The Obama Discussion Forum

Once again, the most popular subject had to do with the full legalization of cannabis. In favor of full legalization. Yet, the incoming administration only had a one line reply to the previous questions concerning this policy before. What will be the response this time?

I predict more of the same. Or some such dismissal of our rights to pursuit of individual happiness. But one thing is clear, the people are angry. And not just about the drug issue. Or crisis, as I prefer.

Every single cabinet posting is uncovered as being more about remaining the same, instead of standing for change. Big business interests and the Federal Reserve loom over every single position. His VP pick of Biden (who co-sponsored much of the drug war legislation that has done so much damage to our country) is typical of his appointees.

I urge all who read this blog to encourage everyone to go and read the discussion forum (easiest if you do the sort by rating) and make your own decisions. And then ask yourself, what sort of change does this administration stand for in regards to the majority of Americans?

The rest is up to you.


Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

We are all slaves unless we stand united for each other’s freedoms

10 responses to “The Obama Discussion Forum

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  3. I just wanted to say that, this is a great blog and to keep up the good work!

  4. Thank you, it is a labor of love and hope. Don’t forget to tell your friends! lol Thanks again, Jim

  5. hey man i bumped you sorry. i like this site as i enjoy reading well written post and insights into different topics regardless if i agree with them or not

  6. Lawman2, I am so happy you are finally able to post your comments. It has been of great concern to both, tothewire and myself, that you have been unable to do so. And yes, I enjoy your writings as well, it is quite refreshing to be able to disagree with someone in a civilized manner. Thanks again, Jim

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