Just Say No to the Drug War

And hello to the restoration of civil liberties and lower crime rates. That’s right, the cause of many of our societal ills can be directly traced to our miserable failure of a drug war policy. Thank you very much Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, Bush Sr., Bush Jr. These were the main players in it’s expansion. Where will Obama fit?

Our war in Afghanistan has actually increased the abundance of opium in the world market. All encouraged by our policies. Though the evil Taliban had practically rid the country of the poppy fields. A result that ended with them being invaded by us. Don’t worry though, now they supply 90% of the world’s market. That’s capitalism at work! Rather socialist though, as it has so much government emphasis and policy going for it. Strange bedfellows these Neo-Cons have.

Tangiers is once again the hash capital of the world as well. Good job Bush! Now we can all get stoned, and your cronies seem to do well at making money on this policy. Why are our results so directly opposed to our publicly stated goals? In each and every case?

The answer is obvious; the publicly stated goals are all lies. The government wants drugs illegal so it can use the proceeds to finance whatever it is they want. All off the books. In short, the government has the drug war so that it can finance a secret government. Gee, what possible use could the “Land of the Free” and the “Home of the Brave” have for a “secret” government? Gee Wally, I’m glad you asked.

We haven’t been a “free” country for such a long time that I’m actually surprised we live under the illusion we are a free people.  We willingly gave up our freedom for safety when we allowed the government to implement seat belt laws and the urinalysis test. When the Supreme Court called these constitutional, we should have rose up as one voice in protest, but we didn’t. We cowed. Only now are we beginning to stand again.  Only twenty-seven years of cowardice on our part. Home of the Brave my ass.

We have been afraid of Big Brother, but we are the government. Just say no to the Drug War. Stop the war against minorities. Stop the war against the poor. Stop the war against freedom. Stop the war against prosperity for all. That is what this Drug War is all about anyway, a war against you and led by yourself. A kamikaze campaign against all we hold dear. Let Freedom Ring!

Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

All warfare is Class Warfare

Can’t remember who said that one, just know it’s true.

3 responses to “Just Say No to the Drug War

  1. great post.. i am with you 100% .. did you see the clip about our supposed drug war? i write a quick post on it, the clip is included.


  2. Just saw it. And I hope that everyone else does as well. In fact, I plan on making this and other drug war videos my centerpiece for my next post. Thank you so very much. If we all stand together, then we can all have freedom and true justice once again. Peace, Jim

  3. maybe obama will declare a war on wars that are declared on non-combatants: poverty, drugs, terrorism…

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