Not a Post for the Day

But a post for the morning. I saw this video on a blog (located on the right side) called “Deathpower”. No, it’s not a vicious, site.  It did have this video though that I thought I should post. Here goes the morning show:

Hope you enjoy it,

Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

We are all one

4 responses to “Not a Post for the Day

  1. “A Land called Paradise”, one of my favorites by Kareem Salama.

    I’ve gone through your blog and even though I don’t agree with everything you say, I think you’re doing a super job of informing and educating people and encouraging them to think for themselves instead of relying on government or “authority”.

    “We The People” have lost our way, and i’m sorry to say, lost our conscience, which has allowed the government to define and dictate our lives for us.

    Time to wake up, pay attention to the foul stench of the new world order, and be active in taking back our liberties. **Peace**

  2. Brother, we only disagree with each over in technique. I suspect we both desire the same result. A free world, with opportunity for all. Or, pretty much the opposite of the world we have portrayed to us. Peace bro, Jim

  3. Very Good video – never to been seen in the mainstream.

    Over the years people have been taught not to think.

    They have been taught not to question authority and that should scare everyone.

    Unesco has taken over the school system and the schools have become nothing more than brainwashing facilities for the UN.

    I wish everyone would take the time to read the Green Agenda and Cloak of Green via my site or google.

    I started my site to inform people about the wind industry.

    Through research I ended up at the UN and the IEA.

    Seems that everything I research I end up at the UN.

    I have a few videos on my side bar.

    One explains global warming. False crisis created by the UN. (it’s been snowing here since the beginning of Nov.)

    One explains the role of the UN in religious matters and the school system.

    One gives a good history of the UN.

    The UN reminds me of spousal abuse syndrome in that people keep going to the abuser looking for help.

    The UN is always creating a false crisis and then offering a solution to the crisis, and with each ‘false crisis’ people lose more freedoms and the world becomes a more dangerous place-with the media propagating their message all the way.

    Anyway it was a good video and I enjoyed it – but then I can still think.

    My brother in-law would put it down as Muslim propaganda. Sad.

    I’m a white man in Canada trying to educate people.

    Very interesting times lie ahead!

  4. First, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to comment. I am not only including your wind farm video in this comment section; I am planning on including it in a post which I am preparing now. It will be one of many videos. I hope to do my small part to unite all of us bloggers to help implement a more open and transparent government. Regardless of what country you live in. Peace, Jim

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