The Internet Revolution

The internet has really grown since I first had access to it in 1992. It’s a completely different medium from that point in time. I believe I had a 1400 baud modem, and no picture capability. Just the old green screen.

Now, my wireless has the typical 5-54 Mega Baud rate, and so many features that weren’t even thought of a mere 17 years ago. Or even the 10 years (approx) since photography and video were available to the general public.

It has grown from a medium in which it was ridiculed by college professors, to one in which they now embrace as a tool to reach more students. More minds. One in which the traditional media’s stranglehold on information is being loosened at an incredibly high  and exponential rate. It is driven by a youth more learned in it’s use and application than those individuals who are the foundations of our modern society. And it frightens the prevailing power structures in all aspects of our global society. It challenges the status quo, and dismembers it at every opportunity.

It is a viral growth, no center, no edge, just an endless out-growth of seemingly patternless avenues of information. And mis-information. Yet, the abundance of information accessible through powerful search engines helps to ensure some accuracy, by self-check through other sources on the internet and traditional primary resources, and encourages far greater changes in how we view events.  This is part of why the dominant sources of information remain afraid of the internet. An internet dominated by traditionally rebellious youth.

Yet, these new pioneers are not as prone to violence as the traditional sources of communication’s owners have demonstrated themselves in their government models they’ve (and I mean we in the sense that all of us have encouraged their stranglehold on information by using them and validating them) lorded over the population. Just look at the condemnation of policies which kill or otherwise destroy hundreds of millions of lives. It is a peaceful revolution. Perhaps the first in history. A revolution with teenagers at it’s helm; if it were to actually have any one person guiding it. It is a marvelous revolution.

It is a revolution which has brought the dark world of  corruption and greed to the fore-front of the news. Not the traditional media, though they are slowly catching on, but the news that an ever-increasing segment of the population is accessing. It is toppling regimes as we speak; regimes built upon censorship and tyranny. Regimes which control virtually every nation on earth.

When one looks at the amount of input on the Obama administration’s website, one might be inclined to think the internet population, comprised mostly of the youth of today, as being apathetic to politics. This is clearly not the case, and takes little effort to prove by the abundance of web-sites devoted to politics of all sorts. It is instead, a measure of how irrelevant this government model has become to the majority of the population.

We are entering a depression, one in which our currency is collapsing. One in which government is attempting to extend it’s tentacles into every aspect of our lives. One in which the traditional methods of government are viewed as irrelevant, at best. At worst, it is viewed as tyrannical. Most appear to believe the worst. And for good reason. It is.

Soon, the internet should develop an awareness of it’s own power. A power that can end tyranny of the majority by a minority. A minority motivated by an unquenchable thirst for money and power. A minority which is finally being uncovered by the seemingly infinite peeks into the hows and whys of government and it’s effects upon our individual quests for knowledge, self-rule, and peace.

The introduction of the Gutenberg printing press in Europe, in 1450, took 300 years to produce the Age of Revolutions. It appears that we are going to have the same effect in under twenty years with the internet. As long as we can keep the lines of communication open, it should be a peaceful revolution. However, government has consistently attacked keeping these lines of communication open. Government has consistently acted in a self-destructive manner in it’s approach to this medium. It is afraid, and rightly so.

Our government has consistently abused each and every power it has granted itself. That is the nature of all governments. It is no less true now, than when the founding fathers wrote the Constitution. However, it is far more difficult for the people to remain unaware of the abuses of government. At least when it comes to the youth of America. My generation, I am 48, and those before me, are much easier to fool. But we are passing on. The youth are just coming onto their own. I have great hope they will create a far more liberating government model than we have.

This form of government we presently subscribe to is falling. It’s indifference to the needs of the common person is being met with indifference by the common person. It has become irrelevent to the youth of today. It’s laws despised and ignored. Totaltarianism is being rejected and fought on countless web-sites. And it’s fast becoming aware of it’s own poewr.

Once this power reaches conscious awareness among a certain percentage of it’s users, we will witness, and become part of, multiple paradign shifts in our approach to government. Models unknown or unworkable in the past, will rise and fall with speeds resembling the chaos feared by the previous generations of governments and it’s victims. The victims being a government’s citizens. These should be interesting times indeed.

Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

Ultimately, it is up to each person to save themselves. And the world as well. We are all responsible and accountable. How will your actions be judged?

