What Change Did You Vote For?

Did you vote for a change in which we “rebuild” our infra-structure? Educate our future? Repair the damage to our Eco-system? Expand personal liberties? If so, then you were a fool to vote at all, for none of these mattered to the agendas of the powers that be.

Soothing the public perceptions of a kinder, gentler nation, while increasing the illusionary strength of the privileged few, were the goals of those backing the candidate Obama. Isn’t it strange that the person most like Bush was on the Republican ticket? The most hated man in American and Global politics had his lapdog run for his replacement. Of course, the only possible solution was to have the other half of the party win.

What? You still think we have a two-party system? I bet you also think we live in a democracy or even a republic, as well.  No, it is one party, with you as their bitch.  Do you think we will have less war? Do you think we will have less of this stupid imprisonment of our own people for voicing their opinion, or smoking a joint, or doing something that amounts to nothing but is illegal in order to control your behavior? Do you honestly think Obama’s backers will allow this? And who were his backers?

Biden as a VP choice showed us his real view of how to handle the Drug War. That and his other picks. It will be more of the same, if not worse. And lest you forget, George Bush was also on record as respecting the state laws concerning marijuana. How long did that promise last?

None of these changes which you thought you voted for, were really cared about by a candidate whose backers depend upon him NOT fulfilling those promises. Do you think the pharma companies backing the Obama campaign are fighting for your right to grow your own medicine? Be it Pot, or even a decent diet, these companies depend upon your believing you need their products. Products which heal nothing, but alleviate symptoms caused by their other drugs. Nothing is ever cured by the AMA method. It is a system of treating symptoms rather than cause. All done to generate profit.

Do you think the prison/law enforcement industries want the war on drugs to end? How much of their funding comes from this self-corrupting system? A system which encourages corruption and prevents decent people from becoming effective police officers or wardens in our legal/prison system.  Do you honestly think the drug war has made the streets safer for our citizens, or have you figured out yet that the drug war itself is merely a tool to wrest power from the people by creating an atmosphere of fear. A fear that only a strong military-type police force can control.  What possible use does a police officer really have for machine guns? None. Not when their job is to protect the population. Machine guns are far too dangerous to innocent bystanders in a public safety minded law enforcement agency. But, many have them.And you don’t believe you need a gun.

Why do you need a gun? To protect yourself from criminal minds as found in the police ranks and the gangs they encourage and do business with. Do you really think police are somehow more immune from corruption than the rest of us? When they are given power of life or death and little pay? When prosperity is but a bribe away? Get real.

We have war, of course. Obama is already talking about Afghanistan reinforcements. Because there the people are revolting against our inhumanity there. Our slavery of a country so we can supply the world with more poppy seed byproducts. That is a definite result of our invasion. Opium production is up, though the Taliban had reduced this production when they were in power. But, the first thing we did was increase the funding so that the warlords could pay for their thugs (oops, I meant troops).  We grew organized crime there, because we can make money off of it. That’s what the whole show is about. A few people making money while the rest of us suffer and help them oppress ourselves.

We are always reminded of our differences by government, for then we can have war and profit and slavery. But we are all so similar that these differences don’t matter at all. Except as vehicles to divide and conquer us through our own ignorance.

So tell me, just what change did you think you voted for?

Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

The first rule of a free government is to protect the liberties of the individual.

– Myself

3 responses to “What Change Did You Vote For?

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  2. sigh. your post represents a brusque but truthful assessment of our political system, of our nation, of the world.

    there are some real things you pointed out here, that even for all of my thoughtful musings, critiquing, criticizing, and cynicism, i voluntarily tune out from sometimes.

    its exhausting to be ever vigilant and hyper critical of the world, because if thats how we choose to be, we can never rest, for injustice, corruption, and inequality never sleep

    sure you are right about obama’s backers, and the fundamental inadequacy of a “two party” system, but call me a sucker, im trying to hold onto a little bit of hope right now.

    i cant imagine how depressing it would be if mccain won, so im momentarily relieved that obama won, although by no means am i giving him a free pass…

    i will be critical of him and his decisions, because we have to keep him and all of our elected officials honest

    so what was the change i voted for? i voted for hope, as cheesy as it sounds, because i did see the nation moved in a way ive never seen before in my lifetime, and might never again…

    i hope that people remain active, involved, and keep their fingers in politics, i hope that despite the concessions and compromises that obama will have to make, he will change the course of our nation, if even only a few degrees

    i hope that we have a shift from 100% trickle down economics, i hope we cease unilateral foreign policy….

    in my short 25 years in this country, one of the sad things i have had to accept is that of incrementalism… i will always strive for dramatic and immediate change, but thats not reality, and so instead, i will take what we get with obama, and never let up asking for more…

    lets give it a year or two before we break down his promises, and the hope a lot of people are holding onto right now

  3. Thanks, though I believe those large changes you keep hoping for will come, and the louder we all scream for them, the faster and larger the changes will manifest themselves. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be writing now. Peace bro, Jim

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