Change began and continues….

Of course, the world is always changing, but there have been some monumental (for humans anyway) changes in the past three years. In 2005, the Raisch case went in front of the Supreme Court. It was a Medical Marijuana Defense case in which the government said that her agonizing pain was a small price to pay in comparison to the sanctity of the federal drug laws. Those laws which protect the interests of Merck and Bayer and all those safe, no-side effect, cures anything elixers they push on prime time tv. Like Vioxx. Oh wait a minute, that one killed 50,000 people at least. My bad.

Since then, many states have passed citizen initiatives against this Fascist government. And yes, it is a corporate state. Corporations buy the presidents and the congress people. Ergo, they run your lives in a fashion designed to make them money. Not so that you can have freedom. If you believe we live in a free country, then you truly are a slave.

But a peaceful revolt has begun. It began to appear on the horizon for me with the Raisch case. I have an interest in Marijuana being legal. Not just because I smoke it, but  it is a centerpiece for the capitulation of fascism. It forms the heart of the police state we find ourselves in this “Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave” nation.

At that time, the politicians were afraid of the internet and wanted crackdowns on Bloggers. We fell under the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act of 2006. Not that we ever did anything. I know that my voice was among so many voices that it only served as a statistic. A statistic that frightened the government. There were a lot of fucking bloggers out there, and we all started noticing the holes in the machine.

This election wasn’t about race relations improving in the US. It wasn’t a repudiation of Republicanism. It wasn’t about how wonderful a leader Obama would make. What great dreams he had. What a wonderful spin he could make on the same old shit. No, this election wasn’t about any of that at all.

This election was a demand by the people that the same old shit stop. Now. A deeply polarized nation, with an incredibly weak financial status and credibility rating. Not a good moment to be a government. Throw in all the human rights violations that our country commits on it’s own citizens as well as those of other countries, and you have a country that is on the verge of a revolution. Don’t think the politicians don’t know this. They openly bandied the terms “martial law” and “revolution” during the financial bail-out talks just before the election. It was a fearful moment for the government. Why don’t they sound scared now?

They believe we believe we have our change. Wake them up. Now is the time to ensure the changes we demand take place. Freedom is but an email away.Even an unheard blog away. The liberties of the collective individual are the priorities of a truly free government.

Some believe revolutions are bullet filled affairs. Complete with suicide bombers and all that hollywood stuff. They don’t have to be that way though. There has already been  revolutionary change  in this country without our having to fire a lethal weapon. No longer are people slaves to whatever information they get from the media. Foreign ideas are making their way into more and more people’s heads.

We have access to all the world via the internet. Movies like “Zeitgeist: The Addendum”, and also the first Zeitgeist, Terrorstorm (and all those Alex Jones conspiracy movies), Other countries’ newspapers, blogs, a myriad of sources that all call for change. Regardless of  your personal belief in the validity of these mediums, they do all share a common demand for change. A change that demands liberty. A change that demands government act as a force to ensure the health (mentally, physically, emotionally) of it’s citizens is it’s highest priority. True liberty.

This country is in a state of dispair. But the greatest of opportunities live in the darkest corners of our minds. Our societies. Everything. In my personal life, I’ve noticed the most interesting chapters of my slice of life were when I found opportunity in despair. Dis-satisfaction with my current state of living creates change. As long as you take action.  Though it is amazing how little action is needed. The action being a decision.Followed by another to reinforce it.

Comments on news stories have caused on-line newspapers to either shut down those comment sections (a strike against free-speech. Rather strange idea to come from a newspaper, don’t you think?) or they’ve had to address the way they cover events. I still won’t say news, as it’s all still more entertainment than actual news. But it is getting better.

The election also affirmed how sick we are of the “War on Terror” and the parallel “War on Drugs”.  Both absolute failures in terms of their publicly stated goals. Absolutely victorious in their killing off long held and deeply valued belief systems in our culture. A culture that used to pride individualism and self-reliance. A country that made movie stars out of Icons of our culture. People like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood personified a popular American mythos.

We have been a nation of unruly children. Constantly battling against ourselves in our unending quest for a truly free government. With equality for all. “Give us your poor,…..” and all that talk of liberty. For the most part, the government has reflected the level of ignorance and tyranny we have permitted.  Because we are the government.

That is something the “powers that be” don’t like to make widely known. It’s why we almost had the internet shut down. Speedy communications between citizens is the greatest fear of repressive governments. Especially if it is available for mass consumption. Just as the Gutenburg Printing Press overthrew the Dark Ages when religious blasphemy ruled, so shall the internet overthrow the restraints we have imposed upon ourselves through our tolerance in accepting intolerantly bad government.

Now, we act with fear-based thoughts and impulses. Change is here, and it is frightening to many. The safety and security of the present are but illusions, but that doesn’t make them any less familiar. Regardless of our miserable state of affairs, we won’t force change unless it degrades to a level we find unacceptable. When society no longer functions. Like a depression. Dangerous times for governments.

But what are we afraid of?  There is only change. Rid yourself of fear-based thinking and evolve into possibility-based thinking. What do YOU want for your future? Live it now. Just don’t impose that reality on me. Share the idea, but my vision is different. Just as everyone else’s vision is different. I take my inherent right to live my life in pursuit of happiness. As a free man. And as long as I harm no one else, then no one has an inherent right to stop me. The same as for everyone else.

Our species has so much potential. Yet, we waste all our energies on such self-destructive policies. We cultivate hate. We often spread it through religions based upon a loving god. Yeah, I don’t get it either. How does “Love your enemies ten times over” get turned into “Nuke ’em till they glow!”?

Imagine the world we would be living in if we just swapped the pentagon budgets and the education budgets.  True education as well. Not this mind-dulling fact recitation propaganda we accept today. Our minds are capable of learning so much more. Our brains are even hard-wired to learn. Doing well in our fight against evolutionary progress!

Imagine a world in which materialism and consumerism were replaced with virtues of a caretaker perspective. A perspective which guided our treatment of our natural resources. This is much more than just parks and rivers. Our greatest natural resources lie within our skulls.

Imagine a world in which our relatively minor diffrences were noted, but our greater similarities were emphasized? How much different from a poor farmer in Iraq who has three kids to support and fears for their future from the invading armies of the United States.  Isn’t it much harder to kill a father of three loving children than some “sandnigger”? Or a “raghead”? A father that went to Church every time it assembled. A father that worked hard to put food on the table. A father that managed, but just barely, to support these children. These loving children. Tell me you can kill that man, and I’ll meet someone without love in their soul.

There will be more soon. Change is coming. Not the change the government thought we would accept. The change we will take with our voices. Our will. Hopefully, in peace. That would be a fantastic revolution. A lasting change. Blue Skies,

Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

Rights are taken. Priviledges are granted.

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