13 responses to “The Internet Revolution

  1. very interesting ! It seems to echo my thoughts. See my blog Modern Times in Mudshires at

  2. I not only read it, but am in the process of creating a post in which the people can see just how large our army of bloggers really has become. Imagine if we all got together? We will, unless the internet is shut down as the government has tried in the past. And those changes will be far beyond anything I can imagine at present. These are exciting times indeed! Peace, Jim


    Actually, on reflection, your article quite excites me as I really feel I want to fight back against all the nonsense I have both experienced, and seen other people suffer first hand, and observed third hand.

    Also it appalls me how government resources are utterly squandered while disease, poverty, general misery etc increases almost everywhere – including the most privileged nations.

    What about organising some kind of meaningful focus for this revolution to make it happen ? Because it may be that things are becoming a bit dangerously critical as third World Governments become more demanding, more able to meet others on more equal terms and so on.

    The possibility of another bloody World war with exceptionally destructive weapons is increasing with exponential speed.

    Even without that awful eventuality (which is a near certainty if you consider psychology very, very carefully) we have what seems to be the possibility of fast and destructive climate change due to our complete inability to manage human civilisation in a reasonable, intelligent way.

    This is why we need this revolution as soon as possible before anything really nasty happens !

    Fast internet communication connecting all individuals on the Globe is the key to much more sensible decision making and intelligent, more stable government, leading inevitably to one cooperative World Government.

    This is the alternative to endless international squabbling about almost everything, and inevitably, wars, both small (as at present) and larger in the form of deadly World wide war.

    I suppose I would have been a stand in for Trotsky or Lenin back in the days of the Worker’s Revolution. But it is unfortunate they didn’t understand how to re-organise government properly in those times and just replaced a repressive government by landed aristocrats with an even more repressive style of government by a bunch of amateurs with no idea of how to govern at all.

    Maybe leaving all the aristos in charge might really have been better if you think about it. But right now it is essential to get away from government by vested interests, disguised but even more selfish modern style aristos in the form of wealth, and corrupt self seekers on the make who don’t care how many lives they destroy in the process !

    Just look what the bankers have done recently to Word wide trade and tens of millions of lives !

    They are indisputably, single handedly, responsible for destroying the World wide economy, putting millions into poverty.

    It was they and they alone who managed the supply of money and it was they alone who were responsible for the integrity of that money.

    This integrity of the money supply can only have been destroyed by the greed obsessed banking community, because no other group of people had the ability to manipulate the money supply in any way, other than the banks.

    It is an inescapable fact that if the banks had chosen to behave differently to the way they did behave, the money supply could have remained stable and there would have been no World wide financial crisis.

    Ergo, the banks control the entire money supply; but are an ignorant bunch of corrupt, self seeking, greedy bastards pulling the strings of every government everywhere entirely for their own ends , with a callous disregard of the consequences.

  4. Wow! I cannot tell you how happy I am to have inspired such passion in another being! As far as bringing focus to such a revolution, I am presently going through every blog I can find on WordPress and am going to try and use them to let the world know this is our army. Thanks again, and spread the word; the revolution is now, and we can all help ensure it is peaceful with our own vigilance and determination and yes, that one word so often corrupted by false religious leaders (not necessarily the religions themselves, but the leaders themselves). That word is FAITH. Thanks again, Jim



  7. Jim I have to say this is a wonderful post. I don’t find myself excited at the prospect, but I do feel comfort in knowing who’s hands my future shall always remain in. I don’t know what is in my future maybe poverty, or loss of family or friends. I do know this life here is just a blink of an eye compared to eternity…

  8. by the way, has lawman found a way to post here yet? lol

  9. kathy (kayms91)

    A great post! The majority will finally rule and the government will be more transparent because of this latest ‘miracle’ invention.

  10. It’s crazy to think that this was initially an invention for the purposes of military intelligence (not merely academic musings). It’s like a Pandora’s Box, once it was opened up and got out it can’t be put back and the government hates that.

    The biggest threat to atomization is the ability of mass groups of people to share ideas and realize that they actually think along similar lines and want the similar things, when that happens the TINA society is threatened.

    The internet is still dominated by entrepreneurs and porn as yet, but the sections devoted to freedom grow stronger and more intertwined every day.

    Cool post man!

  11. Thank you all for your comments! I would like to remind all of you however, that we, by our individual and group actions, determine our future. If we do not insist on change, but merely cheer it on, then we are not activists, but pawns of someone else’s desire. I urge all of you to spread this word, not just my opinion, but all of your opinons, to as large an audience as you can muster. Thanks again.

    And tothewire, lawman finally was able to post today. Thanks again, Jim

  12. Darn lawman! He never shuts my computer down when he is finished using it…

    I have posted a link to this post on our debate page. And you are right, we shouldn’t be the pawns. Somethings can’t be left alone without action on our part.

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