So who is ruining the country?

Just ask the mirror. That would be 99% of us. We all talk about freedom, but then we ask permission for it. Begging for your rights. What the hell did you expect? Freedom? Freedom never asks permission.

There are very few rights that we haven’t begged this government to take away from us. But mostly, it was done because we were told those rights didn’t belong to us anymore. And when we cowed, we didn’t deserve them. Rights are taken. They are never given. Each of us has to fight for our rights in this life.

Funny thing about this fighting though, just standing up ain’t enough. You’ve cowed down so long that you don’t even believe you have a pair of balls left anymore. You pay the protection money, oops, I meant Income Tax, because you are afraid of breaking the rules set upon you by your masters. You allow random unreasonable search and seizures of your bodily fluids because you are a pussy. You bitch and moan about the government, but when some shadow of a voice of authority tells you something, you turn into a little mouse.  And did you remember to ask permission to carry a gun permit? Or accept that a felony conviction (in which you’ve supposedly been released after ensuring the safety of the community through some sort of rehabilitation) means that you are banned from voting for life? Or a countless number of other random acts of wussiness. This description fits almost everyone who calls themselves a “free american”. And it used to be me as well.

But there isn’t any one person to blame. Except yourself. You believe that you must follow the rules of the ruling organized crime cartel or you are unpatriotic. Personally, I think if you follow their rules, then you are a traiter to the Constitution. There is almost nothing remotely resembling the spirit of it, or the Declaration of Independence anymore. It died a long time ago in this country.

We have been spoon-fed lies our entire lives, often by people who believed those lies as truth. Lies  that leave us to believe we have no choice about current events. Lies that tell us we have no power as individuals, or even groups. Lies that tell us we must accept what liberties this government will grant us. As if any government will grant liberty. That is something that must be earned.

Truth is, americans don’t want freedom anymore. It’s too hard to be responsible for yourself. It asks too much to have us question authority. We’d rather  spend our time in front of the boob tube and watch some “news” story about how some celebrity is mis-behaving. Or how about those Packers?

And if we read? How many of us ever question the stories in print? Or what doesn’t make the paper? There is a scarcity of space in a newspaper, aren’t there more important topics than Britney Spears? But you don’t want to know what’s really going on do you? That would be too scary. Best let the government worry about that.

Of course our government has worried about it well enough to create a whole army of things for you to be afraid of. Hell, the FDA alone has probably killed more americans than Al Qaida ever will. Maybe we should put the FDA in charge of getting Osaama bin ladin.  Like he ever masterminded 9/11. Our administrations actions regarding that day, in every single instance, has been to hide the truth about that day. Like the convenient training op at the same time for that exact scenario. A scenario Bush said we could never have expected, but were training for at the same time the attack occurred. Just like in London later on.

But we accept all they tell us. That we have no power. That they have all the power. That we need this government. And as long as we are a nation of sheep, we at least deserve it. Freedom isn’t for the fearful. It is for those who accept no authority over another on this world. It is not for americans.

Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

Just as your love is a gift, so is your anger.

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