Obama’s Pastor Jerimiah Wright’s God Damn America Speech

I’d never heard the sermon until just now. All I’d heard was what was mentioned on the main-stream media coverage of the election. I didn’t pay it much attention either, but when I heard this sermon on YouTube, I felt compelled to write about it.

Before I begin, I would like to add a little history about myself.  I don’t normally write of me, I’m not that important. For me, it is the principles of what I write which are important. These principles would be those ideals inherent in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Truth, Liberty, and Justice for All.

We have a long way to go before this is to happen. If it happens at all. But there is hope. I’ve seen so much reason to believe there is hope. And so many reasons to believe that we don’t need to destroy our nation in order to save those principles. Principles that need to be more inclusive, rather than less.

At present, there are few free people in the world. Fewer here than in many dictatorships. For the media owns most of our minds. All we can know is what we are told. Or at least, that is the reasoning behind those who wish us to remain in an Orwellian society. One that embraces war and despises individuality and freedom. That would be the modern American.

For me, being a poor white male, born five years before the Civil Rights Act of 1965 was passed, in the most racially pervasive state of the country – Georgia, I have seen many positive changes in our Civil Rights. But there are still miles to walk before we sleep.

But for now, here is the whole sermon, not just the soundbite the media broadcast. See how the context changed completely. Still think you are getting the news when you watch the news? Or are you starting to understand just how Orwellian our society has become?

He is right. And we continue to treat others unfairly. But we are getting better. The people, that is. But, if you were to go to the UTube site where I found this video, you would understand  there is still a lot of work to be done. A lot of people who are slaves to bigotry. Which is because we’ve been conditioned to feel that way. On all sides. After all, who would want all the people who have been screwed over by the government to get together?

That is why so many movements have attempted to spread the underlying foundations of what war really is; all war is class warfare. It is a war of separation. A method to separate all of us. To divide us, so that we might be more easily conquered.

There are many of us who believe we disagree, but yet we don’t really. We may remain at odds on what we are told is important. What we are told are the issues. But do we really disagree on the things that impact us the most?

Issues like re-building our infrastructure to ensure all our citizenry have the ability to pursue their right to happiness. Their right to Liberty, and Justice for All. Not just for the bankers and corporations. Not just for the ruling elite. Those elite who have been living off all our misery for their own benefit.

We’ve lived under the yoke of a true fascist government for a long time. Fascism as defined by Mussolini. Where the interests of the corporation takes precedence over the interests of the state. I think it’s about time we changed that priority. How about you?

Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

To deny anyone justice, is to deny all people justice

9 responses to “Obama’s Pastor Jerimiah Wright’s God Damn America Speech

  1. Once again, thank you for another great post!

  2. I think it is kind of funny Lawman can’t comment on this site…lol Do you think I should tell him to just fill out the top? LOL

  3. Thanks for reading my little dribble. I think Lawman is trying to access through google somehow. I had to fill out some form which had a google thingee on it. Okay, I’m not THAT computer literate! But, since you can make it, I don’t know why he can’t? Which is kind of funny, isn’t it? Peace, Jim

  4. There should have been a better effort to run the totality of the speech in the MSM. However, what they focused upon was the words of “damning America” more than the meaning of what he was trying to say.

    Thus, what the Republicans did in skewering Rev. Wright’s speech was not only dishonest; it was rather mean-spirited. Furthermore, the butchering of the reverend’s speech connects to a rather narrow-minded and prejudicial demeanor when it comes to trying to understand issues that relate to people of color in this country. In essence, our concerns don’t matter to the conservative mind unless it garners into votes. Nothing more.

    For a lot of folks of color, Rev. Wright’s words speak to the experiences and cultural history of discrimination which goes back to the time that the African slaves first arrived in this continent.

    For America to deny its racist past is to stop work on paving the way towards reconciliation, change and healing that must result in order for equality to occur. As a result, we cannot turn our backs to the bigotry that still continues today. All of that history has had a way in shaping the prejudicial attitudes that continue to cause strife in the modern-day American society.

    With that being said, thank you for writing this post. It was not only very informative; this subject matter needs to be continually thrust into the national conversation in an honest light.

    Take care,


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  6. Thank you very much for you comment, Ceci. I found this buried in the UTube archives, instead of up front. This also shows how information is buried everywhere, even on the net, but the truth is always just waiting to be found by the vigilant. Even if only by accident. Peace, Jim

  7. hey there! i gave up on google lol so easy even a caveman can do it… whatever.

  8. no help from our pretty little liberal tothewire by the way…

    anywho…i didn’t vote for obama. not because of some rhetoric from the conservative right wing christians who controll the republican base it seems but because i feel obama is a socialist. that pretty much sums up my thoughts on this doesn’t it?!

    now my pretty little liberal wife on the other hand thinks obama and his diplomatic ass kissing will “save” america and the rest of the world…

    time will tell. but this caveman has a feeling americans had better brace themselves for another “not so great” depression

    i do enjoy your site by the way. you always have a well written concise post to read here.

  9. too bad we don’t have spell check in the comment area…lol time for this caveman to go to bed.

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