My Vision Statement for Obama

Oh yes, he has an area where you can submit your vision statement. It’s on his website, Personally, I believe it is a lip-service web site, but with enough input, we can force yet another crooked politician to make positive changes to the office of the Presidency and enforce the will of the people. I am requesting the help of any and all of you who might read this. Any help would be appreciated, I believe our nation’s future is at stake in these perilous times.

My vision for America is one in which we no longer engage in “nation building”, but instead engage with trade with all nations. One in which we no longer overthrow governments because of their political doctrines, but that we set an example to their people by our open freedoms and willingness to engage in open debate.

A government that is of the people, and no longer over the people. A government which stops attempting to tell it’s citizenry it knows best what we should ingest into our bodies, but instead, informs us what the consequences of doing so are. Real consequences, not  the present policies of gross exaggeration.

A government that places it’s scientific, educational, expertise into developing new ways to educate it’s people. A people respected and feared by it’s government. Not the other way around.

A government that abolishes the labor tax, and removing corporations from it’s welfare rolls. A much smaller and transparent government. A government which is composed of more political parties which have equal opportunity to bring forth their views. One which is no longer financed by large corporations who do not have our citizens best interests at heart.

A government with a military devoted to defense, and not some phantom war on terrorism. A government which welcomes dissent and true diversity, not just pays lip service to such ideas.

A government that acknowledges white collar crime as being the more damaging to the social order and well-being than blue collar crime and enforces accordingly. A government that uses the Constitution as it’s guiding light, and not expediency or greed as is the case now.

A government that is in charge of it’s own money supply, and not leave the nation’s wealth in the hands of bankers, as is the case presently. A scenario which has helped to bankrupt our once wealthy nation.

A government whose sole purpose is to ensure that all citizens, and not just the privileged few, are entitled to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

My vision for America includes a country which uses it’s resources wisely, acts as a wise Shepard in ensuring our water is clean, our air is pure, and our citizens not unnecessarily subjected to the poisons which the FDA and the EPA presently seem hell-bent on inflicting on it’s citizens.

My vision for America includes Justice for all. Not just those who can afford the best lawyers. A criminal justice system which does much more than just throw people in jail and expect them to immediately adapt to an environment which has changed far more than they could have reasonably expected by the time they emerge from these hell-holes.

My vision for America includes a health care system as we used to have. You remember? The county hospitals that citizens could go to, not these private hospitals which are only interested in profit and insurance monies.

My vision for America is one in which the people of this country are respected as human beings, and not just another vote. Another consumer for our consumer-zombie nation. A country in which all are encouraged to participate in government, not just subjugate themselves to authority in the name of patriotism.

My vision for America includes an America which respects all religions, without prejudice. An America free from religious oppression. An America which respects all Americans, not just those born in luxury.

I suspect my vision is much different from yours. Please prove me wrong.


A citizen for a Free America

Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

To love God, one must first love yourself and your neighbor.

2 responses to “My Vision Statement for Obama

  1. Well said. I think I will pay the president-elect lip service. As it may be just that, I agree. If enough of us, do it, then someone out there has to listen. On Election Night, in his speech, the president-elect said to those of us who did not vote for him “I want you to know that I hear you.” Let us hope and pray for the sake of America that he is true to his word.

  2. Thanks. I’m glad you liked it. I just emailed it to the “Share your Vision Statement” section of Hope it makes a difference. Peace, Jim

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