent universal healthcare system.

  12. Unfortunately, Obama just talks change. Every single one of his cabinet choices (excepting the possible inclusion of Richardson) are just as orientated towards a police state. All they did was polish the turd that our government has come to represent. There is no change, it’s going to be even worse. I am not leaving though because I believe in making a stand somewhere, and this is MY country these bankers have stolen. I believe it will not be ours again until we all take it back. Thanks, Jim

  13. Great post here! I can’t stress enough how important the separation of Church and State is. We need less government, not more government control. AND being an atheist I say LESS pandering to the right wing conservative christian base by our polititions. ANYWHO that’s a bit more than my 2 cents worth… so I will not keep on with my sleepless rant! lol

  14. That was hardly a sleepless rant lawman. Unlike our court system, which demands the the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, in a simple yes or no format to questions designed to guide the answer; I find truth to be much more evasive and difficult to voice in just a few words. Though I am not an atheist, I am also not religious. After all, what could some mere speck of carbon as the whole of humanity know of what God is? Religion is a government and governments are all oppressive and corrupt. Thank you again for your comments. I am so glad you are finally able to comment here. Thanks, Jim

  15. Lawman was wrong, I did like this post and who could really discredit the FACTS that our government has taken on the US much like Hitler and his calling Germany his children.

    Merry Christmas Jim!

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