Network – 1976

Just thought I would share this landmark video with all of you.  Many of you have seen scenes of it referenced in various videos and web-sites. I thought I would bring the entire video for your viewing pleasure. It brings out very important questions about our modern culture. Enjoy.  For some reason, I am unable to post it as a normal video. I don’t know if this is a Google thing or not. But the movie can be found on the google site.  Since embedding it did not work, I posted this link instead. Thanks Susan, Jim

Just type in Network 1976 once you get there, and the movie should come up.  Even typing in a direct link did not work. Strange.

Here is another link:

Thank you walkndude for the above link.

Here is the Google video link again. From there, just type in Network 1976 to get the movie. I apologize for my inability to utilize the new upgrades in WordPress properly. I will attempt to be a bit more competent on future posts. Thanks, Jim


Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

Where do you get your truth from?

8 responses to “Network – 1976

  1. All I saw was code. That’s pretty annoying. Better to just ave a link than display the code. Good luck.

  2. Since the wordpress “upgrade”, when you are writing your post, you have to click on the link to add video, then click on the “from URL” then paste it into the URL line.

  3. Thanks! I’ll do that now.

  4. Okay, I am going to have to do this later. I think the link will do for now though. At least people can just click on the link. Thanks for the advice though, girldujour. Not that I’m trying to be a typical male and not ask for directions, just I get lost rather easily sometimes by the easiest things on the internet. Thanks again, Jim

  5. Okay, I managed to screw it all up. On top of that the link I do have shuts off the movie when it only has about twenty minutes left. I will now try an place a link back into the post for the Google link. I appreciate everyone’s patience for my obvious incompetence on this aspect of blogging. Thanks, Jim

  6. Don’t feel bad, the WordPress “upgrade” has also disabled the poll daddy function, at least insofar in that the text for the polls appear but the fuctionality of the poll itself does not.

    Annoying, but when you do not pay, it makes it difficult to complain. 🙂

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