Government Direction

I think the government has learned a lot about the internet since 2005. That was about the time the politicians began to post their own blogs. And to really learn about it’s power potential.

At first, the cry was for shutting it down. Through the Patriot Act, The Military Commissions Act, and through a bandwith reduction bill that never quite made it anywhere. It would have had all connections which were unapproved by the government set in the slow lane.

Now, we have a president who is president because he understood the power of the internet. Does that mean he is a person who cares about the people more than his opponents? No. It does mean that he is smarter and more sophisticated in his approach. Does that mean he is a person that cares less about the people than his opponents? No. It does mean he realizes that his actions are more closely scrutinized and that we have a nation looking for some conspiracy theory with which we can flaunt in his face. In other words, our vigilance does have an effect upon our direction.

In this internet age, one person can effect everyone’s point of view. I don’t think people truly want a different system politically, they do want the system to work for them. Not for a few privileged families. That is the old way. What this last presidential election really was about.

I believe this nation is tired of the same old song and dance that all governments have provided. I also think that the internet has provided an excellent tool to stop this mad musical. We bloggers, as small and pathetic as we are, have changed politics. Not mine directly, my efforts fell into the low end of any scale you might use. Indirectly though, my pathetic efforts upped the numbers of voices crying out.

The government can work for the people. We can have peace and prosperity. We can have an education system that educates it’s people. We don’t need to get rid of capitalism. Or the Republic (for which we stand), Or the Constitution. Or the Declaration of Independence. We don’t need to throw the baby out with the bath water.

I don’t believe people are inherently evil. I do believe we are so undeveloped, as a resource, that it’s effects are criminal.  I also believe that people naturally want to create and to contribute to their societies. Yet, we fight any attempts to educate ourselves. The government has even decided that those that need the funds the most, will get the least. And called it the “No Child Left Behind” Act.  Any kid in that system should just drop out now. While you still have a mind to develop.

As technologically advanced as we are, this nation that can make a missile hit a target thousands of miles away, our education system makes almost no use of any of this technology.  Creative classes are seen as a waste of money, and are the first classes to be cut when funding problems arise.  Imagination is literally stomped out of kids “educated” in this system.

When a child is born, they learn more before they go to school, than they ever will in school. They’ve mastered a language. Learned their family’s social structure (note I did not say mastered!), how to walk, run, feed themselves, etc. All before they went to school. Theta waves are dominant in this children. Brain waves which are associated with creativity and learning.

By the sixth grade, they are toast in our education system. Alpha waves rule then. Creativity has been successfully repressed in yet another mind. A new little drone for the system to grind up.  It really isn’t an accident, but I would rather spend my time setting the system up for a truly enlightened educational system. One we should have already had. One which we don’t have because we weren’t vigilant. This is as much our fault, as it is the minds that conceived of destroying our children’s future potential. We allowed it to happen.

There was once a Stephen King movie/book that I watched/read called “The Lawnmower Boy” or some such title. Naturally it went really bad, it was a Stephen King story, but there is no reason we haven’t developed such a technologically advanced education device. One that not only takes advantage of our capability to learn, but helps to develop that ability. Except that we, as a species, have always been afraid of change. Yet, change is neither good or bad. It’s just change.  It’s what makes life so interesting.

With our system today, we actually have Stephen King’s scenario played out. On a much lower key. The poor certainly don’t get the same level of education as the rich. It is the ultimate discrimination. One that robs 99% of us from being able to contribute to our societies. To be more creative. The wealthy are the equivelant to “The Lawnmower Boy.” And they aren’t interested in your welfare any more than you are in theirs. And why should they? After all, their minds aren’t really educated at all. Just light years ahead of the poor.

The goal of putting computers into the schools is a good goal. A long overdue first step. But this baby needs to get up and running pretty quick. Your child’s future may depend upon it.

Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

Public Education Doesn’t

6 responses to “Government Direction

  1. I hear and completely agree with what you’re saying. Check this out! Sorry its a file. Da im new. attachment. Eye opening technology video. If interested email

  2. great post. i’ll be checking out more on this site!

  3. While I don’t agree with all your post, I do agree with one particular aspect of it-the education system. When you said, by sixth grade they are toast, you don’t know how right on you were. I am part of my son’s school’s-School Site Council. That council oversees how the budget is spent. During our last meeting we were given information about the students overall proficiency in math. In kindergarten 84% were proficient for their grade level. By 5th grade it was 28% and that was a 2o point drop from the year before. This is not acceptable. That means 72% of 5th graders will be entering 6th grade not knowing enough math skills to be “proficient” at their own grade level. More has to be done. As far the poor thing goes though. I don’t think money is the culprit here. It is too easy to blame it all on money. The real culprit is not having parents educating their kids at home. Reading to your kid is free as you can get library books for free. Using every day moments as teaching moments is also free and can be done by anyone. It is being resourceful and putting your child’s education first that matters, not how much money you have. Otherwise, really good post.

  4. I don’t really think we are in as much disagreement as you might think. While your argument is true, there is a class warfare aspect which, though largely unconscious, is involved. The poor person is less likely to be able to provide this environment (through ignorance or absence, or other societal/personal forces) and the wealthy are more likely to be able to provide. In many small towns and cities, the libraries provide scant resources. The class warfare is less a conscious war than unconscious. In some ways, the poor don’t even realize they have the resources, which means they don’t have them. At least in the sense that if they don’t realize they have them, they don’t have them. It is a pretty complex problem. Thanks, Jim

  5. great post!

  6. hey I see douglaskev has stopped in here as well!
    This is a great site you have here and I too will check back in again!

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