The State of the Mainstream Press

A failure. In no uncertain terms. A complete failure in it’s duty to inform the citizenry of real news. No, we just want the fluff of who’s screwing who in Hollywood. What do I care about how Brad Pitt feels about something? Who freakin’ cares? Do you? But not enough room to print a single line about activating an army brigade on American soil to be used “for” Americans.

If it’s such a great deal for the citizens, then why didn’t it make the mainstream media? Why did the article in the Army Times focus almost entirely on riot control and then print a little blurb denying that as a function of the unit? And why did this completely illegal activation not raise alarms all over our “free” press?  Easy. There is no freedom in the press anymore. Just state sponsored bullshit.

Now, the G7 are all together figuring out how they can best screw us all over with our fake monies. Like bankers have ever helped anyone. They have already changed what they are doing with the money, or at least it looks that way. The stock market should continue it’s nose-dive tomorrow. The market is more accurate than it has been in years. Herr Bush has done a really nice job of bankrupting this country, and we’ve all helped by our silence. By our inaction. By our fear, an idiot has been allowed to run loose and pretend he is important.

But does the news print any real news about the financial crisis? Just the blurbs. I would also think that a mainstream news media truly concerned about quality of service would have innumerable links embedded in their articles for readers to easily verify their document sources, but do we have those? I think not. Yahoo gave up on their message boards a long time ago because the readers were interacting far too much with the news which wasn’t working out well for the status quo.  In other words, the propoganda machine was being unveiled for the pack of lies it is. Nothing like censorship on the internet as well. Welcome to the new world order. More fucked-up than the old.

That’s okay. Stay at home. Stay silent. Stay afraid. It won’t matter when the boots come through your door. The new front lines are the ghettos. I’m sure most of us won’t care as we’ve been trained to hate each other depending on race/culture/gender/wealth and are nothing more than slaves to those hatreds. After all, it’s better than taking personal responsibility for your own life.

So how many unconstitutional brigades will have to be activated on American soil before the mainstream notices? How many before you make your own mind up as to the vileness of our dictatorship? How long before you grow enough balls to earn your freedom? And if you don’t have the balls, then why should anybody else give a shit about you? Isn’t there a glut of useless assholes in the world already?

Rev. Jim Lunsford

First Cannabist Church

No respect for empire builders

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